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  1. Will the 5 minutes left ejection still apply for Maroon?
  2. Senor Hayward made a crack about psychological trauma after the Getzlaf goal. I'm ok with the words "Calgary" and "losing" in the same sentence.
  3. Interesting. The jerseys I generally don't like look better as NFL costumes. I think there is a correlation there. Except Minnesota. They still look like trash. And mustard. But that's a given I don't think needs any 'splaining.
  4. My local markets suddenly started carrying Scrimshaw. Soooo, that's been my go to. And with summer coming up, I don't see that changing. Nothing like a clean crisp pilsner on a scorching 100 degree day while standing next to a BBQ. Because 100° requires fire for some reason. We're not a smart species.
  5. I refuse to use the NHL website. A simple Google of "NHL scores" or "NHL standings" does the trick. Unless you want a random stat like PK TOI. Then I'll go to that junk site.
  6. Cheeky. I like it.
  7. If they make it to the SCF that pick is #29 or 30. If memory serves this is a weak draft. An unfortunate loss but not something I'd knock BM for.
  8. What he did was stupid but I get the frustration. One game is fine but that extra, the extra being a playoff game when suspensions get hilariously shortened is absurd. And a first time offender. This Calgary series is probably gonna get insane. Both teams are probably gonna come at each other right out the gate. Johnny H may only see ice time on the PP.
  9. Aside from the heavy handed patting yourself on the back in multiple threads, the team didn't win the division till the last game of the season. In no small part thanks to San Jose playing their way into a dumpster fire. I'm definitely in the camp of the team won despite the coach. His coaching is very questionable at times aside from the obvious fans always know better blah blah. He genuinely has "I can't even..." moments that make noooo sense. But he was brought in as the playoff coach. But if you come back sixteen wins later, I'll gladly shut my up about RC and tip the hat.
  10. Wasn't Rob Blake recently the head of it, I wanna say after the Shannaban. I think Quintal is the head of right now who seems to continue the tradition of the dart board when it comes to who has a hearing and the severity of the infraction. Someone else brought up wether players should sit in the DoPS. There's pros and cons to that. I'm mostly neutral on it. Though I do find it hilarious that the brain trust behind player safety (Quintal, Parros, Pronger) has a combined 4K in PIM, triple digits in fighting majors and multiple suspensions (excluding Parros, I think). Oddly enough, I think Parros may have had a heavy hand in the Ritchie ruling. He was that classy enforcer who played by the code. A sucker punch probably wouldn't sit well with him. While on the other hand I see Pronger laughing heartily.
  11. Taking one to the back of the neck is worrisome. Perhaps that's why he didn't return where as Kesler did. Precautions and safety. I'm glad that he's fine from the sound of things. Just wouldn't be a post season without a shiny new toy getting broken.
  12. Shhhh, it's for the best.
  13. And Bob Miller signs off for the last time. Enjoy retirement, old timer. I'm glad the Kings were able to give you an early retirement too!
  14. Glad GMBM said something. Surprised he didn't get publicly slapped for it with a fine. It's outlandish to see a clear knee on knee (intentional or not) get overlooked when the game after a sucker punch was thrown by a relatively new kid with no record get slapped with two games, one being a playoff game. One game fine. Two. Meh. One of two including a playoff game when for what ever reason suspensions get shortened during the playoffs... Pfffffff.
  15. Beauch played with a torn ACL in the playoffs. He was a shadow of himself. Fowler is still young and the body heals much faster, we can only hope he can "play through the pain". Granted his game and Beauch are very different, but losing that spring in his step in the knee could hamper him. God speed Fowler!