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  1. The other D in my life is killing me. Mother loving Dodgers blow without Kershaw.
  2. I actually love that the zebras swallow their whistles come the post season. It really ramps up the intensity. Though the consistency human factor really becomes a buzzkill when a game has been a rough and tumble war of attrtition only to hand out a ticky tacky penalty within the last several minutes of a tie game. You call it all game or you don't. For instance. The city of Pittsburgh doesn't acknowledge hooking calls.
  3. Folwer has been fantastic. You could point out that the team has been hot garbage but he has had a strong individual performance. Sure he's had mistakes. Getzlaf who as also had a strong showing has had mistakes too. Everyone does. Any other team would love a 24 year old six year veteran at a beauty of a contract as a solid #2 top pairing defenseman. Unless you're a Ducks fan. But that's Fowlers fault. He's also making contact this season! He's going for the hit and kinda gets bumped off at times. Nothing that a one day Ritchie diet couldn't fix to bump up his BMI.
  4. That meltdown in the box was priceless. Almost as good as a Butts GWG. Was he at least ejected after that? <-- Referring to Roussel, though I'm sure Peel tried to make a case for Butts too.
  5. ^^ Anonymously TP'd Murrays house because of that post.
  6. Crap, at this point if he can do the work on the boards, help cycle and get the puck to Canadian Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb then why not. And if Getzlaf accidentally scores 10 off Garbutts stick, then I'm all for it. Save us Ricky Raks, you're our only hope!
  7. Team Identity: see whoever the Ducks lost to in the playoffs. Considering who that was, I'm off to have a good cry in the shower.
  8. It would be nice if he had a left wing who could do some board work. Or not buried with the bottom six. But overall, I'd agree. Perry is a boob.
  9. Liked for hilarity. Strength down the middle winning games.
  10. Unfortunately, Marx and Engels didn't write in a subsection for hockey players in Das Kapital.
  11. Pretty sure AC beat you to the punch. Taking Lindholm at #6 was unthinkable and a petition to get BM fired was circulated within minutes. You poser.
  12. As far as I've noticed, I'm the only one who thinks Berniers stupid lion on his face mask is a stink of the LA Kings. I do not like it. I don't like it one bit.
  13. Ducks may be bad but not 6-1 LOL Angeles bad.
  14. So... I looked at the standings. Don't misjudge, I had no intention to. Three games out of 82 is a pin drop. Yet the urinal I was using had the sports page just above it. Figured why not pass the time. Edmonton has a GF around 14. Which is depressing thinking that the Ducks haven't broke half that. I don't know who they have played but... It made me sad. Their differential isn't great, only +1 though that still beats the Ducks -4. Still saddening.
  15. Anonymous dislike.