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  1. If BM can get Rasmus Ristolainen 6.4' right handed puck moving defenseman that will be brilliant. he can skate the Pacific division is getting harder to compete in and the central are not getting any weak only 3 teams are going to the playoffs.
  2. Face it as long as BM and Nonis are in Anaheim we will be a contending team.
  3. I will do the trade if they take BM out of Anaheim.
  4. Guys hold on for a second Kesler is sideline with a tune up. after 13 games he can go on LIR once that happens the 6.5 mil get off the books, at that time make a move or not.
  5. If he can make the team and play one season as a contract year for the ducks that will be a gift.
  6. I do not know nothing about him I wish him luck. BUT if he is that wonderful why the BIG GUNS did not go after him just a thought.
  7. BM Ducks GM will NEVER pull something like that Dallas NJ, NY will become a powerhouse.How much pain do we need to go true? JFC
  8. I beg the differ it is the management only nothing to do with the ownership. look at BM record in Chicago and the mistakes he made there not that far from our pass 3-5 years "the twins" passed their prime and nothing to show for it the only hope we will not make the same mistakes with the kids coming up.you cant do the same thing expecting a different result trade for something of value we need a different driver at the wheel.
  9. Being the team captain is Leadership and connection to the coach. Not every situation needs to be handled physically. There is a time you elevate the team with a big play or a comment in the dressing room. Witch Fowler is known to use his voice vocabulary.
  10. FOX, the Ducks payroll for the upcoming season $70.5 Million we have $11.4 million cap space. If Kesler (I wish him all the best health) is on LTIR we should have an addition $6.8 Million With $18 Million we can do some moves or should make some trades, or sign an UFA PP quarterback we drafted in the past and traded for a second rounder add that to the kids in the system Cinderella lives in Anaheim.
  11. Perry will sign with Chicago to play along side his London Night line mate Patrick Kane they had a 1/2 punch then they will have it again.
  12. Eskins, Does is not a winning pedigree. We need someone who will lead the kids with the veterans Someone who preaches - Integrity, Accountability, Commitment, High energy & stay hungry.
  13. He better Not. Because if he Does the Samuelis will find the tallest tree on Katella Ave for him.
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