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  1. He isn't taking over because he's some narcissist who wants to control everything. It's obvious that he wanted to keep Randy until the end of the season and move on but our performances have been so humiliating that he couldn't disrespect the player and fans like this by not making a move. I'm sure he also held out as long as he could to ensure we would be as far out of the playoff hunt as possible. There is no sense in bringing up Eakins now and interrupting the success of San Diego and he obviously has big rebuild plans coming up and wants a closer relationship with the players to inform them of what he expects if they want to stick around after this debauchery of a season.
  2. Well there ya go. I still think him appointing himself as interim HC is a statement that we aren't going to go all out and salvage our season. I know we are technically still in the playoff hunt, but the fact that we've last 18 of our last 20 and can still make the playoffs is a testament to how bad the west is. Not appointing Eakins yet is the right move because there is no point in interrupting what he's doing down there.
  3. Even though there is no clear explanation from GM BM, I think the plan is to keep Carlyle until the end of the season to get a top 3 pick. You can tell by the way the team plays that they know the season is over. It feels like Dallas Eakins is the best choice to take over and while it may not be exciting to some, it does make a lot of sense. He's done really well with San Diego and is familiar with a lot of the young players who will be the future of this franchise and since we will be entering full rebuild mode, it would be the most seamless transition, so to speak. Exactly to your point, if we wanted to save our season, Carlyle would have been gone already. I believe (maybe too naively) that BM has a plan but it's just extremely frustrating and flat out disrespectful to keep the fans in the dark while the team plays like ****.
  4. I get the obvious frustration from the fans. I mean, I literally just made an account on here so I can voice it - that's how frustrated I am with this team. Let's not kid ourselves, our window for success has been closed ever since we lost in game 7 to the Blackhawks but there is a lot to look forward to in the future. I think what the organization is doing as a whole is disgusting - our performances on the ice are just as abysmal as how the club is run off the ice. It's pretty obvious what is going here - Bob is keeping Carlyle around because they're pals AND it's the teams best chance to tank. What's so angering is that we all know it's happening and there is no explicit mention from the anyone in the team that it is happening. I am so ******* piddleed off after every game when I hear that, "we gotta do better," or "we need to look at ourselves in the mirror," and all this apologetic crap that they think will make the fans pity them to deflect any blame. Self-recognition of one's own actions mean nothing if they don't do anything to change. Who is to blame for all of this? Well we can look at the vets on this team - it's obvious there is no leadership. We can look at the coaches who are implementing a failed, dated system and are bereft of ideas on how to succeed in today's game. We can look at management who, despite having the pieces to make a successful team, fail to hold anyone accountable. If we want to see this team go anywhere and keep up with the evolving NHL, it is time for the Samueli's to cut ties with these fossils in charge who are holding us back. We have a plenitude of young players who have all the attributes to be successful at a professional level and there is no reason why they should not be playing. We have the best goalie in the NHL locked up long term and if we are to see any real success in his prime we need to change right now - not to mention Rakell being on a great deal and our top 4 D being young. I truly believe we have the players, especially at the back end, to have a contending team in a few seasons. Look at the leafs. In 3 seasons they went from last to playoffs to being cup contenders. Let's take our losses this season and get a top 3 pick in the draft, clean house behind the bench and in management, and finally bring up the young guys who deserve to be playing. In terms of our offence, besides Rakell, Henrique, Sprong, Sherwood, Kase, Kesler, Perry, and Getz, we need to total facelift with an injection of youth. The only reason I mentioned the last 3 was because they'll be impossible to move on their Dehydrated Donkey Dung contracts (and at least Getzlaf still produces). But still, we've got guys like Lundestrome, Jones, Steel, Comtois, Morand, Kopacka, and whoever we draft this year who can play. They are the future so why not give them the experience while they are young and adapt to the professional level? My point is that while it is all doom and gloom now, it should not be for the future. We have the core to make this work in the future if we have the right people in charge of it. Joel Quenneville is sitting at home right now. We'll probably have to ride this ship until the end of the season but we have everything in place to replicate what the Maple Leafs have done - bring in a one of the best coaches in the game, play young guys, and load up on top 5 picks a season or 2 before we see any payoff for our patience.
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