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  1. The Ducks didn't throw it in the third period of last game. I believe that losing Fowler our best for moving the puck had a lot to do with the ugly third period. Curious if he will be playing tonight. Interesting if not meaning our top 4 defensemen will all be out. Ouch
  2. Totally agree. If Getz was going to retire this there would have been a plan to have a special night for it.
  3. I don't have a clue about next weeks movements but have to believe that there will be some movement by Ducks tor future picks. Would have to believe that there are teams that would love to have Miller as their second goalie. Would love to hear Miller's thoughts on probably having a shot at the Cup in his last year???. As much as I would hate to see Getz leave but think that he would be a big plus to a legit Cup contender. Would def be fun rooting for him to go out with a Cup his last productive year. Watching him protect his players over the years and I believe giving 110% most of time would really like see to him go out on the high side of this game. Thoughts of an old goat that has watched and had some close involvements with a hockey team 50 years ago.
  4. Maybe a little off topic but my thoughts. Since I have a lot of family that grew up under Russian rule (Lithuania) I have a tendency to believe that many of these hockey players really want to have a better life here and are willing to play a little harder to achive it.
  5. A little of topic but at beginning of this year the Kings looked like they would be fighting us for better draft choices. Seems like they surprisingly have turned things around a little better then the Ducks. Who would have thought they would be on a 5 game winning streak and looking to get into the playoffs. Considering how many games we have with them at end of the season I really wonder who is going to be more motivated to WIN them. Just a passing thought watching games in this short and for us an ugly season. Would love to see Getz get on a team that had a decent shot in the playoffs. Have watched him for so many years and believe that he deserves another shot at the Cup with a legit team. Watched Cory shoot in overtime tonight .Good shot but no goal. Would def be fun to watch him and Getz in the playoffs.---Probably just a little wishful thinking but us old goats are allowed a few of those..
  6. With no news about this season having a hard time picturing any kind of season. With no cross the border regulations having a time figuring out how they can have anything looking normal. Hopefully will have vaccines for most of us by April or May maybe we can return to a semi normal life by next summer. Watching all the cancelations in football and picturing any kind of normal season seems ridiculous and this old goat really misses watching Ducks late night hockey from upstate NY.
  7. Funny how news is posted depending as to who posts it. While certain news organizations are showing the amounts of new infections they don't seem to want to post that this country tests way more people than any where else in the world. Fact that the amount of people dying was the lowest since March 5th . Only 212 people died last posting not sure if that was today or yesterday but to me very important that no matter amount of infections fewer people are dying.
  8. What do you do with the draft?? Put it off till next year. Don't think that can be done.
  9. Interesting thoughts. Wonder how many people like me were really rooting for St Louis to win . If we won we would have gone down two places in the draft and believing that regular season was over didn't really want that. Only one game left in town. Wonder if gamblers turn to horses with no sports betting available?? Even that is different without fans in attendance.
  10. Once season stopped this late in year. Basic season is all done. If it resumes it would be only for the Cup. Just think that might be interesting if they take the top 8 in each division or they look at the teams with best win percentages. How do you take into consideration teams that have games in hand?? No matter which way they decide to go there will be teams that will be piddleed . Guess the best way to call a no win situation. Def feel lost not to have a game to watch late at night.
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