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  1. I wanted to share the following information for Ducks fans to realize how bad last season was (I know you already know) but here is something to think about. -Second fewest goals scored in the NHL this year (behind Buffalo) after being last in the league last year. -Second to last with a -53 goal difference (behind Buffalo) -Tied for last with only 11 Regulation wins (behind Buffalo) -Tied for second to last place (with Columbus) for Regulation and Overtime Wins (15) (behind Buffalo) -Last in the League in home wins (6) even Buffalo had (8) -Last in the league with the player leading the team in points with the fewest points (33) total - Comtois -Worst power play in the modern era 8.9% PP conversion -I can see where Bob and Dallas are very optimistic about the group moving forward, -Ownership that invisible doing nothing to assure fans they want to win at any cost (Vegas comes to mind as they signed Petro last year and Florida does as they went out and spent big buck for Coach Q to lead them). NIce job Henry and Susan. I was a first year season ticket holder thru 2002 before moving to Seattle, I don't see how Murray is the GM any longer and as far as Dallas, well his over the top emotion level behind the bench - NOT - is like watching paint dry.
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