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    Elliott Teaford is reporting that El Capitan Ryan Getzlaf plans to re-sign once free agency opens up. Not surprised, but still very nice to hear.
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    If Murray gives up Perreault just to get rid of Henrique’s contract on a team that’s going nowhere soon anyway I will absolutely lose my ****.
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    We really need a Finnish player. Team feels weird without one.
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    Of course I hate the Ducks' performance over the last few seasons. And I don't even disagree that Gibson and, to a lesser extent, Fowler have underperformed their contracts. But the thing is that we've seen both perform up to the level of their contracts in the recent past. Neither is past his prime. So then I ask myself, why? Why are these good players in their prime playing below their formerly established level of play? Injuries could play a part, or it could just be that they've gotten bad before their time. It's happened before and I can't rule it out. But far more likely is that our formerly very good roster has deteriorated and our GM has done nothing to surround those players with a quality roster, which puts them in position to fail, rather than succeed. He's also provided them with a historically awful head coach, one who not only can't coach at the NHL level, but failed to develop the young players who now comprise the majority of the team. That GM also failed to supplement the front office or development staff with personnel who could find ways to better develop our players. Fowler and Gibson were both widely praised for their play throughout the latter half of the 2010's, not just among Duck fans, but among fans and analysts across the league. But they've both had to endure two terrible head coaches in a row while the roster around them crumbles. Occam's Razor says that's more likely to be the cause of their relatively poor play rather than a sudden, unexpected decline in their mid to late 20's. Yes, I want change. And I'm even willing to deal Fowler or Gibson if we can get really good young players or very high draft picks in return. But both of those guys are still young enough and good enough that they can be part of the solution. So I'm not willing to throw them away as salary dumps just to change things up. I'm advocating for a new GM who can make better decisions with our assets and a new coach who can get more out of the players we have.
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    No planes - it's a road trip with the family from Anaheim to Glacier National Park in Montana. I'm incredibly excited.
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    It’s a good theory and makes sense, but I could see an alternate scenario whereby Bob has a deal in place with Seattle and he then contacts all of the players who the Ducks are keeping, but who will also be on the exposure list, to let them know they will be exposed but are still wanted by the organization. I’m so doing, he could have gotten some early work done on RFA negotiations, which is why Volkov’s new deal is $925K, which is well above his $700K qualifying offer. Could just be a showing of good faith to Volkov. I’m also a bit stumped as to why Seattle would agree to take Volkov over Fleury, Shattenkirk, or even Mahura. I dunno, maybe the Ducks are willing to retain more of Rico’s contract if it’s Volkov?
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    Most importantly, we'd be the only team in the league where 75% of our centers have a Z in their name.
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    Montreal. Perry deserves another Cup.
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    Perry has as many conference championships since leaving the Ducks than the Ducks whole organization has in its history. He’s batting a thousand actually. Really want to see the worm gets his second ring.
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    It's Perrys vs. someone else in the Cup again!
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    Helll yeah with Pastujov
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    Why is the assumption he was talking about our 2006-07 identity? I immediately thought of 2013-2015, when we played a faster, harder, heavier forechecking game that turned more pucks over and made it harder for opponents to get speed through the neutral zone. This current group of 22-25 year olds are perimeter players that don’t forecheck hard enough. We’re too easy to play against right now.
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    ohhh ouch now Chicago is making their pick..... awwkward....
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    I can see Bettman just being like "oh god damnit, Marc....you just made it to the finals!"
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    I visited Ducks Reddit to check their pulse on the pick and the first comment was “Please don’t be Nick Ritchie 2.0, please don’t be Nick Ritchie 2.0” lol
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    The top 9 skaters all went top 9. There’s no guarantee McTavish would have been there even if they only dropped a few spots. NHL Central Scouting had him #2 ranked NA skater, McKenzie had him #4 (one scout in his rankings had him #2), etc.
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    There may be a bit more risk with taking McTavish over Eklund or Beniers, but McTavish has the competitiveness, size, and skill to be a difference maker. The Swiss-born Canadian has been a quick riser in the rankings over the past year. Scouting reports praise his physicality, aggressiveness, and “wicked shot.” He managed to go 5-6-11 in 7 games for Canada in the U18s. Not only that, but he captained the team to their first gold medal since 2013. Watch the highlights and read the scouting reports - I don’t think this kid will be waiting too long for his name to be called. My prediction is this: A few seasons from now, teams are going to hate playing against McTavish.
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    McTavish has a wicked wrist shot
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    Moose called it all along. His guy. Remember when everyone lost their minds when Murray went off the board and got Lindholm at 6? We probably tried to move down then and now, but meh, we will see.
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    These updates are more entertaining than the draft itself
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    Definitely trades coming. Some of those picks make zero sense unless they're part of a trade. Like, no offense to Carson Twarynski, but Philly left Voracek, JVR, and Ghost Bear exposed. How is it possible Seattle just took Twarynski straight up??
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    So pending UFA Hakanpaa and a 6th rounder. I'll take it.
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    Expansion draft is on Wednesday at 8pm EST (5pm west coast) on ESPN2. FYI
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    Like Bieksa 6 years ago? And... the guy that averaged 0.5 pts per game in both the regular season and the playoffs on his way to a Cup?
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    No doubt his ED protection has a message. I too doubt he would have been selected, but he's a useful energy player, and offers a degree of protection for younger skill players. He can actually play a shift too without being too much of a liability.
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    Because they kind of want him, and we want them to want him. So, there is interest, but we have to throw in a little to sweeten it to have them get over over hesitation. They could be keeping the whole contract, in which case we'd definitely give them something more. It could be that Volkov was signed and unprotected knowing someone else is tied up, as dtsd suggests, or it could be him. Either way, I think frenchy D being protected makes it obvious that something non-traditional will happen.
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    But if he's already signed, they don't need to do that. This makes it smell a lot like a deal is done.
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    Either that, or he's the added piece of dump of Rico or Shatts contract to Seattle.
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    Furthermore...isn't it good if our team becomes a bubble playoff team next year?? That would mean Z and Drys and others are developing well, our coaching has improved...these all sound like good things to me lol things we want I feel like if this was 2005...some would be like "well, we got Getzlaf, Perry, Bobby Ryan...we should be bad for a couple more seasons so we can get the support we need for these players! Why are we signing some washed up Selanne who has an injury history?! Scott Niedermayer? We're years away before he could help us. We should trade Giguere now so we can get something really good for the rebuild! Especially if Bryz could be ready for the starting role"
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    Fowler oozed confidence until Doan broke his jaw. I will not stand for this revisionist Fowler slander! Lol.
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    i wish there was an "exasperated" emoji response. it's some mixture of the following. 😑🙄🤢🥺🤡
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    Nah, he probably will resign with the Habs. He seems to work well and I'm sure there will be mutual interest in bringing him back. Unless he decides to help every underdog get a chance to go to the finals and win before he retires. But I think he'll retire a duck, if only on a one day contract. Go Habs!
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    If Murray is serious about making the playoffs then he just needs to bring him back
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    There's not much of a middle ground here. If you think he's good, as I do, then he's someone you build around. I don't think he's irreplaceable, and there are some ways he never quite got to where we wanted him to be, but he's a good 2nd pairing guy on any team, and comparing him to Scott Niedermayer, which was ridiculous overhype that no actual scout or prognosticator engaged in, is unfair to Fowler. If you don't think he's good, as you have made it apparent you don't, then how are you going to trade that contract? The owners aren't going to eat a bunch of money on Fowler's deal, and if he's as bad as you seem to think he is, no other team is going to take it on. Either way, he's a Duck. Let's try to help him be as productive as possible. Fowler has played well historically with partners who are stay-at-home, large-bodied types who know where to be in the defensive zone. Unfortunately, the ones we've given him who fit that description don't bring anything else to the table, and are too poor at skating, passing, and puck-handling to be more than third pairing guys. It would be nice to find him someone who is defensively sound AND can actually make a pass out of the defensive zone or hold a puck into the offensive zone.
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    It's Official Our Ducks made their Selection Last Night...WELCOME to The ANAHEIM DUCKS Mason McTavish. I will not lie and be honest to you all..This was a Pick I called early yesterday. It sends chills down my spine right now. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Mason McTavish! dtsdlaw was right lol
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    Seattle can't officially sign those guys until they are on their roster, so I have to believe those are their selections and do NOT count toward the 20 contracts. I don't know if that will eventually prove me right about Volkov, but I think it will be harder than people think to get to 20 contracts while taking everyone they want. A lot of the good young players available are RFAs.
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    I’m ok with ND getting protected. At least he’s useful.
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    I had a nightmare that the protection list would look something like this. My dreams aren’t even safe from Murray. Can’t wait what see what the 5D Chessmaster does to wreck the franchise’s future over the next week.
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    The way I see it, we have one forward spot available if someone offers a better forward than what we currently have on our roster. The player would have to be better than Max Jones and Sam Steel to make it worthwhile. Protection list - Fowards: Rakell, Terry, Lundestrom, Player X ; D-men: Lindholm, Fowler, Manson, Fleury A few months ago I would have put Silfverberg on the protected list, but I think his hip injury + contract means that he can be exposed with almost no risk of being chosen by Seattle. Rico should definitely be exposed, since he likely doesn't ever want to wear a Ducks jersey again. The question mark is Shattenkirk, who was GMBM's prized FA signing last summer. Does Bob bail on him after one season? Or could we possibly even see Bob protect him as a 5th D-man and then only protect 3 forwards? Or, does it even matter because Bob likely already has a deal in place with Seattle and this is all just noise?
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    I'm no fan of diving, but I think that's something that can be cleaned up through internal pressure from an organization and the team's leadership. He also may be a bit of a rat, but I don't consider him to be a dangerous rat like a Marchand or Kadri because he doesn't spend half of his shifts looking for head shots on unsuspecting players. And the fact is, Garland can score and he can agitate, and we don't really have any guys with his particular skill set in this current group of Ducks gentlemen players. Garland is also not afraid to out-work his opponent in the corners (like too many of our forwards are) and he gets under the opponents' skin with the best of them. Anyone who can get MacKinnon frustrated enough to be thrown out of a game gets a second look from me.
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    8 plus the articles, tweets, and highlights of him being a guy who couldn't finish what he starts. Thank you for your non-binding statement of opinion on our assessment. I'm going to go ahead and bypass that input for now.
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    Yeah, so far it seems like he’s out on his ear. For this franchise, this is a bit of a weird release.
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    I worry if Jamie Drysdale is overestimated and turns into another Cam Fowler. I keep hearing that "Drysdale is off the table" even though he hasn't proved anything in NHL. If we could get a proven sniper, someone of Patrick Laine statue in exchange for Drysdale, I would pull the trigger. As a long time Ducks fan I remember the stories about Oleg Tverdovsky, how great he is going to be and stuff like this. And guess what, Tverdovsky for Selanne turned out to be the best trade in the Ducks history.
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