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  1. FOX, the Ducks payroll for the upcoming season $70.5 Million we have $11.4 million cap space. If Kesler (I wish him all the best health) is on LTIR we should have an addition $6.8 Million With $18 Million we can do some moves or should make some trades, or sign an UFA PP quarterback we drafted in the past and traded for a second rounder add that to the kids in the system Cinderella lives in Anaheim.
  2. Perry will sign with Chicago to play along side his London Night line mate Patrick Kane they had a 1/2 punch then they will have it again.
  3. Eskins, Does is not a winning pedigree. We need someone who will lead the kids with the veterans Someone who preaches - Integrity, Accountability, Commitment, High energy & stay hungry.
  4. He better Not. Because if he Does the Samuelis will find the tallest tree on Katella Ave for him.
  5. if Gretzky can be traded anyone can be traded. Winnipeg needs to sign 3 players with big contracts something has to give. I did not make it up read it for yourself. I said: we will need tweaking but can happen for a guy who scored 30+ goals and they said he is in a slump that is a good problem to have duck's top scorer last season I believe 19 or maybe 20? that is Why. give him a heavy ended contract after 2 years when twins are gone. that is how
  6. Talking about a Finnish player. We have done it before the same dancing partner Teemu is like a gift that keeps giving. We have two first rounders this draft with few tweaks I will happily trade them for Patrik Laine Rumors has it they are looking to trade him. 30 goal scorer, not at his prime yet We can do some Damage with him on a line with Gtzey. the Pacific division is not getting any easier to rack points.
  7. and we care why? we want to win he failed.
  8. when have you seen Bob Murry jump out of the gate and make an impact like he promises every year? Integrity, Accountability, and Commitment to winning are not one of Bob's attributes He has the 2-year contract he does not care. If he cared we will have a coach a few players from the IIHF you know like other teams are doing when they had a losing season. until we change the mindset and Culture of the front office the team we will not win.
  9. with all due respect just an example: in 1998, we took Vish with the 5th overall and scouting placed him there. Datsyuk was taken 171st overall which player would you like to have on your team looking back? central scouting based on opinion only.
  10. I would love to see the Ducks pick up Philip Broberg with their first pick and Rapha Lavoie with the second. twin towers that can develop in the next two years
  11. What is it not to like in an 18 year old, 6.4" right-handed Center?
  12. Danny has a lot of energy, he played for the ducks back in the day he was a great quarterback of the penalty kill. he did win two cups with the penguins
  13. I like to see Sheldon Keefe or Danny Bylsma as our next head coach I am not sold on Erkin.
  14. HUVVA ONNA Jani Hakanpää
  15. With the 9th pick, I would love to see Philip Broberg in a Duck uniform. He has excellent size, Great pair of wheels most likely will add 15# before he is NHL ready 2-3 years.
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