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  1. It's hard to watch the Ducks at times, but I do like seeing the young players, and I do understand the organization is looking at these players to see their strength and weaknesses, but as a player lately watching them make plays in the offensive zone can be exciting until they over play, over pass, and eventually the opponent clears the puck when the Ducks are given opportunities to shoot on net, and hopefully a rebound, but they pass those opportunities up and are left with few shots on net. I'd like to see them shoot, and crash the net to at least give them the opportunity to score. This last game against the Knights on the 16th was piddleing me off. Shot and crash.... These Knights are fast, big, and when you hesitant they are all over you. Anyhow, I'm hoping to see better games with at least a fair share of shots on net. Any thoughts out there or comments would be interesting to read... Thanks "Hard Core Duck Fan"
  2. It's hard to be impressed with a player who hasn't played enough to be impressed with. From the few minutes he has played the one positive impact he had was his back- checking. It's good to hear other opinions, and point of views. But, I see a fast talented skater who needs more playing time to prove himself, and Seattle could be that team. I wish him the best
  3. I just read 'Milano' could be something the new expansion team 'Seattle' might want. But, your absolutely right about him being trade bait. I'm learning more each day about the Ducks younger players and their affiliates. Not to mention prospects that are needed at certain positions. It's allot to absorb, but I've been playing the game for such along time, and the one sport I truly understand thoroughly. Enjoying this blog 👍
  4. Your right, he played in 2 consecutive games, and John Ahlers and Hazy made good remarks about his hussle, and speed breaking up plays when back checking. Then I started paying attention more on his positioning. But, your right he hasn't really been given a chance. I kind of feel the Ducks are focusing on scoring more. If he was out there going against the other opponents better offensive lines I think he could help shut them down. But, that's just my opinion. (Matchups) thanks for your comments
  5. Next season we're going to have an expansion team in Seattle. How does that or how will that affect the ducks? Or how will it work at all for Seattle? I'm hoping it's not going to hurt us. I just don't want us to lose any of our good players.Thank you
  6. I really feel Sonny Milano is a very good offensive defensive player with his speed he breaks up plays and back checks. I like to see more of him because of his speed and adrenaline can only lift the ducks. I think his offensive skills will come in time. But defensively he is very good. Can you let me know how the Ducks feel about his play. I've been playing hockey since I was 7 years old and I'm still playing at age 61. My feeling about the Ducks is that they're a young team and they need time together. I believe the management and coaching is good that's not the problem. Young players need to play together, and I see good things for the ducks in the future.Thank you
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