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  1. Is it possible that Bargain Basement Bob is pulling a Lou Lamorello? Not announcing any deals already made until just before training camp? If he is, we might already "own" Eichel and not know it yet.
  2. Never mind, I had a senior moment, and I figured it out all on my own LOL
  3. What would the strategic advantage be if we moved his 6.8M LTIR now, as opposed to at the TDL?
  4. I believe Bob is set on getting us Eichel, no matter what. I would imagine he is waiting for the price to come down some before he pulls the trigger. If the deal is done right, we get Jack, he gets a disc replacement, it goes well, and we have a superstar. If we get him and surgery goes bad, we have a number of current players, players in the pipeline, and prospects who can play and help us tank this season for at least a top 3 pick in 2022, and 10 million in LTIR space for 4 to 5 years. At worst, Bob gets his man, we get bad hockey for a few more years, and eventually a new GM that has LOTS of money to use to bring in some top notch players.
  5. This is without a doubt the funniest thing I have read on these boards, and the greatest take on Ritchie I have ever read....and it's all true
  6. I can see the headline now..... Vodka Bob trades Gibson, Henrique, and a 1st round pick in 2022 to Buffalo for Jack Eichel. SMH
  7. Should we pursue Eichel in the offseason? We have the assets, we need a stud, is he part of the answer to our problems?
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I smell a trade coming on. Maybe with Buffalo? They just benched Cody Eakins, and we waived (taxi squad) Backes. Could this be Bargain Basement Bobs big move????
  9. If something doesn't change rather quickly, I can see Gibson asking for a trade. We hang him out to dry WAY too often, and the "retool" is a total F'd up mess. My only hope is that Bargain Basement has something really great up his sleeve for the offseason. Something like say, .....a blockbuster hockey trade or spending on a 1st class free agent.
  10. I agree as well....he needs to go.... OR AT LEAST .... Hold a press conference and tell everyone what in the holy hell is going on! Is there even a strategy for this year? Are we treading water until the Seattle draft? Do we have a PLAN for the draft? Are we secretly working on a blockbuster trade? Are we working on another trade for an over the hill winger? Are we secretly hoping to tank and get a top 10 draft pick this year? Just what in the hell are you thinking Bob???? Tell us!!
  11. We seem to have turned into the early Anschutz era Kings....get just enough "quality" players to field a team at a cheap price but not win anything big to keep people in the seats and make the owners more money. Then blame the players or coaching staff for the problems, and fire them, bring in a new coach, rinse, repeat. We need to get rid of Bargain Bob, and get a new GM that can make a hockey trade. Enough with bargain basement mediocre players. Tear it all down, and start over. (sorry for mini-rant) Gibson wont want to be here, if he doesn't have that mind set already, and Zegras won't re-sign after his contract is up in 3 years if this sh*t keeps going. Get someone in charge to do it right, cuz GMBM isn't that person IMHO
  12. Just a random thought here. What about trying to sign Corey Perry on a 1 year incentive laden contract. He would add some grit, and can mentor some of the younger players. Put him on a 4th line, see how he does, and see how it works out. ..... Any thoughts?
  13. You are right on signing Gbrad...didn't realize he had one more year. I like what he is showing so far, I hope he continues playing well.................he was a #3 Draft pick, so I would assume he knows what he's doing.
  14. I say bring back Vatanen via trade before the summer, re-sign Gudbranson, and maybe shop for a scorer in the off=season.
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