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  1. I lean towards Gorbs scrooge comment. Yeah, sure the old timers hated it at the time for being cartoony. The times have changed. As millennials are in the 30's now and nostalgia is all the rage. I grew up on the MD movies, so yeah. While I think nostalgia is stupid. The MD logo had character. The webbed D is so bland, nuetral and all around "meh".
  2. I find myself going out of my way to watch Women's international hockey more so than the men's. Every game is played with the intensity dialed to 11. Canada-America games are always so much fun to watch regardless of the outcome. Obviously I'm mildly biased to my USA gals. Thanks Drake for pointing this out! My new job in Venice says "LOL @ going to Ducks games." But a-one-of-a-kind Saturday game is my kinda jam!
  3. Kinda amusing that Capfriendly has Patrick Marleau with three teams this season and zero games played. Yes, yes, I know traded, bought out and just signed. Still amusing. For $700K/1 Year for an old timer who still can put up 16-21-37, good deal for the Sharks. Not to mention all the good will of bringing Captain-Catipillar-Brows back into the fold to retire as a Shark. Maybe Jumbo and Eyebrows can have a good by retirement skate. As fitting as it would be it wouldn't even hold a candle to the tear jerker that was Selanne grabbing the visiting teams goalie for (just typing this mid sentence and my eyes are doing weird things, damn fall pollen 😉) one last lap at the Ponda.
  4. poum


    I hope the unreserved wanton loathing, the absolute belligerence and undisguised contempt I have came through as intended despite the simpelton behind an anonymous user name. 😋😋 Jokes aside. I hope it hits stores soon. Ugh, the Emojis are broken and coming out in weird places. Even the editor is being wonky. Probably my dumb phone, smart phone me arse!
  5. poum


    I hate you. I'm so ready to move on from the Rose Gose.
  6. I'm using Hulu's live tv streaming service,, I'm in market though (Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket.) It's given me all I wanted Food Network and my Ducks. For a third of the price of TimeWarner/Spectrum. Without the mindless headache.* *Full disclosure, opening night I tried watching at work the start of the game and the stupid service was broken. Every other channel worked. Not sure who's fault it was. Went home and saw the last half of the game. So glitches do exist. They're not the norm though. But expect a couple hiccups here and there.
  7. Meh. I just turn on the game and he scores. The first televised game and I'm already over this season. 🙄
  8. I was going to taunt you silly but I forgot they ditched Gardiner and picked up Ceci and Barrie. That defense is a LD/RD wet dream. But yeah... Next season, Ceci, Barrie, Muzzin are UFA's and the only defenseman signed is Orielly. That'll be entertaining. And somehow, they are still paying Nathan Horton, David Clarkson and eating a healthy chunk of Phil Kessels contract. #bigmarketproblems
  9. $100,700 short of the initial $11M. Sounds like the GM caves and gave him nearly the full contract to a small rounding error. 8 years is now the full length one can sign a contract, right? Six years after an ELC gives Mariner quick UFA status and a butt load o' bank.
  10. Great to hear about Sherwood, love the name too!
  11. I can tell you, with good authority, the Anaheim Ducks do not like Winnipeg. Remember that time, the Ducks swept the "Greatest Fans in the World" in the first round. Or the countless the Ducks have made Western Canada look stupid. Honestly, it's my favorite part of being a Ducks fan, making Western Canada look stupid.
  12. Laine can be a beast. I'd love to steal another hot shot young Finnish player from Winnipeg.
  13. I'm late to the party but I support all things MooseDuck. This dude is all pride and passion as a Ducks fan and we could only hope to aspire to his level.
  14. Didn't want to start a new thread for this random third hand story, so I'm leaving it here. A friend of mine works as a sound engineer, anything from from world tours with notable names to local punk rock bands. The local punk rock band is why I'm posting. A bass player (Ducks fan) from a local So Cal band was a driver for clients. One night he ended up having a few drinks with the Dallas Stars after taking them to their hotel and called out Steve Ott for a fight with the Ducks, what I'm assuming was the Ott-Moen debacle. Long story short, the Stars players didn't defend Ott and tipped their driver in excess.
  15. No. Nooooo... The word horrified comes to mind but doesn't accurately reflect the true extent of the horror.
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