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Sedin twins retiring

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1 hour ago, Fowl said:

Announcement just made via Canucks website.  


They were definitely a special tandem.  Hopefully they can stay engaged with the team in some type of role.


Aww man. It would have been nice for them to win a cup...2011 would have been a good year for that...or 2012 ;) ...they truly were a special tandem.

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Agreed.  They were special, and it would have been nice for them to be more successful in the NHL, though they can't all be cup winners.

At least they both have gold medals with Sweden.  

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It's funny looking back and thinking about how much I used to dislike them in their heyday. The criticisms against them were always "soft" or "divers" but really, they put up with so much garbage over the years and they weren't even close to being as bad at those two things as this current generation is. They were fantastic hockey players. I think most of my dislike stemmed from the coverage they received. The way Canadian teams/media/fans can build up their stars to god like status and tear them down almost as fast as they tear down their cities is incredible. I have a feeling I'll be saying the same sort of thing about McDavid ~15 years from now. The game will be worse off without them.

That said,


Nice try Daniel!

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Based on their age, and the interviews they gave before the season started you kinda knew this was coming.

I was never a big fan of these two, mainly because the hockey media fawned so hard on them. They have definite hockey chemistry unlike any other pairing. But time waits for no man, ginger twins not withstanding, and it was clear the last few seasons that they had lost a step or two.  It didn't help that they play for a crappy organization who have no idea how to create and maintain a competing team.

Best of luck Sedin twins.  I'm happy the Ducks no longer have to contend with you on the ice.


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