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  1. Hahaha, seriously, if Gardner screwed the Leafs that's gold. I got a new PC, work laptop and new phone and my Poum account is a defunct email. So I created a new username. But the crazy thing is, Poum still logged on my PC. Which... weird.
  2. Holy crap, I'm so out of the loop. Vatanen AND Gardiner are on the same team? What the what!?
  3. HA! Hellebuyck just got schooled twice. Guess it sucks not having "The Greatest Fans" in the building. Screw Winnipeg. Annnnd goal called off. Hellybuyck was outside of the paint. Bullpoop.
  4. Yeaaaaah, still kinda irritated with 2012. Thanks for sucking Coyotes! Kings vs Coyotes for the Western Conference was the worst. Hockey isn't kinda to me right now. F'ing Toronto made Columbus look stupid. And apparently Lucic is still a thing? Forgot he existed. Calgary and Winnipeg, impossible to root for one or the other. Go team meteor?
  5. I was texting a buddy of mine earlier, he's a fan of those chumps in black n' silver. He was saying something like "the rat scored". In my mind I was like "Baaaasssstan didn't play today". He was calling Perry the rat. How you can call someone in the League a rat when a Marchand exists is beyond me. But Kings fans, what are you gonna do.
  6. Perry had a goal. Dallas still lost to Vegas. But Perry is still trying to be relevant!
  7. I'm generally not the person who should be asking if a poster is drunk as I'm usually the drunk, but holy hell, are you drunk? Wishing well on the Preds is a huge No, No.
  8. Hey hockey nerds, good to be back! 10 days till the playoffs start. Not sure if anyone is interested in doing the bracket. I'm not going to keep track of it but if a handsome enterprising individual want's to handle it. =D Personally, I'm torn over the playoffs for two reasons. The first being, I kinda want both Colorado and St. Louis to win. Alas, only one team can win that series. And secondly, for roughly the past 15 years. The Anaheim Ducks have curb stomped all of Western Canada's hopes and dreams of a Stanley Cup. Now we have a playoffs with no Ducks and 4 Western Canadian teams. The horror! [edited] Because it's 3:23AM and spelling is hard!
  9. Geography definitely messes with an NHL team. Anaheim used to have an AHL affiliate, the Portland Pirates. That's Portland Maine. Between Portland and the OC, I think that's the two farthest away locations you can find. Then there was the Iowa... Uh Porkchops? I'm blanking on the name. But it was pig. Next was I think the time the Ducks shared an AHL team which ended up being a huge nightmare. Then there was the big push to move more teams out west for all the Pacific Division based teams and the Norfolk Admirals moved from Virginia to SD. But yeah, ECHL is only gonna be 3rd tier players. They fill in the holes in the AHL team when the NHL team losses players from injury and poaches from them. Or the ECHL team can be used for creative accounting. Back when the team was in Portland or Iowa and the ECHL team was in Bakersfield, for cap reasons, a few of the young dudes (one being Bobby Ryan) had to make daily trips to Bakersfield for cap reasons.
  10. I remember seeing him on NBCS (I think), where they were interviewing players remotely. Don't remember a mention of if he wanted to continue or call it. Hope he stays on board. Solid dude. Solid backup. And looking at the roster... Gibson is going to need vacation time.
  11. My apologies, I've been out of the loop for a few months now. Has there been any mention of a backup goalie? I haven't heard Miller (40) retired. As far as I know he has no new contract nor any word on possible replacement.
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