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Do you mean Ignore, or block them from contacting you?

My screen may have a couple of different choices than yours, just due to my Admin account.

On my page, I click the down arrow up at the top right next to your user name.

The last choice I have there is Manage Ignored Users. Click that, and then click add new user to your ignored list. You can choose to just ignore their posts, or both selections which allow you to ignore their messages to you also.

If things get really out of hand with someone, please drop a note to either myself or another member of the staff, and we will follow up and possible even ban that person if they are harassing you or any other member of our board.

Hope that answers your question, if not let me know.


thanks, I tried to find a drop down menu but didn't see that arrow next to the user name. There's no harassment or anything out of control, I just prefer to ignore certain board members as a method of restraint.

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