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  1. So we went from Marcus Pettersson -> Daniel Sprong -> Christain Djoos -> Nothing.... Obviously hindsight is 20/20 but GMBM has given away two very good defenders (including Theodore) for nothing. Really bad asset management. Don't want to knock Larsson too hard here but he's been horrible and I'm not sure why we're so insistent on giving him a chance. How he evaluates talent just doesn't make sense to me...
  2. Per Elliotte Friedman, Djoos has been claimed by DET. Marcus Pettersson -> Daniel Sprong -> Christian Djoos -> Nothing. Really really bad asset management by Bob Murray here.
  3. Both of these hit the nail on the head for me. I think it's not so much a knock on Steel, Terry, Jones. It's more of an issue with their development under Murray and them following a disappointing trend. I would have hoped that by now, at least one of them would have made a noticeable impact on our roster on a consistent basis vs. flashes, and I really hope this is the season someone steps up. Even thinking about a what a disappointment Nick Ritchie turned out to be is frustrating. Should guys like Milano and Heinen be on our team if we developed these guys better? I don't think so. I liked Milano and Heinen in the 9 games they played, but to be honest, I'd rather see Jones, Terry, and Steel get those top 6 roles vs. them all playing on the 3rd line together. Regardless, Murray put us into a position where we need way too many young players to swim in order to be successful and if they don't, he might pull the trigger too early on someone who goes on to live up to their potential somewhere else. Common denominator in all this is Murray not developing young players well and should be gone if these players continue to go to waste.
  4. Thanks! I agree that if it meant giving up Zegras or Drysdale, I would definitely pass...I also have high hopes for Tracey, Perreault, and Dostal, so I would be content with giving up any other prospect besides those 4. However, I don't think a deal gets done without at least Drysdale or Zegras being involved, as you guys have said. I've been a little underwhelmed with the development of Jones, Steel, and Terry so far, hence why I brought up the possibility of bringing in a high calibre forward like Dubois. This is a big year for those guys and I hope they can make big steps to provide some assurances that the Ducks offence will be capable for the future.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm new to the message boards and being stuck at home, I thought joining would be a good way to virtually interact with others who share a similar love and passion for Ducks hockey. What are your thoughts on the Dubois situation? I think him signing a short term deal following trade rumours points to him being moved on at some point (plus CBJ's poor track record of keeping superstars). I think he's a player who provides immediate short and long term help and if GMBM really thinks we're pushing into "win now" territory, I can't see how a move for Dubois wouldn't be at least considered. We have quite the log jam of prospect and middle six forwards, do you think a move is plausible and what kind of package do you think makes sense, if any at all?
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