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  2. Landeskog + 3 depth forwards gets them to only 12 forwards. There's no taxi squad next season so they'll likely need one more F on the active roster. They'll also need 1-2 more D-men. I think it's going to be very tight for them. I'm sure they're working on a home town discount for Landy right now. We'll see if he wants to take the haircut. This might be the best roster they can muster for a few seasons, so if they get upset by St Louis in the 1st round, maybe he tests the market.
  3. Siiiigh....that was pretty bad, yeah. And that was a move forced by Bob? .... 😕 Backes deserved to be in the lineup every game...and it's kinda sad to think if he was, he would have gotten to 1000 games played...he would have hit 1006...i mean, they could have made it so he was scratched for 6 games and make that Blues game his 1000... i mean, i don't think bob WANTED backes, but when he came over here he said he wanted to prove he still had value. And we just didn't use him right at all. And the moving of Rico to waivers...i don't like the way bob handled some of these things lately 😕
  4. As long as it's something LIKE that trade and not that trade itself. I don't want anything to do with Virtanen.
  5. That is true. They are in decent shape, though. They're at $59 million before making any moves, even with Johnson coming off of IR. They'll let Saad walk, I'm sure. They'll have $22 million to sign Landeskog, Makar, a starting goalie, and three depth forwards (including Jost). They'll get the depth forwards signed for $3 million, and I would guess Landeskog will go for $7.5 - $8. That leaves them with $11 million for Makar and whomever they get for their starting goaltender, or Grubauer, if he stays. I haven't followed it that closely, so their ace in the hole could be if Johnson is still hurt and needs to stay on IR. That could give them the cap relief they need to get everyone signed.
  6. Tampa went meaner last season after being bounced in the first round by Columbus in 2019 when they added Maroon in free agency and Bogosian at the deadline. Those weren't top line players, but they did it to add some meanness and offered "protection" for their skill guys from getting physically beaten up as badly as CBJ beat them up. But I think you're right about the state of the current roster. That's a lot of softness in there. Which is why I wouldn't be surprised if players like Heinen and Milano were moved out and replaced with guys that play a meaner game, kind of like what GMBM tried to do with a Heinen-Virtanen trade. I'd assume something like that missed trade will be executed after the ED.
  7. LOL...Good Point. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  8. I think its more likely that he is coaching the system he wants to coach, but that the GM may have too much say in which players he gets to use on any given night. Some of the weirdest roster decisions have been due to players being moved on and off the taxi squad by GMBM. For example, probably our best game of the season was the 1-0 win over Vegas on Feb 11th, which had Backes in the lineup. Rather than just leaving the roster alone for the next game, GMBM then sent Backes to the taxi squad the morning of our next game against San Jose on 2/15, which then Ducks lost. That San Jose loss then became the first L of a 9-game losing streak.
  9. I think we need a new GM. I don't think your team needs to be big and heavy to win in the playoffs (Tampa, Pittsburgh), but I honestly don't care at this point as long as our team has an identity and acquires players who fit that identity. Ideally, that identity should fit with the players who are already here and will be here long-term. Zegras and Drysdale don't strike me as a heavy players, although Selanne and Niedermayer weren't either, so their presence doesn't preclude that style. It just means the rest of the team needs to be built that way. I have a hard time seeing it happen in any real way, though, with the contracts we have and the guys we might want to keep: Zegras, Drysdale, Fowler, Shattenkirk, Terry, Steel, Henrique, Heinen, Milano, even Fleury (he's big but not punishing). That's a long way to go to get to mean and heavy.
  10. Ah yes, you're right. I forgot about the expansion draft factor. They probably have a handshake agreement in place.
  11. They're going to have an interesting summer with Landeskog, Makar, and Jost all needing new contracts, not to mention that they don't have a goalie signed for next season and Saad is also a UFA. They may still be trying to figure out how to fit everybody under the cap for next season and/or waiting to see how they do in the playoffs.
  12. They couldn't sign him to an extension until last summer when they already knew about the expansion draft. I don't know for sure, of course, but I would be surprised if they didn't already have a deal in place and are just waiting for the expansion draft to happen. It's always possible Landeskog wants out, but he's got a sweet gig there and, as far as I know, Avs fans think he's great. I am not holding my breath on that one.
  13. Actually, teams up against the cap and facing decisions with their UFA/RFA players could work to our advantage. We have the cap space. My only issue with players like Landeskog (not going anywhere imo), RNH, etc., is if testing the market, they're gonna want 7 years. They're at the tail ends of their prime years, and we'd have them into their mid 30's. That's why Eichel makes so much sense, but man, his injury issues have me concerned (that and the asking price).
  14. Translation "The GM totally screwed up the chemistry of the team by putting one of the highly respected veterans on waivers, what an absolute clown"
  15. eek, probably turned out for the best there. 😕 But I also agree, meaner heavier team is the way to go. We need our skilled players, but we need the bigness. I agree with Eakins. But I don't know if BM agrees. And if they aren't on the same page...doesn't matter how good either can or could be...it wont work. If Eakins has been terrible 'cause he's being forced to coach a style he doesn't believe in...it would make a lot of sense as to why his lineups seem so completely and utterly confusing. And why it seems like he doesn't know what he's doing.
  16. I would think so, but it seems a little strange that Colorado have not already locked up their captain 2 months out from free agency. That makes me think he wants to test the market and/or play elsewhere. Maybe he prefers beaches over mountains? Lol
  17. The game is still all about high speed but I think it’s slowly shifting to “big and mean” again. Which we like here hahaha
  18. 1 or 2 Players Raks say....Offseason Ducks need to focus on trading for some scoring as well as Drafting...Need is very vital. To ensure your Youth have their enhance Development it's important Trade MUST BE MADE. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
  19. What do you all make of Eakins comments about how Ducks teams used to beat people up and how that they want to get back to that? Should we anticipate another shift in our "style" for next season back to a heavier game? I'm wondering if that's why we saw Heinen scratched so many times despite being a good (but soft) player, and why the Ducks were pursuing Virtanen in a trade. I'm not opposed to going heavier. I loved the style we played under Boudreau from 2013-2016, and I still think the meaner, heavier game is what wins in the playoffs (although I guess we'll have to wait and see if ROR's guarantee against the Avs works out).
  20. LOL. I thought the same thing at first. But 6-18-4 at home and 11-12-5 on the road also says that he may be right. Last season they were 16-15-5 at home and 13-18-4 on the road. And even in RC's final season (2018-19), when we endured those crazy long losing streaks, the Ducks were 19-14-8 at home and 16-23-2 on the road. Maybe he misses both the cheering and the booing, since booing from the home fans can motivate a team to work harder too.
  21. Rakell: https://www.nhl.com/ducks/video/rakell-exit-interview/t-277437084/c-8346930 Raks likes it here and says he wants to stay. He think this team improved from the start of the season and is 1-2 players away from being good again.
  22. Funny how Eakins mentions they missed the fans. I think he should be glad because it would have rained boo's every night.
  23. Stamkos and Hedman went straight to the NHL after being drafted as a result of being top-2 picks though. Zegras and Drysdale haven't played a full NHL season yet and Drysdale is playing pro because of the pandemic cancelling the OHL season. Shouldn't they get more time to develop and adapt to the NHL before we start putting the weight of the franchise on their shoulders? The 2011 Lightning team had two players with over 90 points (Stamkos, St. Louis) and 2 more with over 50 (Lecavalier, Teddy Purcell) which is far more production than any the Ducks currently have. My main point with Tampa was that they had one good season out of six and they turned out better than alright. We've been bad for three. I'm in agreement with Gorbachav about this team's situation and think that there's no quick or permanent fixes to be made by next season. He's stated the reasons better and more succinctly than I can. Exceptionally bad is being kind. The Ducks scored 11 PP goals the entire year. They would have had to score 3x as many goals just to reach the league median of (32 - LA scored that many and still missed the playoffs by 14 points). That is a huge gap for the Ducks to close. They also had the second fewest power play chances. Odds are the Ducks will have an improved power play just because it defies odds that they can be that bad for two straight years and Zegras should give it a jolt. If the Ducks finish near 10th in the league next year then I think that's a very good showing and would give some confidence that they are heading in the right direction if nothing else.
  24. It's an exit interview. His reflections on the season. He doesn't have to be hyped up talking about the things that didn't go well this season. It seems like you're just searching for things that help you continue your dislike for him. As for the Henrique exit interview, I thought it was interesting that he mentioned signing in Anaheim knowing that there was a rebuild possible. I'm sure waiving him was pretty bad but it seems to me like he's motivated. He mentioned that he's going to play in the worlds. Hopefully, if he's not gone this off season, that he comes back rejuvenated. Maybe Eakins was referring to the negativity that surrounded the team for a few weeks was about Henrique. Something was going on that he admits got out of hand and the team had a lot of negative energy surrounding the players. Hopefully that's all passed and I hope the players come ready to play next season.
  25. Oh my god. Clarity? Seriously? It's clear he nor his coaches don't have a clue about how to be a winning and effective head coach of a professional team.
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