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  1. Has Bells been injured? He only has 13 games. His point production sits at zero this season, I have to assume he's being scratched again. I honestly had no idea he was playing in the Ducks-Bruins game. He was a -2. Unfortunate. I really liked the guy and wished him the best. Hate to see him struggle so. The Boston Zthers' broke our Matty B. He was always so fun to watch in Anaheim, like Wagner with hands. Or a Maroon with drive. An absolute wrecking ball.
  2. You could also add an absurd amount to that list. Some family friendly, some not. Medieval Times. All the music festivals like FYF and Coachella. The absurd amount of beer and food festivals year round. Vegas being a hop, skip and a jump away. Comi-con, which I know plenty of people who stop going to games to save up for that. There's also romantic weekends in Wine Country. California is spoiled. It's fantastic.
  3. I did a personal no-no and looked at the standings in mid November. Calgary is 3rd in the Pacific, 22 points. Anaheim, Colorado, Dallas, and Vancouver have 21 points. Colorado (What the heck!?) holds the tie breaker for the 2nd WC spot. Minnesota and SJ one point behind. Edmonton with 16. Only Arizona is worse. Brings a tear of joy to the eye. I've seen some doubts about the Ducks but if they can keep it around .500 with Grant as the #1C, a full healthy compliment should help boost the Ducks in the standings with so many other teams currently hovering around the spot as the Ducks.
  4. New? I could have sworn Johnny and Hazy have used that few years. To the point I've called him "Gumbercules" before.
  5. Hahahahahahahaahhaha! I didn't know this, Tkachuk worms his way into the back as everything escalates, then goes after the goalie while Giordano has Howard in a headlock. What an ass.
  6. Oh good grief. What happened? I know RC ran 7 defensemen against Boston but what kept Lindholm out?
  7. So that Calgary-Detroit kerfuffle. That was something. I can't remember the Detroit players name, it ryhmes with Douch-eiski. Tried to fight a player on the ice though he went down. Tried to fight someone else after. Tried to fight everything. Granted Tkachuk being the upstanding player that he is, gave the exiting Red Wing to the locker room a little love tap with his stick. And all hell broke out. I only saw this on Sports Center, so it was condensed into a small package. But it looked like each team decided to take the other stupid and step it up by one. Each trying to out stupid the other. It was hilarious.
  8. So you guys and gals know how Edmonton was supposed to win the Cup this year. The Oilers are currently cellar dwellers. Which is fun in it's own right. They also are at the very bottom of the table with Goals For, sitting at 31st with all of 38 goals. Edmonton falling back into old habits. Those #1 OA draft picks. Gotta catch 'em all.
  9. I can't get into milk stouts. They're not terrible, I'd just rather drink a 40oz. of Olde English. And the day I ever drink an OE again...
  10. I actually just checked the standings. I'm horribly surprised. LOL Kings leading the Pacific. Vegas and Vancouver above the Ducks!? Vancouver!? How the eff...
  11. Goodness gracious, I'd would have payed PPV money to see Big Bird Kesler deck his buddy Fernando.
  12. The expletives.
  13. Gotta be something behind the scenes. He got 4th line minutes over three games. It's not like the guy is a schmuck on the ice, he's dominated International play before. That or GMGM is an incompetent boob.
  14. That was fast. I'm surprised someone didn't make a play for him. Such as the Kings while their center depth is in the toilet. I think they got the cap space. And I wanna say their Russian exile returns next season. Could be wrong on that point though. And LA isn't far from Vegas if there is family involved.