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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, Serious debate here and I hope to keep it civilized. Is there anything than can be done to save the game from being a lottery based on zebras ? I am not paranoid but how far are we to discover a corruption ring in NHL (just kidding.) When you see how many points/goals are given based on terrible officiating mistakes throughout the season, it's alarming. I mean look tonight 2/1, Boston scores on that : Vegas scores on that (so far the gwg) : https://www.nhl.com/video/haula-nets-sly-ppg/t-293640326/c-57257103 Neal literally slashes and breaks his stick on Hellebuyck's mask. And the Ducks got properly jobbed on Wagner's call, triggering an unfortunate series of events leading to 1-0 Sens. The 3/4 calls forgotten end of regulation for the Ducks (Interference on Manson, Slash high/stick on Kase, Tripping on Lindholm) not given lead to another PPG in OT, costing us a point. This is only a small sample on 3 games tonight. It is exhausting to see a game I love since I'm able to love anything being manipulated by the zebras. I see people already raising pitchforks and writing "but all teams have bad calls against them", fine, some more than others I'd say, but in what world does that justify piddle poor officiating ? I for one understand it's not an easy job, but with all the videos accessible and Toronto on call, why don't we have more quick reviews on actions that directly impact the score sheet ? What is wrong with all the inconsistencies in this game ? I mean I'm not even sure what is goalie interference anymore. Is Harvey Dent throwing his coin in backstage to decide overturn or not ? Another thing that drives me mad, what is this omerta about all these litigious plays never shown on "on the fly" and on videos or never discussed anywhere more than "yeah well tough" in post game interview. Politically correct in hockey has a too big place nowadays, can't say a word or you get fined. Can't contest anything. I seriously hate that. Officiating has way too much power, and coming back to corruption, it's pretty easy to think people would use anything to make money these days. I mean overall humans are trash *tinfoil hat off*
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