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  1. Don't make mistake about it, If the Samueli Family had a vested interest to win we would have a deferent lineup and management.
  2. Getzis on his last year of a contract he could be valuable asset at the trade deadline for a team a shot at a second championship.
  3. if hockey supposed to start again in January 1, 2021 we should hear something soon or we should see the boys in town none of it has happened yet. I miss the pond I miss hockey!!!!!
  4. Agree, I can't wait to see this tendon work the PP on paper it is a match
  5. Now if BM would surprise us and sign Pietrangelo we have triple towers Buckes and ShattenKirk from the Blues (just kidding it will never happen)
  6. Joker8


    I was referring to our current front office. Fish rotten from the heads down I was there at game one in 1993
  7. Joker8


    Accountability is not the strongest attribute of the club we support.
  8. Joker8


    we have a GM with No Plan. like ones one said no one plan to fail but plenty fail to plan.
  9. This is a deep draft, someone like Brian Burk will walk away with 4-5 players in the first two rounds and shades about $12M of cup space.
  10. Joker8


    Unfortunately, Bob Murry is not a GM who has the guts to pull the trigger on fireworks. It did not happen in the past 10 years it will not happen now.
  11. MooseDuck, I like the way you think ...
  12. Thank you for the link, Very interesting.
  13. A Finnish sniper from Winnipeg Jets. Well if history can repeat itself it will be Mighty Sweet trade.
  14. Joker8


    I was suggesting we trade it for some leadership I would love to see JG Pageau in a duck uniform we need a natural goal score.
  15. Joker8


    The Bruins are on the verge of elimination. Our pick could be as high as 23 give or take. I know Bob does not think that way, but we can use it to draft someone or trade for a "younger veteran" to support the new graduates we will have on the bench.
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