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    McNab has worked in the Ducks front office since day 1 of the franchise; fans should show him some respect. He’s apparently been our draft guru for a long time, and while we have lacked a bit in finding high impact talent drafting outside the top 10, we have done pretty well overall. We’ve certainly done well finding gems later in the draft over the years, and we’ve been a goalie factory. Hats off to McNab.
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    If you were not watching the St Louis post game broadcast of tonight's game, you have to really appreciate how classy St Louis team, broadcasters and fans were in what appears to be David Backes final game. Like Millers final home game a couple days ago, St Louis players congratulated Backes one by one, the fans gave him a 15 minute standing ovation and the broadcasters couldnt have been more kind and respectful. All were very emotional. Lastly they surprised Backes with a video message from his wife and kids. His parents drove down from Minnesota for the game. He was also named the #1 Star tonight. He played for the Blues for 10 years and Captain for 5 years. Very classy goodbye for a great career. https://www.nhl.com/blues/news/backes-career-comes-full-circle-in-st-louis/c-324345432
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    I, too, hope it is Saturday... I have tickets! I'm really a sad sap for these things. I'll stand and clap until my hands bleed for every "last"... last entrance to the ice, last introduction, last time his defense hangs him to dry, last lap around the ice post game... and I'll also choke up for all of it.
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    Do you really think Getzlaf isn't doing this? Frankly, I thin the guy deserves a medal for putting up with this mess as graciously as he has the last three seasons. From everything I've seen, he appears to be involved and invested in bringing up the new guys.
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    Thanks for the input. We'll try to be less myopic for you. Please let us know if you'd like us to dance or sing for your entertainment. I think dtsdlaw does showtunes.
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    I want the guy on my team who's loyal to the organization despite the fact that the organization is going through a rebuild. He wants to be a part of something bigger, not a gun-for-hire. Getzlaf is the type of veteran leader the team needs. I don't know if he'll stick around for the rest of the rebuild (and I don't blame him if he doesn't), but he'll be worth the roster spot and the salary.
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    Correct, But it would be ludicrous to compare a hockey contract to a burger flipper. Considering that a weaker Selanne made $4M almost 10 years ago on a hometown discount, I don't think Getzy would even be offered less than that 10 years later. Manson makes $4M, so would Getzlaf. He is not going to make the same as Grant of Frenchy D. Sorry, but this is almost as ridiculous as trading him for a 7th rounder.
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    I'm sorry but there's a lot of nonsense in this post. If you want to trade Getzlaf for a 7th I'm glad BM is our GM. That is absolute and utter bs. Sure Getzlaf isn't as good as McDavid in his prime but nobody is. His numbers are down but everybody's numbers are down. Getzlaf has had injuries but that's a Ducks problem. Who on this team hasn't had an injury? I don't know what we're doing wrong but it's insane. We have to start the rebuild I'll give you that but Getzlaf should be part of that as long as he wants. Somebody has to mentor these kids. No disrespect to Sam Steel (who is still young and has room and time to improve) but do you want Zegras to learn from him or from Ryan Getzlaf, Stanley Cup winner and Hart Trophy runner-up.
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    ...Followed by "the assistants have been let go and Trent Yawney and Paul MacLean have been hired as defensive and special teams coach respectively."
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    Nope. As discussed in the other thread, he's not a fit for a number of reasons - he's got an extensive injury history and history of dissatisfaction. We also don't have the asset package to put together for him without dooming the organization to becoming Buffalo West. It doesn't make sense for the Ducks.
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    I agree with almost everything you posted (Buffalo had the worst goal differential). I just disagree with some of the players you claim "regressed." And like you said, we can disagree. Troy Terry improved. Gibson stats were similar to last year. How many games did we have the top 4D in the lineup at the same time? How many games did he start where we were missing our top 2? I don't think it's fair to list Silf. Having season ending hip surgery probably explains the "regression" more than anything. I just disagree listing injured players. Like saying Lindholm regressed. I just took exception primarily to you listing Troy Terry.
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    James Dolan running his teams into the ground, Rangers in total meltdown firing everyone, Capitals (predictably) continuing to enable their psychopath by painting him as a victim, Parros attending tonight's rematch at MSG.. the NHL has an absolute circus on their hands right now and it could have been so avoidable with just the slightest bit of common sense on their part.
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    Wow, what a statement from the Rangers!!! Calling for Parros to be straight up fired. Can’t say I disagree. If I sucked at my job as much as Parros sucks at his, I’d have been fired a long time ago.
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    It'd be nice if they gave him the net for the final home game on Saturday so that his family can come watch him play one last time. Same for Backes. And Getzlaf.
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    Intentionally? It doesn't happen often. San Jose and Ottawa both did it recently without meaning to though. As for the Kings, I know they have the pieces to get Eichel, but can they really build a complete team with $31 million tied up in just 3 players (Doughty, Kopi, Eichel)? Kopi has three more seasons remaining after this at $10M/season and Doughty has 6 more at $11M. You may like LA's long term plan better than ours, but their D and goaltending is a huge issue that isn't going to be solved internally any time soon, and it wouldn't make much sense for them to get Eichel at this moment in their rebuild. Not that they really care about making moves that make sense (coughKovicough). It's not tanking when so many of your best players are injured. The losing culture creeps in when your best players are healthy and the team still can't figure out how to play a decent game. I dislike tanking, but in this situation I'm fine with losing as many of the next nine games as they can. Luckily we have the right coach for the job.
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    I also think he's earned a better send-off. I can't imagine Getzlaf skating off after his very last home game to scattered cheers from barely 2000 fans at Honda Center. He deserves an emotional exit like Teemu's. If there are such things as hockey gods, I hope we get one more year from Baldy and that the schedule makers figure out a way to match the Ducks with whatever team Pears is playing for next season on that final Sunday. Speaking of Teemu, Getzlaf still 7 points behind him with only 9 games to go. He's "running out of race track" and isn't likely to catch him this season. Getzlaf probably needs to come back for one more year just for the bragging rights...
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    The Ducks are in a place where they can afford to wait on Milano and give him his chance, which I agree he deserves. However, staying healthy is a skill. I think he's got next season to prove he can do that and then the Ducks will have to move on and try to develop some guys who will stay in the lineup.
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    16 points in 31 games and +8 so far. Only 2 Ducks, Comtois and Rakell, have more points per game this season (4 games minimum). Granted he probably wouldn't be as productive if he were still on the Ducks, but he's certainly not "washed up," as many Ducks fans seem to think.
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    Listening to Eakins I couldnt be more less impressed.....He needs to find another job.....That patter is so dry and uninspired he couldnt motivate me to pick my nose.....Just alot of platitudes....Time to move on
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    I used regulation points percentage because it was easily sortable without a subscription on hockey reference. There was no cherry-picking involved. Reg pt% is as good a proxy for team quality as any, but I know it's a little weird, so that's why I expanded my team list to include a few more. If you want to accuse me of debating disingenuously, then I want nothing further with this discussion. The whole point of that post is to show that teams that are Ducks-level bad and then make the playoffs the next year are not going to experience sustained success UNLESS they added or developed an MVP level player AND have at least one more superstar level player on the roster. The Ducks won't have that. Quite frankly, there isn't much more to say. Your belief that this team can compete next year is nice, and I appreciate optimism as much as the next guy, but doesn't reflect any sort of reality-based projection. Of course, I'll be going into next season rooting for the team to win and make the playoffs, because otherwise, fandom is stupid. However, I don't think it makes sense for the organization to pursue moves toward that goal this offseason. They should minimize long-term damage by protecting the right guys in the ED, they should explore trading guys who don't look like they're going to sign here past this season (potentially Lindholm, Rakell, Manson, although I'd really like to re-sign the former two), and they should focus on developing the youngsters. Given that Murray is still in charge and Eakins will most likely still be behind the bench, I don't see why I would believe their 5-on-5 systems or their special teams would improve. I hope they at least get some new assistants, but it's still Murray doing the hiring.
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    Firing is not common after the draft, but there are plenty of examples of GMs stepping aside after the draft for a new GM to step up from within the organization to take over. Yzerman-BrisBoise in Tampa. Sherman-Sakic in Colorado. Tallon-Bowman in Chicago. Even our very own Bob Murray took over for Burkie in November 2008. I think it's not out of the realm of possibility that Bob does the ED, entry draft, and the opening of the UFA period this summer and then moves into a different role so that Madden can take over GM duties. I don't expect him to be fired though. Not ever. He's too entrenched in the executive leadership to be run out of town. Stepping aside is the most fans who want him gone can likely hope for.
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    If the whole article was quoted, it would have included how much Gibson loves playing for Anaheim and has zero desire to play anywhere else.
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    Pick? If any team is going to pick, it will be Seattle.
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    Exactly. If you really take an objective look at the rosters of BB's teams you can see how deficient they actually were. That 2010 Caps team that won the President's Trophy had BB relying on a very young defense (Green-24, Schultz-23, Alzner-21, Carlson-22) and an old Jose Theodore rotating with two 21-year-old rookies (Varlamov and Neuvirth) in net. They weren't built for the playoffs at all, but Boudreau is the one who got crushed for them losing the 1st round. Similarly, our 2013-14 team that finished 1 point out of the President's Trophy had center depth that was basically Getzlaf, Bonino, Perreault, and a 39-year-old Koivu. But Boudreau again got crushed because they lost a Game 7 to the Kings' center depth of Kopitar-Carter-Richards-Stoll. Even our 2015 team, the best we've had since 2009, had Beleskey and Maroon as our top-2 LWs and a 21-year-old Rakell (who contributed only 1 point in the entire 2015 playoffs) as our 3C, yet they still made Game 7 of the WCF. I still maintain that the playoff losses were as much about exposing the deficiencies of Boudreau's rosters as exposing Boudreau's trouble with in-game tactics.
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    I watched his send off at the end of the game and I gotta say, he was never a key player here but I kinda felt for the guy though. You could see his emotion and I'm glad he got the proper send off. It was also not in the feed but after all the blues players congratulated him they said they were going over to Miller who was backing up last night and congratulated him as well. Classy move. I think he wasn't in the lineup more mainly because he was just more of a cap dump from the Bruins in that trade. So I think the organisation never valued him much and probably viewed many other players over him. Maybe in a normal season we would have seen him play more because he has the cap hit and I'd be difficult for us but who knows. Maybe if he had played all the games this season we might actually have awarded him the 1000 games in one of the games against the blues. But it was noticable how a lot of the guys, especially the younger ones were hugging him. Comtois is a good example of that. It's really too bad that it had to end this way but congrats to him on a great career!
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    I read somewhere that it wasn't that Boudreau was truly fired rather they had a mutual parting of ways.. Apparently Bruce was upset because Murray overruled him and forced him to start Gibson over Andersen during the 2016 playoffs. He felt Gibson wasn't ready. But yeah, letting Boudreau go and replacing him with Carlyle was a bonehead move. Murray hired Eakin because he can control Eakin instead of going after one of several more proven(and stronger willed) coaches that were available at the time.
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    I'm sorry but it's because of this I can't get behind what you're saying. You're essentially talking about throwing the game on purpose. It's unprofessional and quite honestly disgusting. If the players even dared to do this they all need to go. I'm all for a top pick but I suggest you don't suggest this anymore.
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    Clearly Bob is out of touch and it shows in past few years. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Miller has always been a class act and the Ducks were very fortunate to have him...
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    For a team starving for goals having Sprong would be nice, even if he can't play defense to save his life. There's something serioulsy wrong in Anaheim. Look at the indivudual stats. That's abysmal stuff. Meanwhile you have Perry performing way better than ever was expected in Anaheim. Same for Ritchie. Okay they play on better teams but every single guy on this team is reaching career lows. Even Hakanpaa has 2 goals already in Carolina. I don't think he scored for us. Would I love to have Boudreau back. Sure we might lose a game 7 but we'd at least be in The Playoffs and we'd be fun to watch.
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    It seems like the powerplay hasn't changed since the start of the season. Actually since about 3 seasons ago. They spend half of their time rimming passes around the boards. The only thing that changes is the personnel. Maybe they should actually try something different since the status quo isn't working.
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    I could not disagree with you more. I absolutely believe Murray and company thought the Ducks would compete for a playoff spot. I have no doubt coaches and management felt we were a top 4 team in our division going into the season.
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    Did Getzlaf announce his decision on next season and I missed it?
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    Come on. Getzlaf will do the Teemu thing. He'll evaluate everything during the off season and make a decision about returning or not.
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    Give it a rest already. You start to make less sense with eacht post and you dind't start off with a lot of sense to begin with. Getzlaf has won The Cup. He's been nominated (at least twice I think) for the Mark Messier Leadership Award. Yes I want him to mentor the younglings. Were you following The Ducks when Ryan Getzlaf blocked a puck with his face in the Playoffs against Dallas? I think he scored something like 15 points afterwards. That's not losing culture. That's a tough as nails hockey player who has given his all for this franchise. Did Getzlaf beat you out as a kid on some peewee hockeyteam or something because it seems personal.
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    Hey, I was thinking about it...and...what have we done with the cap space we got from buying out Perry? What have we done without him on the team? When it happened, I was not into it at all...and certainly now feel that when he left -- the passion in the team left, too. But that's definitely on the emotional side of it. We had $2m extra in space right? And he would have been an UFA this season, right? But now we are paying a couple more seasons @ $2m... so...looking at hindsight it seemed to also not be worth it for us? But unless I'm missing something or don't realize something like "well, without it we wouldn't have seen Drysdale or Zegras this season" or something... looking back, was this the right move?
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    You seem to have missed the biggest point which was Vegas has ZERO cap space. I'm not even sure what you're arguing anymore.
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    Getzlaf and retain salary for a 2nd its a no-brainer, never should that decline! for a 3th is still a nice deal. every pick we receive for Getzlaf is a win. stop with "Getzlaf is our face... blabla", this is business guys, yes he gave us a lot. this season is over, we can't win anything, make the best for the future! we also buy out Perry for have a shot on a better team for the cup and he almost did it with Dallas... why you want to prevent it to Getzlaf? give him a shot and with Vegas he has a real shot. and if you both side wants, resign him at summer, then you have a him AND a pick.
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    Yeah, I think a weak Getzy is better than a lot of players. So he's not the #1 C. Teemu was 3rd line with PP time during his year-by-year extensions. Assuming the price is right, Getzy would be great in the same roles (as well as PK). Definitely still valuable at $4-5M.
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    He's eligible to be selected by Seattle, but not eligible to be used as the guy we HAVE to expose per the ED rules - i.e. we have to expose at least one defenseman who is a) under contract in 2021-22 and b) played in at least 27 NHL games the prior season or played in at least 54 NHL games in the prior two seasons. He's 16 games short and is an RFA this summer, so he meets neither requirement.
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    As long as it's something LIKE that trade and not that trade itself. I don't want anything to do with Virtanen.
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    I don't think we're giving enough credit to the improvement of the team over time this season, and of the players that will fill some of the key roles next year. Next year's Zegras, Drysdale, Comtois, Terry, Lundestrom... will be better. Yes, we need to add talent to that, but we also need to count on the addition by simply being older.
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    I mean, I 100% agree that the excitement is on the ice. And it HAS to be. That's top priority. Off-ice stuff and interviews can't replace what happens on the ice... But who doesn't love a good Torts interview? Or love re-watching Roy vs. JR...or even Kesler vs. Johanson. "Why you hef to be mad?" (I know that last one isn't about cockiness, but it's still great haha) I think players just need to be themselves. If they want to trash talk or be cocky or whatever...cool! If they want to be humble or whatever...also cool! If they want to be stiff and rigid and just say the things they're trained to say...then they probably don't speak english well or don't like doing interviews or get shy or nervous or whatever...also cool! As long as it doesn't go too far and cross the line *cough*SeanAvery*cough* then it's all in good fun. But it's what happens on the ice that matters most.
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    maybe the deal with Seattle? our first vs their first and then they pick Shatt...
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    Miller will be Starting for the Ducks on Sat this week So be Loud and Be Proud. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    Well, don't just stand there! Give us an Andrew Lloyd Weber medley before Chop Suey gets upset!
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    I mean, that's not we bought out Perry. We bought out Perry to get rid of the contract...Perry didn't want to leave. Getz also seems to have zero interest in chasing another cup. No one is preventing Getz from doing what he wants. If he wanted to go chase a cup, he would have. He would have requested a trade. He didn't. He said he would have only waive his NMC if the Ducks could get something back in return worth it. They couldn't. So there was no deal. Sure, it's a business, but there is ALSO value in treating people well that can aid to having a successful business, too.
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    Getz wants to be a one team guy, but was still willing to waive his NMC in order to benefit the organization. It's really quite amazing that he even gave Bob that option. To trade him for just a late round pick would be an insult. That's not going to really benefit the organization very much, so really doesn't fit the requirements of Getz waiting his NMC. Heck, we could get a late draft pick by trading spare parts like Larsson. Why would we do that to Getz, and why would he want to come back if we took advantage of him that way? I feel like you are completely overlooking the level of respect that Getz has earned in this organization.
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    You're assuming that Bob could trade him for anything when in actuality he has a nmc. We don't know for sure under what circumstances he was willing to move so there's no point I'm arguing that. Getzy is the heart and soul of the team to give him away for peanuts is about the dumbest thing anyone could do. Moving forward we need leadership that he obviously provides. He no longer needs to put up big points and he's just not an elite player anymore but he's not washed up. He's going to take a pay cut but for 1.5 mill? Lol if we flat out low ball him like that no one will ever sign here.
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    We’ve had him for like 1 full season. He’s injured it sucks, but you’d lead this team exactly where BM has. You’re so eager to jettison talented players into the sun for stupid reasons. Ritchie was one of our best play driving forwards, he had his faults, but it’s not like terrible. Petterrsson got us a forward that came rim scored goals and then never got another fair shot at playing. Milano and Sprong are similar in that sense. my point is this team is devoid of talent in the lineup because we’ve historically given up on players way to soon for no reason. You could at least defend that when we were making the WCFs consistently. No forward prospect is better than Milano right now outside of Zegras. not every player has to be an iron man. He’s young, he’s talented and we’ve got nothing better to do than give him time to get healthy and give it a shot.
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