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54 Game Season Possible, Good Progress Made.. Per Twitter. Nothing Official

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Fred Poulin@FredPoulin98

Looks like Steve Burton might be right after all!

PER Eric Stepens:

#NHL #NHLPA #CIdle thought: A 54-game NHL season could be made up of teams playing six times between divisional mates and thrice among rest of conference.


Elliotte Friedman@FriedgeHNIC

Short and sweet. Expectation is players will deliver a proposal to league this afternoon

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Bettman: pleased with process that is ongoing, out of respect for that, will not take questions

Proceed with caution fans: nothing official

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I'm all in favor of hockey, but I figured this would be the result.

Get ready for lots of games against Phoenix, Dallas, San Jose, Kings.

You mean you paid for tickets so you could see some of the players on the East teams? You're a native New Yorker, who was looking forward to perhaps a Rangers game. Too bad.

On a side note, given the way the Ducks performed against teams in their division last season, the Sharks excepted, I'd say the chances of making the playoffs are pretty dismal. One thing is certain, if the Ducks have a start like last season, you can forget about any type of miraculous comeback. They need to stay in the top 8 from the beginning, and minimize the regulation losses.

But at least we get to see Selanne play, and maybe he'll want to return for a full season, instead of in a season which should have a great big ASTERISK next to it.

I'm sorry, but whatever they come up with, is illegitimate. The best thing about hockey, is that teams battle it out over an 82 game schedule, where they play every team in the league at least once, before having to endure a minimum 16 game playoff run.

Wattered down, pure and simple. Because these jerks could not figure this out a month ago. No Winter Classic, No All Star Game, 2/3rds A Schedule.

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Gary Bettman all but set a drop dead date for the season during his latest comments.

While he didn't state it specifically, he did say that the minimum # of games which would make for a "legitimate" season, was 48.

Doing some rough calculations, and assuming they allowed the season to extend into late April perhaps, a deal would pretty much need to be done by mid-January. I'd say about 44 days, or 6-7 weeks from now, if a deal is not in place, the season will be cancelled....AGAIN. The honor of being the only professional sport to cancel an entire season is not secure enough, so the NHL is prepared to solidify their place in history by doing so a 2nd time.

Still a chance to get something done, and I still think they will. After waiting until the last possible moment.

At this stage, with the holidays coming up, when the NHL usually takes 2-3 days off around Christmas, the soonest we're going to see hockey will be in January. If they get a deal in the next 2 weeks, open camp after Christmas, games could start perhaps January 4.

One way or another, this is all going to be over in the next 6 weeks.

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