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  1. Kes is a warrior for sure but after reading the article you have to think for his own good he should retire. He still has a lot of life ahead and it would be a shame if he couldn't walk through it.
  2. I listened to Duck Calls on AM 830 last night after the game and Josh had Keith Jones (I think that is his name) who I believe is connected with the Flyers org somehow. He said the problem with the ducks are they aren't playing to what their identity is or what they are built for. He said something that I found interesting... "stop trying to change to the speed game with players where that is not their strength. Go back to Ducks hockey for now... teams used to be concerned when playing the ducks because they knew it would be a rough ride... or move out your veterans and let the young one come up and get experience... then move to the speed game." I wish I could find a link to the recorded show because the guest had some really interesting points. He also said that teams would be lined up to take any of the 4 mentioned defense men talked about here.
  3. And it has to be cheaper to start with a new coach then playing wack a mole with the players. I say get a new coach who will play the speed game and then see what happens. The next move if needed will follow.
  4. I admit that I am a newer hockey fan and don't have the hockey knowledge like many of you. But I am kind of scratching my head about the idea of selling off known commodities for yet to be proven draft picks. I get how important draft picks are to a team yet they are a risk... I wonder how many top draft picks really pan out to be stars. This year has been a really bad year in part do to injuries. And our team has been very hot and cold. But over-all we have some talent on the team and in San Diego. So to me it all comes down to leadership. To me it is more of a symptom of coaching or management. Bottom-line is with the talent we do have we should be doing better. They say talent wins championships. I say that is true but you need to start with a talented driving coach. Just look at the Superbowl teams this year... coach driven teams.
  5. I was talking to my son-in-law about this the other day. Why are football players so much more ripped then hockey players. Hockey is a very demanding, pounding, fast sport... like football. So why aren't these guys ripped too? Maybe that would help reduce injuries.
  6. Just got my #7 Jersey last week. This one really hurts. Very sad day for sure!
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