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  1. This has a Kunitz for Whitney 2.0 feel to it...please do not trade away our potential leading goal scorer. Besides, Faulk had us on his do not trade to list...if he doesn't want to play here then why pursue him.
  2. concerning the Ducks...yes.
  3. Best news this off-season IMO. There was no way in hell another team was going to trade for that contract. Im actually quite shocked that the Samueli's ponied up the cash to speed up the process to open the cup window. It was either going to be a buyout or an excruciating two more years of watching a washed up Perry on the ice or more likely in the press box.
  4. If it wasn't for a game 7 loss, the Ducks would have their second cup and BB would still be our coach...oh how one game changed this franchise. Lets just remove the past two seasons from our memories and look forward the the youth movement we are about to endure. I really hope BM uses a short leash on Eakins if he indeed becomes the next coach for the Ducks.
  5. Have you all forgotten how horrible Holzer was for the majority of the season? It would be unwise to keep him on the roster, unless you have become accustomed to mediocre D-men with no upside. Try not to become emotional train wrecks whenever a player is moved...its a business with a revolving door.
  6. And the Avs dropped from 1st to 4th in the last 30min.
  7. Agreed and add our top pick. I think we are just a strong center, 2 top end defensemen and a couple expiring contracts away from opening the cup window. I hope the strong end to the season with the kids showing great potential has opened the eyes of coach Q this offseason.
  8. I think so also. There are a slew of D-men projected to go right around where our 2nd first round pick is slated to be. Lets just hope Bob selects the best one.
  9. Wow, didn't realize he was already turning 26. How about Lundestrom? Even thought he hasn't put up large numbers I thought he showed great vision on the ice with his brief stent with the Ducks to start the season. I do agree with you that Center is of great concern moving forward and needs to be addressed before Getz starts to decline and him recently having back problems is not to encouraging.
  10. Its even more frustrating because the kids already have proven they can hang with the big club moving forward and should have been sent back down to help the Gulls make the push for the postseason and give the kids experience in meaningful games...just my two cents.
  11. Its been a small sample size for the kids at the big level...they have gained confidence between call-ups and will be given an entire off-season knowing they will be with the big club from the onset next season. Comtois and Roy will be this years Jones and Terry...what concerns me is our D. We don't have a true 1A or 1B on our current roster that we need to build around and I don't have much confidence that BM can pull the trigger on a trade to acquire one without S***ing the bed. If we don't move up to the top 3 draft pick I fear BM will use our top draft pick on a D-man (maybe he should? Bowen Byram?). So all we can do now is hope to win into the top 3 pick forcing BM to draft a forward otherwise...welcome Hampus 2.0.
  12. Or just make the lottery draft odds the same for all non-playoff teams.
  13. I was referring to tanking in terms of getting a coach fired. It was just a collective FU and a public one at that. As for watching Kings games...I cant do it, Jim Fox is just unbearable to listen to and its got even worse since Bob Miller retired.
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