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  1. And that aggressive style of play completely burned Boyle on that second goal Boston scored.
  2. It's not always that simple. When GMBM was targeting Kelser at the trade deadline a number of years ago, that deal was all but done between the two GM's. Then steps in Vancouvers owner and shuts that down. That could have been a HUGE game changer at the time.
  3. Crazy thought. But I feel like this board has lacked a certain something for awhile. If the Ducks draft Kakko does that mean we get a NeimiWillRise back?
  4. I liked Boyle. Super aggressive. I wanna say half his saves came from him skating out of his crease and daring the attacker to shoot. The kids cocky. Love it.
  5. Haha, I've been waiting for this thread. I knew it was coming. I'm just surprised it took Ducks123 two days to write it.
  6. The Ducks are currently a cap heavy team. I wanna say the Samueli's opened up the wallet when we got a Kesler. Since then they've been riding high on the cap ceiling. Capfriendly suggests the Ducks have $80.7M tied up in cap space. Leaving some $55K available in cap.
  7. I've definitely seen the raccoon and Browns ugly mug posted on LA billboards. But that was around 2012, I think. When the Kings were the coolest thing in town at the moment. And now that hockey sucks in SoCal (except San Diego), there's 800 other sports teams some one can bandwagon on. What I'm saying is, the general area is a very fair weather fan base. Look at the last game the Ducks played at home. After a major shakup (firing RC) the attendance was still poor. And LA and the OC are very small market teams. Look at a team like Toronto, that team can bury a contract so far underground. They got money.
  8. So what your saying is, if the team sucks enough and the lottery is in our favour, Kakko is the guy. As he already plays in the big boy League in Finland. Basically someone who can impact the Ducks next season. I didn't know about Hughes and college till your post. I want nothing to do with that situation again till the NHL closes that stupid loophole.
  9. Hahahaha, in now way does "college" cause a panic attack. Obligatory F-U Jultz.
  10. I know everyone is on the Lose4Hughes/Crappo4Kappo thing. But I'm just going to throw out sometimes drafting at the sixth pick is not the worst thing in the world. 2012 NHL Entry Draft: 1) Nail Yakupov (f' the Oilers) 2) Ryan Murray 3) Alex Galchenyuk 4) Griffin Reihart 5) Morgan Reilly 6) Hampus Lindholm Kinda want to say the Ducks stole that drat and ran away laughing. I also have no idea what this draft looks like though. I've heard "OMGDEEPDRAFT" to everything sucks excpet the top 3.
  11. Not an easy question to answer. There's a lot of mitigating factors involved. First and namely it's the money factor. California is tax heavy. But I've heard that's a non-thing, as players are taxed accordingly to whatever state they are playing in. Those rules are bonkers sometimes, at one point if you were a fourth line player, you had to PAY to play in Nashville. Some players like anonymity that Anaheim brings. Some don't. Top notch players leave a lot of money on the floor in advertising and endorsements if they come to a small market like Anaheim. Something like that I'm sure player's agents remind them of all the time. Agents want money. The big bucks aren't coming from this team. And speaking of agents, I wouldn't be surprised if they waited to see who Anaheim names as the next head coach. If the team goes Quenneville, it shows this team is going all in for winning. If Dallas Eakins is picked, not so much.
  12. Several thoughts... 1) My grocery market had Sour Orange Goose! I love that thing. It's disgusting how much I like that thing. 2) see (1) 3) I get to wear my #27 shirt out in public with pride!
  13. Modus operandi. McJesus. The more recent Kovalchuk. It's the new cool thing to do. I believe there is an element of cap circumvention involved but I can't recall why that is at the moment. There is a reason why signing bonuses are so high while base salary is stupid low. [edit] Thinking it through, if the player gets traded before a certain date (free agency?), the team who acquires the player is on the hook for the full signing bonus. I think. Also the signing bonuses are an insurance package for players for the upcoming NHL/NHLPA contracts. Everyone with signing bonuses are guaranteed that pay during a lockout. If a lockout happens Matthews gets millions from bonuses while missing out some $750K base salary. The horror!
  14. Carlyle has far more history in Winnipeg. Some nine or so seasons as a player. His first coaching stint with the same team.
  15. I'm with you. He's only 28 and for whatever reason he manages roughly 20 goals a year (give or take) while being defensively responsible. If the new contract he wants is an 8-year NMC, then yeah, screw that. On the other hand if it's something close to his last contract, four years around $4M. Fantastic.