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  1. Sad news I was hoping it wasn't a buy out.
  2. We went to Barclay Centre a couple of years ago, no way in hell is that a hockey arena. Ridiculous move by the Islanders to move from Long Island.
  3. Not a fan of them but what a comeback!
  4. Thought he would get more than a 1 game ban for that.
  5. Could well set Terry back big time 😫
  6. Mistimed hit behind the net against Canucks I believe.
  7. The Islanders winning it after Tavares jumped ship would be funny.
  8. Held on way too long with RC, destroyed the teams confidence.
  9. I thought I had been banned from the forum 🤣
  10. Eaves has 2 assists in 7 games with 0 goals since moving down, not exactly setting the league alight.
  11. A good rest from now until next season hopefully puts him right
  12. I'm actualy excited for next season with a clean bill of health and the young guns it should be a good one
  13. Guy Boucher fired from Ottawa what chance did the poor bloke have when they had such a fire sale?!
  14. After last nights results it looks like the race to the bottom is in full swing
  15. I'm happy with the trade Montour would be looking for a chunk on his next contract we wouldn't pay.
  16. Looking like the Queens are tanking big time!
  17. The way Ottawa have shipped at the trade dealine, I can't see them going above us in the standings.
  18. The Tank bus has now joined the freeway, with the road ahead clear it seems.
  19. On September 25, 2016, Sieloff hit fellow Senator Clarke MacArthur hard during a training camp scrimmage at the team's annual Fan Fest in an incident that left MacArthur with a concussion.[8] Bobby Ryanimmediately dropped his gloves and went after Sieloff, and on his next shift Chris Neil also attempted to get retribution. Sieloff was subsequently removed from the game as a precaution.[8] He was subsequently sent down to the AHL and did not receive a call up that season.
  20. Well that's depressing but also very funny lol
  21. Decent value let's hope we score with the pick
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