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  1. I'm with you. Minus Boyle or Hanzal. Eww. But Rakell needs to stay at wing. He excels at the job. Just like beloved Cogaliano. Got sent to the wing and did awesome things.
  2. Calgary wants to bury this. Thoughts from our law dog who reads fine print? http://www.tsn.ca/flames-ask-judge-to-dismiss-nhl-referee-s-lawsuit-1.791749
  3. I'm not. Need one more winger who knows how to score. See David Perron. Or Marleau. Or a pivot. Thornton, Bonino. Perron is the most likely. If this $1M Miller comes through the money will be there for another top 6 forward. We need goals.
  4. Noooooo! Don't let NiemiWillRise brain wash you!
  5. If anything he stays in the same state. That might be a bonus for family reasons, assuming he has one. But yah, if Doan, Marleau and Thornton go to new teams it's gonna be weeeird. I don't know any rumors among the Sharks, I don't know who they keep but I wouldn't be surprised if they lose one. Or if they stick it out with both. My pipe dream is getting Jumbo to center the Ducks third. That would be fun. Not Getzlaf-Jumbo fight fun, but fun non the less.
  6. Rumor has it that the supposed McD contract will open the flood gates for a Draisaitl offer sheet. TSN mentioned that his contract will be 17.5% of the Oilers cap. The same as Crosby after his second season who hit the Pens for 17.5%. Both won the Hart, Ted Lindsey, and Art Ross after their second season. So there is a precedence for this insane contract. Hope Las Vegas offer sheets the hell out of Draisaitl. I'll vicariously get my Penner retribution through that.
  7. Chicago looks screwed because of their top two contracts. Then Edmonton signs the most lucrative contract to date. Love how that makes sense. I hope that screws them for another 10 years.
  8. Ha! I thought Toews and Kopitars was funny. Thanks Edmonton, you never disappoint.
  9. Putting on my tin foil hat, I'd believe that. While Paul wants none of the lime light Teemu is the exact opposite.
  10. proposal

    Back to 1A 1B, but I squeal with Glee if Miller really does sign for dirt cheap. He wants Cup. We want another. It's a fit.
  11. ^^ My take away from that was Fowler on the bench. Obviously can't take away an "A" from Perry or old man Kesler but the youngling has been making his case. That goal though, hahaha. It was special.
  12. I'm with this. It's supposed to be a special achievement for the best of the best. Not a popularity contest. As much as it pains me to say, I don't think JSG should have a number retirement. If he does than Herbert should follow. And that falls into diluting the honor of it. We are fans of a young franchise. Having #8, 9, 27, 35 seems more like we are trying to manufacture history more than honor it. Though a case can be made for #9. Also, I think the NHL waited for the Selanne-Kayria duo. It's set up too perfect. The LA Daily News sports section had a huge front page picture of the two.
  13. proposal

    ^^ That is certainly interesting. I'd take Miller for $1M in a heartbeat. The bonuses is what bothers me, don't they affect the cap the following season? Added plus is the free bonus (my phone tried to autocorrect "bonus" to "Bonino", an omen!) of screwing Vancouver!
  14. You know what's embarrassing. Minnesota, St. Louis, Dallas and Winnipeg all have the same design. Four division rivals with the same jersey. Just different logos and color schemes on the arm bands. Edit: I missed Chicago having the same arm bands too.
  15. Uhh... Damn. I was gonna toilet all over your bear curse. But if I think about it, the Ducks finally beat their Game 7 curse while Stoner was sidelined for the better part of a season. Stanley Cup 2018 here we come!