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  1. 6th rounder going the other way. awesome deal.
  2. Steel, Larsson and a 1st going the other way? What do you guys think were offering?
  3. they actually believe the Ducks want to part with Zegras. I'm dumbfounded as to how anyone believes Barstool would ship him out...no Oh no! way he should.
  4. No, i'm not Gibson... but a huge fan of his as i followed him before his draft year and wanted/felt us or my dads team (Montreal) would get him due to gut feeling. We were so fortunate he was available when we picked and we didn't need to take him with our 1st rounder. Honest question: is there anyone out there that believes we should have kept Anderson instead of Gibson?
  5. Well... Die hard Ducks fan living in Toronto ON, Canada is sitting here. i would 100% gladly appreciate anything anyone wants to send my way. LOL I won a Paul Kariya retirement game ticket stub off twitter by re-tweeting DucksNPucks 2 yrs ago - i felt like i won the god-damn lottery on that one considering Paul Kariya is my favorite player of all time. Been a fan since day one.. Haven't blinked at all. Took a 1 week trip to Socal the year Perry scored 50 and took in the last 3 games of the year... he scored a hat trick and hit 50 goals and i lost my hat as a result. I've been VERY fortunate the encounters i've had with fans - you guys are absolute beauties. Not to mention the hospitality and helpful nature you guys were when i was down there... i knew in that moment i was cheering for the right team. LOVE YOU DUCKS FANS!!!
  6. Anyone got an opening on a Keeper Fantasy league?(preferably ESPN)... i'd be interested in joining.
  7. Hello sir... i am a Draftkings member.
  8. Gibson is our guy... anyone suggesting otherwise doesn't actually watch the talent which is John Gibson. I hope he plays his entire career here tbh.
  9. Hes on the top PP unit on the Left wing. Henrique, Silfv, Rakell and Shattenkirk are the others.
  10. Silfv - Henrique - RikRak Lundestrom - Getz - Heinen Comtois - Steel - Terry Deslauriers - Grant - Rowney Lindholm - Shattenkirk Fowler - Manson Hakanpaa - Curran Gibson
  11. Good takes so far by most of the comments being made. I guess we shall wait and see how this thing pans out... Thanks!
  12. What player do you guys believe will be exposed, and eventually plucked from Seattle at the expansion draft? I've heard Henrique, Larsson, Shattenkirk all being mentioned.
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