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  1. Stupid Capitals. Euro Sasquatch (Zdeno) get slapped around by Wilson. TJ Oshie (American shoot out hero) makes three players look really stupid in a gorgeous sequence for the goal.
  2. poum

    Kings Catch All - 8

    I still hate how the Kings lost their way into the 2012 playoffs with loser points. They were third in most OT loses, Calgary had one more OT loss, who was the 9th seed. Florida had 18 loser points that year! My point is. The Kings used loser points to make the playoffs. Then to win the Cup they played a terrible Vancouver, they murdered St. Louis' best defenseman right out the gate, Arizona in the Conference Finals (lol!), and the poopy cherry on top, Jersey who was without their superstar. Yeah, I'm in no way shape or form bitter about the 2012 Stanley Chump Champions. /tirade over
  3. It's crazy to think how many players are in the game. How many players have played over 102 seasons (granted alot of the early seasons were six teams). And Perry is only the 340th player to reach the 1K milestone. With modern strength training, nutrition and medical services, I'm sure we'll see more and more players reaching the thousand game mark.
  4. You're probably right, it's akin to something like football. Instead of using the oversized McDonald's headset that football loves for some reason. Back when I worked on film sets we always used the "ear worm" and relentlessly mocked the McDonalds headset.
  5. Wait! The organization is sitting on a guy who ran the Blackhawks PP and they're not utilizing him for the big kid team?!
  6. poum


    Found something called Radler, Lager with Grapefruit and A Hint of Blood Orange. It's good. Which I cannot say about this Edmonton game. [edit] It's from Two Pitchers Brewing. Never heard of 'em.
  7. What does that say about the Ducks? In the past five years the Sharks have had better playoff success. From 2014-2015 to 2018-2019 Ducks: Conference Finals, First Round, Conference, First Round swept by the Sharks, Not Qualified. Sharks: Not Qualified, SCF, First Round, Second Round, Conference Finals. I personally like the Ducks player leadership. But the Sharks have had a better run of it the past few years. And certainly, there's more to playoff success than on ice leadership but I think laughing at the Sharks for a perceived lack leadership is a bit dated.
  8. poum

    trade for D

    I think your math is off. I count Fowler, Faulk and Klingberg. That's one Duck. Did I miss something?
  9. poum


    Watching the game with Anderson Valley's Boont Amber Ale. I haven't had an amber in a very long time. The beer gets a firm thumbs up. The game, not so much.
  10. I lean towards Gorbs scrooge comment. Yeah, sure the old timers hated it at the time for being cartoony. The times have changed. As millennials are in the 30's now and nostalgia is all the rage. I grew up on the MD movies, so yeah. While I think nostalgia is stupid. The MD logo had character. The webbed D is so bland, nuetral and all around "meh".
  11. I find myself going out of my way to watch Women's international hockey more so than the men's. Every game is played with the intensity dialed to 11. Canada-America games are always so much fun to watch regardless of the outcome. Obviously I'm mildly biased to my USA gals. Thanks Drake for pointing this out! My new job in Venice says "LOL @ going to Ducks games." But a-one-of-a-kind Saturday game is my kinda jam!
  12. Kinda amusing that Capfriendly has Patrick Marleau with three teams this season and zero games played. Yes, yes, I know traded, bought out and just signed. Still amusing. For $700K/1 Year for an old timer who still can put up 16-21-37, good deal for the Sharks. Not to mention all the good will of bringing Captain-Catipillar-Brows back into the fold to retire as a Shark. Maybe Jumbo and Eyebrows can have a good by retirement skate. As fitting as it would be it wouldn't even hold a candle to the tear jerker that was Selanne grabbing the visiting teams goalie for (just typing this mid sentence and my eyes are doing weird things, damn fall pollen 😉) one last lap at the Ponda.
  13. poum


    I hope the unreserved wanton loathing, the absolute belligerence and undisguised contempt I have came through as intended despite the simpelton behind an anonymous user name. 😋😋 Jokes aside. I hope it hits stores soon. Ugh, the Emojis are broken and coming out in weird places. Even the editor is being wonky. Probably my dumb phone, smart phone me arse!
  14. poum


    I hate you. I'm so ready to move on from the Rose Gose.
  15. I'm using Hulu's live tv streaming service,, I'm in market though (Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket.) It's given me all I wanted Food Network and my Ducks. For a third of the price of TimeWarner/Spectrum. Without the mindless headache.* *Full disclosure, opening night I tried watching at work the start of the game and the stupid service was broken. Every other channel worked. Not sure who's fault it was. Went home and saw the last half of the game. So glitches do exist. They're not the norm though. But expect a couple hiccups here and there.
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