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  1. why in the hell is Josh Manson wearing an “A”. He has to be one of the worst defenseman the Ducks have ever had. He has more giveaways than I care to count. The “A’s” belong on Cam Fowler and Silverberg. One other defenseman should be let go Is Holzer. You sent him down and knowone claimed him, that should tell you something. It’s a long season but these two are making it longer.
  2. Why is Josh Manson wearing the “A”. It should be some won like Adam Henrique or Cam Fowler. Manson makes so many mistakes in his own zone, he really scary back there. At best he should be no better than Seventh on the Ducks defense. Plus he’s not quite a middle weight when he decides to drop the gloves. Other than that the new young Ducks are playing real well and their speed makes up for some of their mistakes. Plus Dallas Eakins have got the team believing
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