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A Blessing in Disguise

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This season has been one to quickly erase from this organizations rich history of success in terms of winning seasons and dedication to compete at a high level. This humbling experience may be what this franchise needs, everyone in this organization can use this season to take a step back and evaluate the appropriate actions that need to be taken. Each member of this team needs to address their own personal compete level and become more involved in keeping this franchise moving in the right direction. 

It has become obvious over the past few games the team has turned on RC and BM and rightfully so. The last 3 games especially the Ducks have dominated the first periods showing they still have the ability to win games only to flop the next two periods and find themselves to be on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Is this coincidence? I really don't think so. I feel its a total FU to RC and BM...the team shows how good they are and they can still be a dominating team and win games but why should they? 

BM planted the seed for failure in this past offseason. After the Ducks played their asses off for him last year allowing him to still have a job BM completely ignored the attempt to solidify the bottom 6 and threw the S right back in the fan. Thinking RC would be able to transition the team into a faster uptempo fluid unit was wishful thinking that everyone outside his mind knew would never be attainable. 

Moving on from BM and RC is going to be a very exciting time for both players and fans. Players will finally be able to showcase their skills and offensive potential...no more dump and chase grind grind grind. This will no doubt improve morale up and down the lineup as it will inject FUN back into this team. 

This team can be very competitive as soon as next season. Currently the development of our youth could not be going any smoother as the Gulls are on a 13 game point streak (11-0-2)  and the addition of a top 5 pick this upcoming draft will provide immediate results. 


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