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  1. Looks like Megna gets the goal.
  2. 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
  3. I'm blaming that goal on you.
  4. Yah, disappointed in the no Jones and Steel. Hopefully Sunday.
  5. If he was genuinely serious he would be filing a grievance and not posting on IG after a few to many Sculpins.
  6. Mikko Koivu signed a two year extension to 2019-2020. A $5.5M deal per two years.
  7. Ducks lost their first pre season game against the Sharks. By a good 5-0 butt whooping. I think the Ducks had three regular roster players along with the Sharks. Two of those six players were Boll and Bollig... So yah... Sharks won the shot and faceoff differential. Ducks significantly out hit the Sharks as well with blocked shots in Anaheims favor. The blocked shots doesn't bode well when the Sharks were already out shooting them. Seems like the Sharks carried the play more than not. Pre-season, onto the next game! [edit] I didn't watch the game, I'm inferring from the boxscore. Which is generally a fools errand. But that's my take from something I couldn't watch and heard nothing about.
  8. Not sure where Carlsbad falls into the network territory. In the LA and OC market, Fox Sports One and Fox Prime Ticket carry most of the regular season games. For the playoffs, you're gonna want a package that carries NBCSN, it's NBC's sports network. The Fox channels will carry the first round of the playoffs. The semi-finals and Conference Finals are aired on NBCSN. And when the Ducks get to the Cup Finals, it'll be on NBC.
  9. Best part of that scenario, Doughty already stated he's going to sign with a contender, be that with the Kings or not.
  10. Thanks! Wouldn't be a Ducks mask without a palm tree.
  11. Bought a Blood Orange Wit the other night. Local So Cal brew if I do believe. It was "meh". A Belgian wheat ale. Not a big fan of those. Didn't realize it at the time of purchase. Can looked cool though! Tricked me into a buy.
  12. Where did you see it? A quick Google has nothing.
  13. Wow! Didn't see that coming. Bettman an Co. are really strong arming the no Olympic thing.
  14. Thanks Moose, but that's not a comforting thought to replace the nuisance that is Kesler. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rakell centering a line again. Huh... Just thought of a Cogliano - Rakell - Silfverberg line. I don't hate it. I'd like to see what that can do.