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Best time to buy tix for Nov 10?

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Going to Anaheim with my family of 5, with 3 younger kids. We’d like to take in the Ducks Oilers game Nov 10 and want to know the best time and place to buy tickets. Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg because our youngest son has special needs and may not get much out of the game. That said, we are from Canada, so this should be a much cheaper way to watch the Oilers than paying for a game in Edmonton! Any tips of when resale tickets are cheapest (week of game, day of, literally last minute) for getting 5 seats together would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Stubhub is looking at around 25 (starting)For  up stairs and it will probably stay around that. I don’t see it going below that. I would buy now to secure a lower row. 

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1 hour ago, Fisix said:

Cheapest tends to be stubhub the night of, but given where the Oilers are now, and the number of seats you want together, AND that it's a weekend game, you might want to lock them in soon, especially if you're thinking close to the ice/midline.

There are a few options if you need wheelchair access (not sure what encompasses "special needs").  Section 409 has some nice wheelchair accessible seats with a good sightline. 

The 400 level in rows a-c are excellent, and even the nosebleed rows are decent (just a hike up the stairs).  If you see some prices you like in the 200s (lowest level), I tend to try to get seats generally below or above the glass edge line, and more towards the goal side than the bench/box sides (for visibility).  There are often relatively inexpensive seats behind goal.  The 300 level is club and really isn't worth the $$, but if you can get them cheap, they tend to have the best view of the rink.

When we get 200 level seats, we usually get 2, and another 2 in the 400s, and the fam cycles through during the intermissions (if they want - Dad sometimes is the only one who cares).  If the wife is ok with that, you could split stuff up.

Food at the Pond is a step above what I've been able to purchase in other sports venues, from the cheap stands on up through suites (multiple cities, multiple sports).  But, it's not inexpensive.  Budget about $20/meal+soda, maybe $15/beer.  You'll be purchasing something because kids are kids, and Sunday games almost always have an extensive pre-game event starting a few hours before game time outside in the parking lot (mainly for kids), so if you go to that, you'll be away from food long enough that you'll have to get something inside the Pond.  If you decide not to go to the pre-game stuff, you can keep costs down by eating somewhere else just before gametime... but it's almost not worth the hassle, especially if you come early enough to watch the preskate.

If you want to watch the preskate (i suggest you do), you'll want to enter the Pond latest about 50 minutes prior to game time - all seats are open, first come first served (unless the ticket holder comes early, in which case they get right of way).  The seats directly behind the benches are fun, and sometimes the away team staff hand out swag to fans in colors, but that area tends to fill quick.  Glass in the corners is also fun - often the players will flip a few pucks to kids/signs, and of course, you get to see them practice from glass seats!

oh, and just like all the rest of the NHL stadiums, there are restrictions on what you can carry in with you, and even what type and size of bag you can use to do so.  Typically if you have a young kid, they'll make allowances and pass you through (by doing a hand check of the bag - I think they've limited bags so that they don't have to hand check 10k bag every game night).  To make the process as painless as possible, I'd drive to the game and park in the stadium parking lot so that you can store warm clothing during the outside kids time prior to the game, retrieve it prior to entry, and possibly use to store stuff they don't want you to enter with (just in case).  if you don't drive/rent a car, best to generally limit the stuff you bring to stuff you can wear and stuff you can arguably say is needed for the kids comfort.

good luck!



Wow! Thanks so much for all the info. More than I could’ve asked for! Maybe it’ll be worth packing and wearing our Oiler colours then, or at least the kids for warmup up!

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