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  1. My line of thought, is when the Kings suck, attendence will drop. If Vegas sucks, out of town fans will still come to watch their team.
  2. If we're going conspiracy, I'd say it's better for the NHL to have the expansion team win. That and they'll always have away fans coming in.
  3. Watching these other games, it becomes painfully obvious how out of sync the Ducks are. I'm so done with RC 2.0 the Reckoning.
  4. Can't believe I'm excited for a Kings game. My friend invited me over unbeknownst to me he's doing D&D tonight. I'm sitting on the side sooo bored. I need a Stoner hat trick right now.
  5. Minnesota is on a rampage.
  6. Saw a 12'ver of Firestone on sale. Two limited beers, one exclusive to the pack. Both C-Hops and Luponic #9 were nothing special. Kinda a let down.
  7. Ahhhhhh hell nawwww. <--- My Will Smith impression. We are far, far, so very far from Chiarelli bad.
  8. You're absolutely right. Forwards need to score. But the defense hasn't been anything to write home about either. Lindholm gets a pass because after his idiot Game 1 he stepped it up for Game 2. I cruised by HF and they thought Montour was one of the best players in the game, I did not see that at all.
  9. Which League are you watching? That can't even confirm what is or isn't goalie interference.
  10. The Vatman taketh and the Vatman giveth.
  11. Wait. What? From NY I'm assuming you meant born there? How in the hell did you become a Bastan fan? I get that myself pretty routinely, born in LA, Ducks fan.
  12. Shortly after the game I posted a picture of Robert Shaw being eaten by a shark (the salty sailor from Jaws), my Sharks friends picked up on that real quick. Those jerks! I've always had good experiences with Sharks and Kings fans. Might be biased living in LA, but I can spot the difference between a fan and a bandwagon easily enough. The one bad experience I had was at Staples, when Teemu went with Richards and Brookbank turned Kyle Clifford's face into porridge. Walking out some drunk was talking about "f'ing up the nearest Ducks fan", two of my friends who are Kings fans and both wider and taller than I circled around me to protect me if need be. Those two idiots also spent the entire game pointing at me and yelling "Ducks fan!" everywhere we were. Metal detector, concession stand, bathroom, patio. All of that resulted in nothing more than cheeky jowling at each other. Don't get me wrong though, defending some Kings fans, I [expletive] loathe that team. [edit] Had to watch the Clifford beat down a few times. You can see Parros on the bench looking like he's about to murder. That ladies and gentlemen, is your head of Player Safety. But then they had Pronger. And Blake. Sign up Scott Stevens next.
  13. Always possible of course. He is a center and Randy kinda stacked the 4th line with centers last game. How is he at face offs though? Or can he play left wing? I honestly don't remember where he played during his first two games. Only spot I see for him the the top 9 is Ritchie's. The way RC has used his fourth, just over six minutes of even strength time while getting a couple extra minutes on the PK. It's nothing more than a defensive specialist line and putting Terry on it may be a waste. I'd almost think Chris Kelly is higher in the pecking order, veteran status and blah blah.
  14. I went on that for the first time somewhere in my 20's. Goodness that ride is belligerently insane! How is that a kids ride!
  15. I feel like it would be one of those games that you're walking away a fan (or at least having fun) regardless how you perceived it walking in. It's gonna be nuts. And visit Castle Eliean Donan while in Scotland! My ancestral home. If it helps, it's been in two Sean Connery movies, one being Highlander.