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Comparing The Nhl To The Bush Administration

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The NHL Administration

The "Bumbler"


An incompetent piece of dog doo doo. Overly confident in his abilities, but not overly intelligent.

Enjoys deploying into areas he knows nothing about with no exit strategy.

Struggles with big words like "re-lo-cat-ion".

How he got in power? No one really knows...

The "Tough Guy"


The mean old guy that everyone hates. This is the guy that sprays little kids with his hose and yells at them to "get off his lawn!".

He's BushMan's strong arm that crushes any reporters that question him.

Enjoys long walks along the beach with his hunting rifle. But don't go anywhere near him if you enjoy having a face.

Often rambles on and on with not much to say, until people get tired and slowly walk away.

The "Patsy"


This is the guy that everyone is meant to hate. He's the "fall guy".

His job is to convince people that they actually have a plan. Not so easy......but he tries.

Weapons of Mass Destruction? Head Hits of Mass Concussion? It doesn't matter...He'll convince you that they're there, and they need to be taken out.

And his name is colin, not colin. It's a real name, and also a body part connected to your rectum....Coincidence?

The administration is coming to destroy a league near you this spring....


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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