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  1. Did the dispute get resolved? I have Dish Network, which hasn't had Prime Ticket or FSW for 18 months now. I was thinking of switching to Frontier since I have internet service with them.
  2. Ducks are now 5-2-1 since the TDL. That’s a 113 point pace. Looks like GMBM did too good of a job improving the team at the TDL and will hurt his chances of getting the high pick he covets!
  3. I noticed that and hate to say that I am actually hoping the Ducks start losing more. Finishing 2nd from the bottom guarantees a top 5 pick, something the Ducks haven’t had since picking Bobby Ryan at #2 overall in 2005. It would also give the Ducks a decent shot at getting the #1 pick for the first time ever.
  4. Regarding the signing of Niedermayer and the trading for Pronger, BM said he would be willing to make similar moves in the future when he felt the Ducks were a Cup contender again. He mentioned Edmonton and Pittsburgh as teams that “went to the bottom” for 5+ years to rebuild, something he doesn’t want to do. He also said that he hopes NR will become a player that works hard on and off the ice consistently. Other than that I have nothing to add that others, and mostly you have already said. Unless you were taking notes or recorded the session, you have an incredible memory! I have a much higher opinion of GMBM after attending the event and feel bad for what I said about him at the TDL. I also got the chance to meet Hazy, which was something I have wanted to do for a long time. I saw him play goalie at Cornell when I was a freshman there (a loooong time ago).
  5. Kase played 15:16 and didn’t have a point
  6. He had 4 points for the Ducks on Sunday night....
  7. Agree. In hindsight it would have been better to leave Vatanen unprotected, but I don’t think many people saw the Ducks’ Cup window as closed after being within 6 games of a Cup in May 2017. I also remember Vats scoring a big goal in Game 2 of the WCF against Trashville. Theo looked good and scored some goals against Calgary, but I remember thinking that he was a good puck moving Dman, but Montour was also and was better defensively.
  8. Agree 100%, except the Kunitz for Whitney trade was even worse...
  9. We took Backes’ salary off Boston’s books. That was an even trade. An Kase has scored 20 goals in a season and could score 30 if he were to stay healthy. Goodrow is 3 years older than Kase and has no such potential.
  10. Yup. Why can’t the Ducksnget overpaid with a 1st rounder for once.
  11. Doug Wilson must be a much better negotiator than BM.
  12. I agree. That’s the one trade today that seems like a clear positive for the Ducks and their future.
  13. That’s good, but he only had one point in those 22 games so he must be a SAHD. Why has he only played 2 NHL games this season?
  14. The Peterson for Sprong trade is water under the bridge. How the hell is trading Sprong for a 25 year old defenseman who has very few NHL games the past 2 seasons going to help the Ducks rebuild??? Please fire Murray Mr. and Mrs. Samueli. Today has me reconsidering whether it’s worth it to be a long term STH.
  15. If it takes a first round pick to get “jam’l I guess BM stoke Dealauriea for only a 4th round pick last summer..
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