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  1. This thread has done this to me twice now...
  2. From an OCR interview: Good news! He already knows this team will be actively fighting against him and seeing a high shots against total. He'll fit right in.
  3. That was actually an impressive rebound. Tim Peel has gonads of steel to have a shot bank off his junk from the corner and into the goal.
  4. C'mon. It's in the thread title. AHL trade. The Gulls matter too.
  5. Is it club policy for the Kings to have the most boring masks possible? I love how the Ducks goalies have a trend to always have a new mask to mark special occasions. Thanks Hiller! (minus the Movember mask, I hope that thing was burned in a trash can behind the Ponda)
  6. I think you pulled a Z. May even have one up'd him by posting in a dead thread!
  7. That made me happy. Last thing we need is the teams best goal scoring option to pull a Perry and come back early and play two years broken till something really breaks and he's out for most of the season.
  8. Hazy needs Roy to be relevant as a goalie. Who is not well liked around these parts. Unpopular opinion; Roy is still one of my favorite goalies for those Colorado-Detroit games. He also shutdown the '93 Kings, he's still cool in my book, even if he's currently a butthead. My inner fan boy would go stark raving mad if they signed Jiggy to one of those one day emergency contracts. Just to see that big goofy French Canadian smile on his face as he gets to sit on the bench one more time. [edit] As much as I love mic'd up goalies. I'd want to jam a pencil into my ears after every TV time out when Hazy skates back to the bench to review his own saves on an ipad and then proceed to talk about how great he is.
  9. Ruh-roh! Back to back next week. I'm guessing he plays against the more offensively challenged Rags.
  10. His specialty is BS and he excells at it. And with their season, he needs to be giving his A-game.
  11. Except they have to win the lottery. So many crappy teams out West now. It's like the West Conference decided to take an entire dump for one season and called it a wash. He could easily be a Hawk (ewwwww) or a Blue.
  12. Essentially what you are saying is we can not expect the "Come Back Kids" to strike every game?
  13. That does look the same to me. Though I'm not a fancy city lawyer. (Said in my KFC white suite with a Southern accent).
  14. Can you elaborate on that? Why the 40 game is more important than the 10. I'm actually really curious.
  15. Edmonton's version of a Cogliano scored. I think he has his highest point total per season with them. There's also that one season with Anaheim when he decided to be a 20+ goal scorer. Can't remember when that was, if it was with Koivu and Winnik or Kesler and Swedenberg.