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  1. Um. Which one? [edit] Ohhhh, I'm guessing Giordano. There's still a few contenders left.
  2. poum

    playoff game...

    Heh, I had no idea Bouwmeester was still playing till I saw the highlights of the game tonight. That guy really became forgetable.
  3. poum

    playoff game...

    I've been avoiding Western Conference teams like the plague. I was looking up something for the Avs and I couldn't help but notice Vegas has the top 3 scorers (in the playoff thus far) with Stone, Patches, and Statsny. Are they really murdering the Sharks that bad?
  4. Meh. Nonis' career as GM is spotty at best. Not the guy you want to Captain the boat but a solid Lieutenant.
  5. poum

    playoff game...

    The Blue Jackets are ruthless. Three goals in the last two minutes. One insurance goal, a second goal because why not and the third really twisting it in. Big congrats to Columbus on their first playoff series win with a clean sweep against the best team. Did not see that coming.
  6. poum

    playoff game...

    Lehner just became my favorite goalie.
  7. Welcome to Team Islanders! You're club card is in the mail! Despite that little caveat about the Leafs.
  8. poum

    playoff game...

    St. Louis beating the "world's greatest fans" in Winnipegs barn during their stupid "White Out" is worth it. I hope Patrick Maroon scores a Selanne type goal (think Detroit 2007) that sinks Winnipeg.
  9. Tampa Bay would probably be the most fun to watch to win it all. Though I do hope NYI make it to the SCF more than anyone. The ensuing riots in Toronto would make Vancouver look like a dress rehearsal.
  10. Against all reason and sanity, Nashville and Dallas is a thing. No hockey fan wins that calamity. While I'm not a fan of exploding rockets, I'd give SpaceX a pass if their south Texas test rocket accidentally went AWOL and hit the AAC. Space is hard. Nashville vs Dallas is harder.
  11. poum

    Coach Shuffle - 2019

    I was teasing my friend over the McLellan to Kings rumors. He was less than enthusiastic. Also what the ... is Buffalo thinking?! They have the same losing culture that plagues Edmonton. [edit] Don't ask why, I'm not sure myself but I always kinda hope for the best for Buffalo. Maybe it's simply an Eastern team that I have little to no contact with their fan base (e.g they don't annoy me). I always wish them the best though. And it was fun to watch Miller at the top of his game.
  12. poum

    Coach Shuffle - 2019

    We have earthquakes. Less predictable. Maybe I'm the only one; but I have an earthquake panic attack everytime I'm on a freeway interchange during rush hour when I'm just stuck there.
  13. Should we start taking bets who murders Fowler tonight? Neal or Giordano?
  14. Also, I haven't checked the main forum. Is Manson dead? It's the time of year Fowler normally dies. It's weird to see Manson go down.
  15. Think of the kids! No one wants that!
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