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  1. Held on way too long with RC, destroyed the teams confidence.
  2. I thought I had been banned from the forum 🤣
  3. Eaves has 2 assists in 7 games with 0 goals since moving down, not exactly setting the league alight.
  4. A good rest from now until next season hopefully puts him right
  5. I'm actualy excited for next season with a clean bill of health and the young guns it should be a good one
  6. Guy Boucher fired from Ottawa what chance did the poor bloke have when they had such a fire sale?!
  7. After last nights results it looks like the race to the bottom is in full swing
  8. I'm happy with the trade Montour would be looking for a chunk on his next contract we wouldn't pay.
  9. Looking like the Queens are tanking big time!
  10. The way Ottawa have shipped at the trade dealine, I can't see them going above us in the standings.
  11. The Tank bus has now joined the freeway, with the road ahead clear it seems.
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