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  1. The first tie breaker (ROW) eliminates Team C. Next tie breaker is... Goal differential, I think.
  2. Woman's USA won Gold! Suck it Canada! But the woman's was always the more entertaining of the Olympic hockey. Crazy to think the US goalie was 7 months old the last time that team got a Gold medal.
  3. So... I've on that blood orange gose kick. Drinking it as if it's my singular existence. Sorry Guinness, I've been cheating on you, I've been led astray. Any way, my point. Imagine my enthusiasm when I saw a new gose at the local super mercado. Saint Archer Blackberry Gose. The damn thing is a fruity Coors Light. Wildly disappointed.
  4. You know who the Ducks GM is, right?
  5. According to CapFriendly, Schultz signed a two year ELC. Unless I'm missing something (I probably am), he could still skip signing with the Ducks and still hope for a cash out later. My one hope, is BM, the stubborn old bar stooling dog that he is, will refuse to be screwed by this situation twice. Otherwise, duck and cover if you work in that office.
  6. And it's official, this is the most ridiculous season ever. The Rangers and Devil's have made a trade.
  7. I suddenly get why Islanders fans payed for a Kickstarter, which reached it's goal in a little over an hour, to get a billboard in Brooklyn to fire Snow.
  8. WTF?! Is this a thing. A quick Google didn't have anything.
  9. I don't know, I always loved it when Jiggy broke his sticks. That was always entertaining.
  10. I find it fascinating that Perry got one second short of a full two minutes on the PP TOI while Kase got none.
  11. Last time he made a vague statement about players showing up to camp unfit they Ducks payed Maroon to play for Edmonton for a few years.
  12. My dislike may be and most likely is wildly erroneous. I can't recall him doing anything egregious. Perhaps it was his annoyance from Blackhawks days.
  13. I don't see shipping off Vermette as being a seller come the trade deadline. Maybe pot a 7th rounder and dumb luck it out with another Kase. The team has serviceable bottom six centers in Grantzlaf and Wagner to replace Vermettes LOLffense.
  14. I don't want to shoot the messenger... But... That! ... Why!?
  15. Sorry! Robidas. Ribeiro and Robidas have similar names. Hate for both. Hate for anything Stars related. I got confused.