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  1. Holy crap! I just realized our beloved team has a well rounded Olympic roster. I mean, I knew we did but when you realize this team has 10 potential candidates that all have a legitimate chance to be invited. Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler, Rakell, Silfverberg, Gibson, Miller, Fowler, Lindholm, Vatanen. Why can't this roster beat Nashville? Donkey Kong and Sculpin sounds fun. Thanks Spence.
  2. The Olympics is gonna be pretty divisive among fans. Myself? The woman's hockey games are far more entertaining. They don't have a Stanley Cup and they play a far more chippy game with passion. The men's games just don't have that same urgency the women's do. Probably because of that injury risk.
  3. Sculpin and Donkey Kong, what could go wrong?
  4. If he comes dirt cheap. I'm thinking $2M at most but even that seems like an overpayment for what would be a 4th liner. He's not gonna jump over Eaves, Silfverberg or Perry on the depth chart. If he's okay with taking a HUGE pay cut and regulated to Randy 4th line minutes, welcome aboard Iggy!
  5. The Toronto media is an entity upon itself. It's as if they think they can sign every UFA every summer. It seems like most Leafs fans wish him the best outside from a few wacko's who bought into the media's nonsense hook line and sinker. The guy could have and probably should have won the Conn Smythe last year.
  6. I was referring (tongue in cheek) for the Canadian Olympic team. As of right now, NHL players are not allowed. But we'll see how that plays out when the calendar gets closer to the Olympics.
  7. I had the Ballast Point "Mango Keel" the other day. I think that's the name, pretty sure I didn't make it up. It was surprisingly delicious. It's not overly fruity, which I appreciate. And being a session ale it had full flavor while still being light and refreshing.
  8. Just tried a Four Peaks "Kilt Lifter". I asked for it because of the name and drought handle. Having Scottish ancestry, it was kinda of need to do thing. Which segways into how much the Titled Kilt next to the Honda Center sucks. That place suuuuucks. I've wanted to go George Parros on some of their staff a few times. And I'm a very kind patient patron.
  9. How does a double post happen on an edit?
  10. Posted 18 days ago, I'm assuming Eakins is still the coach for the Gulls. Don't entirely blame him. I'd say the job in SD is better than being thrown under the bus again.
  11. July is such a dull. Tripple digit heat. No real substance. Just a bunch of Phil Kessel hot dog memes.
  12. Been reading around the internet (HFBoards) that Miller is not the most personable guy! He'll fit right in with Perry and Kesler! Or who knows, maybe his family, SoCal sunshine and vitamin D may do wonders to cheer him up. Coming from BuffaLOL, St. Louis, Vancouver, I'd be a grumpy gus too.
  13. Poppycock!
  14. "... w my dog... but couldn't put my finger on it." Kessel please...
  15. Pahlsson had a good case. A very strong one. He probably should have won it. But giving it to an obscure third line grinder over marketable names like Niedermayer or Prongers wasn't happening. Hell, the team is still called the Mighty Ducks by some jerks. Side note: from what I hear Ray Ferraro is a huge ass hat, as a person. Nice to know he keeps his personal life and commentary consistent.