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  1. I was referring to tanking in terms of getting a coach fired. It was just a collective FU and a public one at that. As for watching Kings games...I cant do it, Jim Fox is just unbearable to listen to and its got even worse since Bob Miller retired.
  2. Will be very interesting how the remaining 3 games against them goes. Tank vs Tank...I say we start Johnson for all three games.
  3. I read it as Its more than likely a team outside the top 4 wins a top 3 pick which in turn forces us to drop back a spot or two.
  4. That game went to crap fast...oh well, I think the Sens will win more games then us the remainder of the season because winning for them doesn't cost them anything.
  5. never say never...if any team can do it this team can. Sens currently beating the Caps 2-0.
  6. First draw #1 Ducks, #2 Sabers (5% top 3), #3 New Jersey
  7. Another Lindholm to the west Jets trade Nic Petan to the Leafs for Par Lindholm.
  8. Nobody would value DZ for a 4th...pipe dream. We only have their 1st if we don't choose San Jose's.
  9. Gudbranson for Pearson
  10. I'd rather have a 6th than Schenn or a 7th
  11. Im so happy DZ is gone
  12. we can still get a 3rd or 4th round pick for DZ
  13. wouldn't be for a 1st
  14. didn't say instead of...the pick heading back should have been a 1st.
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