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  1. With our top 4 D-men out, we are still playing to this years level. I don't miss not having them in the line up...
  2. I want Fowler to be a constant force ala Scotty as much as any fan. But no matter how much of a homer I am it’s not gonna happen! The only impact he had on the game yesterday was the penalty he took... my opinion he needs to step up, I don’t see any urgency in his game. Hopefully he jumps in the play today against the queens, cause he sure hasn’t the last few.
  3. We have no shut down d-men. Anyone know what happened to Fowler? Went from an excellent rookie to average veteran... talk about hitting a plateau. 0 shots, even with 2 PP! Mason and Larsson should be playing with the Gulls. Del Zotto and Gudbranson had a solid game! Lindholm is not taking any dumb penalties that’s a plus.
  4. Well this is one of those games where Fowler and Lindholm are going to disapear... I predict Lindholm will take at least 2 bad penalties.
  5. Again.... not looking to get in a piddleing match as we're all (most of us) are Ducks fans. The odd man rushes that I'm speaking that happen way too frequent are the 2 on 1's Second chances, third chances... just in our last 3 games we gave up a pass up the middle (you can call it a giveaway or takeaway) that led to a goal. We can continue this discussion after Thursdays game... I'm willing to bet it all happens again. And don't get me started on the F'-n zebras!
  6. Ok... so the problem is our forwards, because they are not making themselves available.... What about all the odd-man rushes against us? What about the second and third chances around the net? !What about the stupid penalties that are not even in our zone? What about the fact that we can't get shots on goal from the blue line? Oh yeah, we had one last night and it went in problem is it wasn't from our d-men
  7. Absolutely!!! you would think.... what's laughable is that he doesn't. No question he can, why isn't he is my question.
  8. When Fowler and Lindholm are not contributing offensively they are pretty much worthless! They can't even skate it out of the zone!!! Look at the past 10 games you'll see they keep passing it back and forth in our zone until they give it away. Not to mention the stupid penalties (specially Lindholm). If they are not going to take the shot on the powerplay get them the F@%# off the ice! Del Zotto and Larsson a basically marshmallows that can't clear the zone let alone intimidate Gudbranson, Manson, and Holzer... play physical but not consistent.
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