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Ducks And Hospital Kids...

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Before people think I'm being insensitive, please know that I mean this in all sincerity. All of the time, we hear about a kid who is really sick making a wish, and who has people around them trying to help their wish come true. I wonder what would happen if a sick kid said that their wish is to see a live NHL hockey game no later than two weeks, and this wish was broadcast all over major sports networks. I'm surprised this has not already happened. Do people think both the NHL and NHLPA are so greedy that they would not try and help make a sick kid's dream come true?

The Ducks often visit a local hospital, with kids who are really sick and who look to hockey, in times of sickness, for inspiration. I feel sick and really bad for those kids who miss out on hockey because of the greed of others. That just shouldn't be.

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