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  1. He has had plenty? The Super Niedermayer Bro's. The two Finnish guys. Pronger (I'm playing loose goosey on that one). And the endless supporting cast of leaders without having a letter like Marchant. [Edit] I think it was Koivu who came up juuuust behind Getzloaf in voting. He would have been a solid choice too. Anyway, Getzloaf has always been around quality leaders and to think it didn't reflect on him would be silly.
  2. My memory has it as a vote, Getzlaf won by a small margin. I could be wrong but I'm fairly certain that was a thing.
  3. The press conference on Ducks Live (on Prime Ticket) had GMBM saying he didn't want to poach Eakins from the Gulls till their season ended. Albeit it may have been a done deal for Eakins, at least GMBM had the class not to announce a new head coach during the Stanley Cup finals. (see: Edmonton)
  4. I was reading your post and was thinking "Fowler is gonna get an earful". Then I got to the second paragraph. 😂
  5. Why do I wanna say that's a still for a Quentin Tarantino movie?
  6. I'm as big as a Fowler fan boy as you can get, but giving him the "C" over Getzlaf? You're drunk on the Kool-Aid, son.
  7. poum

    Kings Catch All - 8

    With a cursorary glance at UFA defensemen. Edler, Kronwall, Sbisa. I'm genuinely scared. And that's before you add in Methot, Engelland, and Orpik.
  8. poum

    Kings Catch All - 8

    Ruh-roh. This is right up GMBMHC's dumpster diving alley.
  9. poum

    playoff game...

    You're correct. But does a shooter tutor qualify?
  10. poum

    playoff game...

    Perron GWG!
  11. poum

    playoff game...

    Anyone else notice the Oilers announced a new head coach; Tippet, after the first SCF game. An organization desperately crying "LOOK AT ME!" I like McJ and Drai, but their brass desperately wants me to want to hate them.
  12. poum

    playoff game...

    I didn't see the game but I caught the replay tonight at the bar. The interview with Patty with clips from his son in the crowd.Yah... All the heartstrings. That got me good. Sorry Zther, Bruins are bunk! Go team Patty! (and Perron)
  13. poum

    playoff game...

    But NiemiWillRise was always fun!
  14. While the Ducks need scoring. I'm still going with a toss up of S. Niedermayer or Pahlsson. Those two... So fun. So much fun.
  15. poum

    playoff game...

    I second this man's grumpy.
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