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  1. Okay, I'll bite. Who in the hell do think there was a trade in the last six years when you think about a dude "that is the player who's gonna win this team a Cup!!"
  2. I'm still kinda upset about the 2005 draft. Ducks got jobbed! We had a Crosby in the pocket! But we got a Bobby Ryan as a consolation prize.
  3. Wait, what!? Did Gardner screw the Leafs?
  4. NBCSN is the usual carrier for all things NHL at the national level. Unfortunately that means an extra package with your cable provider. It's only the Stanley Cup Finals that actually get shown on basic networks like, NBC. (for several games)
  5. I got a deep rooted dislike for Dallas. Hard to like anything about them. Everything that was and will be, is trash on that team. Sorry... Perry.
  6. Whoa! Rodney Dangerfield over here folks.
  7. When I first heard about the canning, all of five minutes ago. I immediately texted my friend (Kings fan), "I call dibs on Gallant!"
  8. Kovy signs with the Canadians. His agent is dumb. Signs him up for just shy of League minimum for a non-playoff team. I've waited till the trade deadline, some GM for a playoff team would be antsy enough to make a signing for Kovy, especially for peanuts on the dollar. As I type this, I'm second guessing my initial statement. Perhaps this is a savy move by Bergevin. Pick up a dirt cheap washed uped name. Keep him in hockey shape till the deadline, than trade his ass off to a desperate GM at the deadline for picks. But that's assuming Bergevin would have GM acumen. That's a huge assumption.
  9. Stupid Capitals. Euro Sasquatch (Zdeno) get slapped around by Wilson. TJ Oshie (American shoot out hero) makes three players look really stupid in a gorgeous sequence for the goal.
  10. It's crazy to think how many players are in the game. How many players have played over 102 seasons (granted alot of the early seasons were six teams). And Perry is only the 340th player to reach the 1K milestone. With modern strength training, nutrition and medical services, I'm sure we'll see more and more players reaching the thousand game mark.
  11. What does that say about the Ducks? In the past five years the Sharks have had better playoff success. From 2014-2015 to 2018-2019 Ducks: Conference Finals, First Round, Conference, First Round swept by the Sharks, Not Qualified. Sharks: Not Qualified, SCF, First Round, Second Round, Conference Finals. I personally like the Ducks player leadership. But the Sharks have had a better run of it the past few years. And certainly, there's more to playoff success than on ice leadership but I think laughing at the Sharks for a perceived lack leadership is a bit dated.
  12. Kinda amusing that Capfriendly has Patrick Marleau with three teams this season and zero games played. Yes, yes, I know traded, bought out and just signed. Still amusing. For $700K/1 Year for an old timer who still can put up 16-21-37, good deal for the Sharks. Not to mention all the good will of bringing Captain-Catipillar-Brows back into the fold to retire as a Shark. Maybe Jumbo and Eyebrows can have a good by retirement skate. As fitting as it would be it wouldn't even hold a candle to the tear jerker that was Selanne grabbing the visiting teams goalie for (just typing this mid sentence and my eyes are doing weird things, damn fall pollen 😉) one last lap at the Ponda.
  13. I was going to taunt you silly but I forgot they ditched Gardiner and picked up Ceci and Barrie. That defense is a LD/RD wet dream. But yeah... Next season, Ceci, Barrie, Muzzin are UFA's and the only defenseman signed is Orielly. That'll be entertaining. And somehow, they are still paying Nathan Horton, David Clarkson and eating a healthy chunk of Phil Kessels contract. #bigmarketproblems
  14. $100,700 short of the initial $11M. Sounds like the GM caves and gave him nearly the full contract to a small rounding error. 8 years is now the full length one can sign a contract, right? Six years after an ELC gives Mariner quick UFA status and a butt load o' bank.
  15. Pff. Ovi is safe. The guy has been jumping out of his skates and making borderline hits his entire career. If anything, if he his suspeneded, Parros will have a Russian contingent in his office the next day. I can assure you Parros, can not fight his way out of that.
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