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  1. Looks like Carter Rowns is off to Detroit.
  2. I live in Orange County. So if I go back to the cord (Spectrum) will I get the Ducks games or will I be blacked out due to location?
  3. I've been reading a lot of comments about getting Eichel in the forum. I might be in the minority but I am concerned about Eichel's injury situation. Lindholm, except for a broken wrist last season, doesn't seem to have what could be long term body damage. I worry about getting into a Kessler situation again... Quote: "Eichel said he struggled with a handful of injuries this season, from a cracked rib suffered in training camp to an abdominal injury from last year that still bothered him. But it was the way the Sabres handled his neck injury that caused the schism between the team and its franchise player.May 10, 2021." Eichel wants disc-replacement surgery... "What I can just tell you is, it's never been performed on an NHL hockey player," I know personally that certain injuries never really heal and spine / neck problems are one of them.
  4. Seeing on Twitter that the Krakens have taken Haydn Fleury. Not sure that is the case.
  5. Does anyone here think this team could be a Stanley cup contender "given time?" I've seen overall player improvement through-out this tough year in our young guys. I'm actually not upset about the rebuild... I see the potential is here. Yes it is always good to add a star player but I'd like to hang on to some of these guys for a bit longer to see if any of them become the man. I like the way Rakell has been playing with the new guys this year. I think Cam has looked better this year too. I'd be okay with Manson, Shattenkirk and/or Grant being traded but not sure beyond that.
  6. If they do trade for someone I hope they get a player that will plant himself in front of the other team's net. When Gibby gets scored on it is either from rotten puck handling or opposing planting someone in front of Gibby so he can't see. I just don't see anyone taking that task on for our team.
  7. So you are saying you don't like it?
  8. Granted we had not traded off any "stars" but it appears we have traded off our fair share of good supporting role players like Wagner, Vatanen, and Pettersson to name a couple. More of a "deep thoughts" comment on I wonder if the Ducks would be better today if they had just held on to some of these supporting players. Some really good teams have picked them up and are playing them.
  9. Love having hockey back. Missin my Ducks though. But I got to say almost every team has a once upon a time Duck player on the team. Kind of makes you wonder if B M hasn’t traded off a Stanley Cup winning team in the last 6 years.
  10. Kes is a warrior for sure but after reading the article you have to think for his own good he should retire. He still has a lot of life ahead and it would be a shame if he couldn't walk through it.
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