Cogs traded for Shore. Goodbye :(

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1+1=2 in 6 games played so far, he beat up Bruce's silly Mini-ssota (Feb 1st)

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On 1/14/2019 at 9:41 AM, JiggyToTheCup said:

I understand all of this for sure.   Don't really agree with "creating opportunities for others" though.  He has been snake bit for 2-3 years now.

Can't let the inmates run the asylum.  I'm sure this was a very hard trade to make knowing the backlash that would happen.

Oh, and see you after the next game.

Yeah, but no...

I've tried, but I can't.  Checking back in after this break to officially say bye for a while.  Sent in my SSH cancellation this morning.

Maybe after time I'll get back into GDT or something, but really my heart is nowhere near supporting the organization at this point.  No one in management is saying a darn thing, they're INCREASING prices, and the biggest trade they made was the one guy that was at least fun to watch hustle every night.  Having already been bitter about the way they screwed him last year, I just think there is a character issue in ownership and management that I can't ignore.  "It's just business" is something I expect from the Kings, not the Ducks.  There was at least the external appearance of family before that just isn't there anymore.

I think I'll make it to a couple games in March, but that will be it.  It's been a good run!

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