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  1. Bernier and Stoner for Miller and Bieksa's game back.
  2. Yup. Caryle gave use two straight Conference Finals and one SCF win. After that, nothing past the second round and one very sad win to Dallas in the first. The win against the Sharks was hilarious though. That was fun. Overall BBs record in the post season has been better in the past four years. But different teams. Different players. And so forth. I'm not optimistic about this decade old track record of RCs at the moment. If he proves me wrong and I'll eat crow, my hat, a shoe.
  3. Really can't answer any of your questions without opening up another can of beans (if that idiom has made its way outside of the US). Seemingly simple social issues are a huge point of contention here. I could go on as to why but as you stated in your last sentence, this thread was doomed from the get go. And the irony of complaining about politics (when it's really just equality) on a board that is not for politics but strictly hockey.
  4. I suppose we should stop honoring Willie O'Ree. And the veterans. All those are "politically" charged as well. All those could upset one person or another.
  5. I just saw that the Jultz is 2nd in plus-minus with a +31. Suter and Orpik are tied with 32. I know, largely stupid stat. But what the heck...
  6. As was said above me, fricking Kings system. No Quick is the least of their problems. Though that contract of his is hilariously bad. Budaj, the guy who spent the majority of the past two seasons in the AHL is now leading the League in shutouts and 3rd in GAA.
  7. What's the scuttlebutt about Tropp. Ducks lose a center and bring up a RW. I'm assuming Rakell is back down the middle. Kesler and Getzlaf take more draws. Can Tropp play LW?
  8. So long as Bob and Randy are here anyway.
  9. Beat the Wild twice tonight! Wooo!
  10. I feel like they've been waiting for the right guy... That speaks French.
  11. Ahlers can be tiresome with his Pollack and buttered toast reused references. Overall, I don't mind the two as a pair. Hazy used to be god awful and hated around the League for good reason. He's calmed it down significantly. The only people who dislike him as the the worst are the people who view Jim Fox as a hockey saint.
  12. Gulls! So great to see the Ducks AHL team have success even though the parent team bleeds them dry. Let's face it, Ducks have a long history of that.
  13. Sam Steel is an inch taller than Matthew Perrault! That's something. A fair chunk of us here upset about not throwing a qualifying offer to the undersized point producer.
  14. Lady Byng Datsyuk has two career fights courtesy of of Mr. S Niedermayer and Mr. Perry. Our team made their sweetheart into a monster!
  15. I don't recall Theodore impressing last playoff run. Who also had a decent regular season start. Montour is making the same case as last years Theo with slighty more physical and defensive acumen. What I'm thinking, is Montour is an unknown while Vats has the experience. Dropping that for a playoff run is hard. While I'm with Gorbs, trading both Theo and Monty is an insane thing. Glad I'm just an idiot with an anonymous like system for my armchair GM career.