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  2. 50/50 chance he sticks with the Ducks IMO. Could be the only one from this draft class to do it. He already has NHL size. 6’1” 207lbs and he turns 19 in January. He’s too big to go back to Juniors. I wonder if he can go back to the Swiss league if he doesn’t stick in Anaheim?
  3. yeah watching some of his highlights im getting this Vats vibe from him
  4. If one of those kids turns into a gem, that would be awesome. Long odds, though. I like Zellweger.
  5. I don't mind this since they obviously wanted Hinds and moved up to get their guy. Plus, I think the Ducks are going to be getting additional 2022 picks via trades to more than recoup the 3rd
  6. Gotta say I’m a lot higher on this draft from Murray than j was. Zellweger and Pastujov is lights out.
  7. in concept, id rather be keeping the 2022 picks....but...Hinds looks good!
  8. Eric Stephens Ducks trade with Canadiens to get another third-round pick, take defenseman Tyson Hinds of Rimouski (QMJHL). Believe they dealt a third-round pick in 2022.
  9. Reinhart traded to Florida for a 2022 first and Devon Levi (G). Thought he'd get more than but still a good deal for both teams, imo
  10. https://twitter.com/thedraftanalyst/status/1418981304423571459?s=21
  11. Since he's playing in the CHL, I'm pretty sure that he won't be able to go to the Gulls until after his junior season is over even with the new agreement that the leagues are finalizing.
  12. Vatanen was listed at 5’9” 164lbs when Bob drafted him, so not totally without precedent. Zellweger is basically the same size as Quinn Hughes and as under-age prospect, there’s still time to grow too. I think he sounds like a solid long term project. When Zellweger is 22, Fowler will be 34 and in the final year of his contract.
  13. The WORST thing a team can do imo is build through the FA market. Sign a FA when you're a playoff team challenging for a cup. Not during a rebuild. To want to sign some 28,29,30+ year old to a 6,7 year contract makes absolutely no sense. Murray comment on McTavish..."he's ready to play with men." Look for him to start with the Gulls this upcoming season.
  14. He is Stubborn Bob and McTavish Pick by our Ducks I look forward to see how well he develops. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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  16. Pastujov might be one of the best value picks of the draft. Loved the selection and the kid has very good offensive upside. I really liked the Thrun pick in 2019 and I like this pick even more. So far, I think this is the third draft in a row where the Ducks will do better than most (unfortunately, so did LA). Waiting to see how they follow up with trades now.
  17. But he's a Finn and the Ducks aren't good without a Finn on the team. Science!
  18. seems like we've been doing pretty well so far!!
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