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  1. Didn't want to start a new thread for this random third hand story, so I'm leaving it here. A friend of mine works as a sound engineer, anything from from world tours with notable names to local punk rock bands. The local punk rock band is why I'm posting. A bass player (Ducks fan) from a local So Cal band was a driver for clients. One night he ended up having a few drinks with the Dallas Stars after taking them to their hotel and called out Steve Ott for a fight with the Ducks, what I'm assuming was the Ott-Moen debacle. Long story short, the Stars players didn't defend Ott and tipped their driver in excess.
  2. No. Nooooo... The word horrified comes to mind but doesn't accurately reflect the true extent of the horror.
  3. Whoa! I don't know if I actually looked at that contract before. That is a true nightmare. The last two years of the contract when it hits NTC status, salary base is still roughly $6M at the age of 36. On the other hand, at least cap circumventing isn't a thing. That's nice to see.
  4. Anyone else getting more and more worried as every calendar day passes without Phaneuf signing elsewhere. The Ducks only have 6 defensemen (per the Ducks official site) and no 7th. Certainly a kid could swoop in during Camp. Larsson may have a case for a full time spot while Guhl/Holzer slides to 7th. It's GMformelyHCBM that we're talking about. One half of the defense could well be Holzer, MDZ, and Phanuef.
  5. It helps that Lindholm and Rakell were essentially signed for the same price as a donkey ride down the Grand Canyon.
  6. What the hell was that thing?! It makes no sense. Have we not learned to not sign goalies for life? It sucks for them, it's a fickle position. But 8 years at at $9.5M is crazy talk.
  7. No one is going to mention Silfverberg and Henrique have been playing long before the "veterans" Kase and Rakell?
  8. Chiarelli was hilarious, I'm gonna miss the guy. He did wonders for the Edmonton Oilers in the worse kinda way. Unfortunately, I do agree with you. The change of scenery will work out in the Oilers favor. For whatever reason Neal was ass in Calgary. Being paired with McJ or Draistal will probably up his game back to a 30g scorer. Calgary gets screwed. No idea why they did this. To protect Johnny ShortSh*t? Good luck with that.
  9. I was trying to think of a stupid roundabout way to describe this whole situation and you summed it up perfectly. First interesting hockey news we had in awhile and it's... This. lol@edomton for retaining. Only $750K. But they really do need all the money they can't get.
  10. Oh goodness gracious. I initially read that as Dennis Wideman and flipped out. By the time I calmed down and went to Capfriendly I figured out it was a different person. That was a pleasant panic attack.
  11. Oh c'mon! Another rehash of a former defender who didn't work and is given a second go-a-around. At least this wasn't a total Wisniewski.
  12. poum


    Probably? Why have Suter and RC when their strategy essentially boils down to "Ride the hot goalie!"
  13. That was a fun line at the Olympics.
  14. The goalie slot may have taken a hit too with the loss of Varlamov. I don't think he was injured for the playoffs, though he was the previous year. If Grubauer (Die Hard?) outplayed him than great for the Avs. Not sure if I'd want to rest all my hopes and dreams on him though; now that the Avs are crawling out of the basement into the light.
  15. poum


    I couldn't find that one! I know I posted it here somewhere before.
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