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little tweak suggestions, new board

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Hi there,

I figured I'd start a thread on the new board and some little bugs/tweaks to make it nicer.

The only thing I have so far:

The design or theme for the Ducks version of the Message Board, at least on the desktop (using Chrome) has 4 columns of white dots along the left and right side of the screen.  On the left side, the navigation links and the topic title both bleed over into the left dots, and it looks pretty funky.  On the right side, the "Mark site read" link (among other things) bleeds over into the right dots, and it looks pretty funky too.  Not sure what it looks like on mobile.

I think adjusting the dots, maybe removing a column?, would be the best way to clear that up.  Addressing that might also address the weird "25" underlying the thread posts thing.  Seems like it's just a theme misalignment/non-updated design choice.  Easy to fix.

Everything else seems to be working for me.  If this thread lasts and doesn't turn into a "lets diss the new board" free for all, I'll post back here if I see anything else that needs a little love/elbow grease.



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Thanks Fis. Now, if I only knew how to edit that for you. I agree it does look odd.


Keep the suggestions coming. Not that I can do anything about them, but hey, I'll try.


Almost ready to turn on pictures for the user names. Hate purple, and look what I get stuck with...

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