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  1. NBCSN is the usual carrier for all things NHL at the national level. Unfortunately that means an extra package with your cable provider. It's only the Stanley Cup Finals that actually get shown on basic networks like, NBC. (for several games)
  2. I got a deep rooted dislike for Dallas. Hard to like anything about them. Everything that was and will be, is trash on that team. Sorry... Perry.
  3. Whoa! Rodney Dangerfield over here folks.
  4. Awwwww hell nawwww. I totally spaced on the date. And at the same time tonight I learned via NBCSN they had a women's All-Star game. I would have tuned in for that! Two birds, one bad day for me.
  5. You will never get an argument from me otherwise. I love the game, I want players to be safe and have long careers without getting ding'd in the head. Which is also hard to marry with the acceptance of my love of Manson or Deslauriers smacking people stupid. I'm not trying to do the "whatabboutism" or a "Gotcha ya!" For myself, I feel horrible for the enforcers of old that bad/end of life moments. But it's also a "fun" to watch hockey experience. Hockey is full of contradictions. I'm not going to pretend otherwise. And the DPS backsme up. =P
  6. Brown, Wilson, Ratatouille, Cooke are a few off the top of my head who have Cups. Particularly glad the Ducks haven't employed their services. Then there is this. Pronger was firmly in the "homeboy is dirty" department. And I was glad he was on the '07 team. Contradictions are fun!
  7. It looks like the Kings version of Kent French is trying to be Don Cherry Southwest Edition. I mean, not that ^^ Don Cherry, that looks like he's wrapped up in a 90's blacklight poster from Spencer's Gifts.
  8. When I first heard about the canning, all of five minutes ago. I immediately texted my friend (Kings fan), "I call dibs on Gallant!"
  9. American/Evertonian* goalkeeping icon, Tim Howard is now a Sporting Director for some butthole city (ryhmes with Trashville) in a 2nd tier league. I applaud his effort in promoting the game. But... There? *I guess my Merseyside ribbing goes on deaf ears without my Liverpool friend.
  10. Oh boy... Jurassic Park 18: The Cheliosaur Strikes Back. Coming to an Arena near you. Jurassic Park 2001: The Cheliosaur Makes First Contact. I had a few more but Beetlejuice rules applies, can't say Cheliosaur three times. Uh oh...
  11. poum

    Josh Manson

    No, it actually wasn't. The BS claim that Manson is the worst defenseman the Ducks have iced is baseless. The Lindholm-Manson pairing was the best last year. If you want, I could list the boat anchors parading around as defensemen the Ducks iced for the last ten years. Spoilers: It's not a fun list.
  12. That's truely pants on head crazy. How is that even possible?!
  13. It's not like the Ducks have two Norris winning defensemen and are sitting dead last with no first round pick. LOL Sharks! [edit] Ok, dead last was a bit faceticious and referring specifically to the Pacific. But holy fuuu...dge, Detroit only has 23 points!
  14. Kovy signs with the Canadians. His agent is dumb. Signs him up for just shy of League minimum for a non-playoff team. I've waited till the trade deadline, some GM for a playoff team would be antsy enough to make a signing for Kovy, especially for peanuts on the dollar. As I type this, I'm second guessing my initial statement. Perhaps this is a savy move by Bergevin. Pick up a dirt cheap washed uped name. Keep him in hockey shape till the deadline, than trade his ass off to a desperate GM at the deadline for picks. But that's assuming Bergevin would have GM acumen. That's a huge assumption.
  15. poum


    Good for Silfverberg! Nice to see him get an All-Star nod. The dude can play both sides off the game with such high quality.
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