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Latest Interview With Teemu For Finnish Tv Channel Mtv3

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Published on 01/03/2013 7:51 on MTV3 homepage:

Negotiations with the ice hockey NHL season to save the turn of the year have gone around fierce. New collective agreement proposals have been thrown back and forth and the hope of salvation of the season is higher than the entire fall. So also Teemu Selanne.

42-year-old Selanne has trained rigorously in California. Between an experienced attacker's faith has been put to the test when the NHL and the owners have been stubborn in the negotiations, and contract offers have been "take it or leave it" type. Now the expectations are on the pin.

- Yes, I am optimistic at the moment. Yes I'm going on that the season starts. We wondered if the players we have, that this has taken so long. NHL has been so tight in this business, and we are wondering why they are having such a line, Selanne said MTV3.fille.

- It now appears light in the tunnel, the first time it is the case that the NHL with the owners and there is pressure involved, now is really the entire season in jeopardy. So far, they have been able to play their own game, but now it is clearly not quite panics, but clearly there are concerns there too.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, has said that the period shall be 48 rounds long, so it makes sense to play. That goal can only be achieved if a compromise can be found as soon as the ice and the puck is dropped by 19 january.

- The guys we've talked to, that the NHL has had this date for a long time, and they have tried that in the past we murtuisimme. But the player the organization has been very tight, Selanne said.

Selanne is of the opinion that the cancellation of the season as a whole is not an option. He has his own betting with how the case proceeds.

- I'm guessing that the lockout ends next Monday, the seventh day. Training camp begins the tenth day, and the first game is 18 or 19 day, Selanne flashes hopeful twinkle in his eye.

- I think that both sides get together yet for the weekend to the last reports, and that's how it goes then.

Selanne did last summer, one season-long contract extension with the Anaheim Ducks.

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