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    If you could hypothetically build two 80,000-seat hockey arenas, one in downtown LA and at the other at the corner of Douglass and Katella, you would see the difference. There are just more Kings' fans in So Cal than Ducks' fans. Just a numbers game. They for sure should be doing a better job of cultivating hockey fans in San Diego County, especially northern SDC. Build it around a Duck's Flyer train that is decked out in the colors, has a roving three piece hype band roaming the cars, themed food and beverages, pump in historic radio and TV game calls over the audio of the cars, get Ducks' alum to make the ride up with fans, do a pregame show live remote from the train - get creative, make it a whole experience, having two preseason games at Pechanga Arena. They should be giving away tickets on a nightly basis to Ducks' fans for Gulls' games and vice versa. They should play up the fact that LA claims the Kings, while the Ducks are really So Cal's Hockey Team. My son played plenty of away games for his HS team in Poway and Carlsbad over the last couple of years. There are hockey fans and players in SD. Many.
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    Fisix, you're smarter than that. At venues where alcohol is served, wristbands have to be worn AT THE CONCESSION STANDS where alcohol is being purchased to prove you're 21 years of age. That's what they do at the OC Fair. You're sitting at the Honda Center watching a Ducks game, wearing a wristband that's covered by your jersey or jacket. NOBODY is going to approach you at your seat, and ask you to show them your wristband. Come on.
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    If the data showed that getting a vaccine or wearing a mask somehow created a danger to others, then yes. Restrictions like that have been in place for decades for schools, military, and even during prior pandemics. It's not a new thing, so whichever way it goes, I'm fine with it. I disagree. One of them is going to be backed by public health departments and one won't. The one that is should keep their freedom to go places. The ones who have made the conscious decision to do otherwise are the ones who have to wade through consequences and inconveniences, just like always. Again, this is not new. Luckily, they are setting up guidelines where neither has to stay home, at least for now. But in the end, my main input is for the safety of the staff. If they involve the staff in having to deteremine if someone is supposed to wear a mask or not, you open them up for confrontation. I think it is in the best interests to require vaccines or test results, but once past the door, simplify the rule to just keep everyone masked. Especially considering that us vaxxed folks can still spread (albeit a mlower risk to do so), might as well be safer than not until we are at a number we can handle and live with.
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    I don't personally know either one of you, and I would bet that you both are good, if not very good, people. So, keep in mind that this is the starting point for my post. Step back for a minute and look at your statements with an objective eye. What if all of the health agencies, etc. were requiring or mandating that you don't wear masks and/or do not get vaccinated - it was not their guideline for how to best defeat Covid-19? Would you want the same restrictions and identification requirements for people who had decided to wear a mask and/or get the vaccine, for their own personal health and mental state? "Sorry, you can't attend the game/eat at the restaurant/etc. if you wish to wear a mask/have been vaccinated. You must have your papers on you that prove you have been vaccinated or that show your doctor's sign off that you have not been vaccinated." Would that be reasonable? The same argument being made for people staying away if they are not vaxed/tested/masked can be made for people who are afraid of contracting Covid: just stay away, then. Don't come. Nobody is forcing you.
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    I don't know, adding an offensive black hole to a team that can't score seems like a pretty Murray thing to do.
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    I was kind of hoping for Galchenyuk, Sami or BR getting a PTO but anything at this point is good.
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    Ducks signed Tobias Reider to a PTO, so at least we know that Murray has not completely vanished into the Upside Down
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    It's unfortunately both for the NHL, and we could be in for a really weird season. For example, Frank Seravalli said on the DFO Rundown podcast yesterday that somewhere between 50-100 NHL players (~5-10%) are currently not in compliance with the NHL's vaccine protocols, many because they have eschewed the vaccines due to their own prior infections. Meanwhile, several countries in Europe are starting to recognize prior infection as an exception to their vaccine passports and there is emerging data that prior infection may be as robust, or perhaps even more robust, than vaccine-induced immunity, and so I don't think it would be a surprise if the vaccine requirement got very political once players started losing game checks because they refused a vaccine due to their pre-existing natural immunity. Many professional athletes are pretty intense about controlling what goes into their bodies (remember MacKinnon from earlier in the summer?), so it wouldn't surprise me if there were several dozen players who didn't get the jab despite the restrictions and penalties. I think that issue could get intensely political, and likely legal, if it turns out to be "face of the franchise" types. Masking the team personnel during games too. Are they going to continue the dog and pony show with the coaches masked while they stand quietly behind the bench, and then wearing the mask as a chin strap while they yell at the refs and give instructions to their players on the bench and in the huddle during timeouts? This is not a commentary about the efficacy of masking for you and me btw, but about what a joke it was for the NHL to "require" the coaches to be masked during games for health reasons when the only time the coaches actually wore the masks was when they were standing quietly away from their players. It happened all of last season. Seriously, do a google image search for any coach last season if you need proof. Tortorella, Brind'amour, Ducharme, Trotz, etc., etc. They ALL had their masks around their chins while they're actually coaching. (Eakins probably would have done the same if he actually, you know, coached.) Yet, as far as I know, not a single coach got fined or disciplined for mask violations (unlike the NFL, where they fined coaches and teams hundreds of thousands of dollars). Bettman said at the start of the season that the league would "vigorously enforce" the masking requirement for coaches, but if it was really a health issue for the coaches and players, and not just performative politics, where were the fines? Where was the discipline? There was none. As for masks at Honda Center this season, will paper bags on heads count?
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    The latter half is not factually accurate. Viral load data has evidenced same and sometimes even more than adults since roughly this time last year. Here is just one of many. https://www.massgeneral.org/news/press-release/Massachusetts-general-hospital-researchers-show-children-are-silent-spreaders-of-virus-that-causes-covid-19?ftag=MSF0951a18
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    You know who would be great for Drysdale on that third pairing? Haydn Fleury. He's a big, but mobile left-hander. He's got plenty of games under his belt so he can provide a stabilizing presence. He's...wait, what's that you say? No longer with the team? But surely we wouldn't have given away a young, cheap defenseman with upside? Thanks, Bob. Maybe let's just put Deslauriers back there instead, since he was worth protecting. In seriousness, I could see Drysdale spending some time in the AHL to refine certain parts of his game, but there's no reason to send him back to juniors if the Ducks can avoid it. And Zegras clearly is ready to develop at the NHL level.
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    Ducks stay the course with the youth over the years...I am not pessimist but hopeful the Youth will inherit their roles and Light the Spark in our Ducks Fighting Spirit. DuckPride 4ever MooseDuck
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    I am hopeful Zegras and Drysdale can provide some sort of excitement throughout the season. It's just that I've been turned into a total pessimist when it comes to this team. All I can think of when it comes to those two is how they could spend the whole year developing losing habits under an overwhelmed coach who has never finished with a point% over .500 in an organization that doesn't care anymore. The idea of it has got a very pungent pre-McDavid Oilers stink to it.
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    With a handle of prison grade pruno and a lobotomy kit.
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    First, we have done that before. Typhoid Mary being the prime example of someone who was quarantined despite being all those things. I'm not saying her case was handled all that well by the powers that be, but she got out of quarantine and ended up infecting more people, some of whom died, because she was an asymptomatic carrier of typhoid fever. Second, while not being as deadly as typhoid, this virus has acted in ways that mean people who are not sick or showing symptoms can pass it along to others who might get sick and die from it. People who have had it might contract it again (and then pass it along). Being vaccinated and wearing a mask are no guarantees, but those things help stifle the spread and help reduce the risk of getting seriously ill for people who are indoors with a lot of other people. I don't think asking people to get a vaccine or get a test is too much to ask if they want to attend an indoor sporting event.
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    There's a lot of excitement among prospect guys for Groulx. That's my bet.
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    Oh, wow! He's from Landshut, which is a small town outside of Munich, but one that was home to a press manufacturer I used to represent. Funny to think this kid was probably running around at 5 years old when I took my trip there.
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    Could be a Weekend at Bernie’s situation going on then
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    He's supposedly not handling the contracts anymore (Solomon is), so this proves nothing.
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    Coaches wearing masks has efficacy both epidemiologically and socially. Masking inside the Pond - any uptake is worthwhile. Profess the mandate in hopes many wear one. I’ll wear one regardless, and I’m vaxxed (not double yet). Nothing is going to be perfect - we all know people are forging vax cards and that it’s impossible to expect Pond staff to be able to tell the difference. If they were serious, we’d all have to download and use the vax e-passport with NFC data verification (so that someone could let just use an edited screenshot). Anyway, they’ll publish best efforts and hope that most people will try to be careful and not jerks while at the rink. That’s reasonable, under the circumstances - those that are most worried will self-deselect. I think I’ll probably purchase drinks while there but I’m not sure about food. I’ll be missing the gourmet burgers until I feel more comfortable.
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    I live in Studio City. First I have to say that the San Fernando Valley has tons of knowledgeable Kings fans...I'm generally surprised that i see way more Kings stickers here than anywhere else in SoCal. I also agree it's a numbers games. The ratio of true fans vs casual fans vs bandwagoners are the same for Kings and Ducks i think. I do love the idea of the Ducks train to SD. It's brilliant. Reminds me of the road games back home in Switzerland. Generally there's a special train(s) usually reserved for the road fans to travel. There would be hundreds in the train already drinking, singing, chanting before we even got to the destination.
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    yep yep yep yep....completely agree. I just wish I could always have that amount of space and non-crowds at disneyland is all lol I'm with you on the mask-theater with the league. It was a joke. But, correct me if I'm wrong, all staff, coaches, and players were tested essentially daily, right? If that's happening, I dunno, the coaches wearing masks thing would seem pointless.
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    It’s an ice rink. It’s cold. I guarantee the ushers will not be able to see wristbands under the sleeves of jerseys and jackets. It’s just not practical.
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    Neither sell out as it is, so not sure it would change. There are more Kings sweaters, sure, but I tend to think we have a more true fans within our clump of sweaters.
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    1. Population. There are 3,898,747 people in the city of Los Angeles, just over 10 million in the county, 13 million in L.A. metro. By contrast, Anaheim's population is 346,824, with Orange County at 3,010,232. So, as far as that goes, it's a numbers game. 2. History. The Kings have been around 54+ years, the Ducks 28+. Again, just a numbers game. One to two more generations being exposed to Kings hockey over Ducks hockey.
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    Yes it did. When I posted the thread, I was unaware that Walgreen's and CVS provide free tests. Thankfully there was a kind poster who let me know we no longer have to pay $130+ for Covid tests.
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    The cap is not like a per diem from the league, where the owners can either spend it or pocket what they don't spend. It's just an upper limit on the amount an owner can spend on the roster for the season.
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    The motivation is for the owners to make money. The Samuelis have long said that they lose money on the Ducks. We have to take their word on it since the financials aren't publicly available, but that's what's been reported. The reason they don't spend to the cap is because they don't want to lose more money, which is understandable while also being disappointing. It means we don't get all the nice things we want. But in a season where they got expansion fees as an added source of cash, it should be a little easier to spend money to support the long-term success of the franchise. Essentially buying a first round pick by brokering a Tarasenko deal would be exactly that.
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    That's the sort of creative deal-making the Ducks should be all over. And yet our GM and/or ownership seem to want no part of it, whether because they don't want to spend the money or because Murray refuses to be creative.
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    He's had severe shoulder issues the last couple seasons. He was thoroughly mediocre in limited time last season (and only played ten games the season before that). He's about to turn 30, so he's into his decline. Tarasenko doesn't make any sense for the Ducks. He's only signed two more years, so while it would be fun to watch Zegras set him up for goals this season and next (assuming his arm is still attached to his body), it's not going to move the needle in terms of a playoff push. With Eichel, you can at least see the Ducks getting back to contention over the life of his contract. I don't think that's true of Tarasenko.
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    I don't get why anybody is surprised about this. The last thing the team wants is another season with no fans because this thing is running rampant. They're playing their part to try and keep cases low. If we see a variant of this thing that is even worse than the current variants, we could see more restrictions regarding capacity, which ultimately affects the team's bottom line. I don't think this is anything but a business decision. Re: children under 12, are Pfizer far away from releasing data on this age group? I can't remember but I think they said they would have this data by the end of the year? In that case they only have to miss games for a couple of months before they can get vaccinated. Doesn't seem like a big deal.
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    Ugh I’m bummed about the requirements. I run a childcare and this whole time me and my wife have felt good…since we got the vax it’s all gone downhill. I couldn’t even get the 2nd dose because I got so Sick. Such a bummer that we have to go through this just to enjoy a live sport
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    I´m gonna jump in. Calling them bottom 6 forwards is a bit harsh. And only 1 has accomplished anything with the team? It´s been a while but there was a time we were Stanley Cup contenders. Silfverberg was money in The Playoffs. He´s been great for us. They´re overpaid now but when healthy I´m sure there´s a role for them on this team.
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    While it’s certainly a bummer we are in this state of the world, at least SSH and folks bringing unvaccinated folks to HC wouldn’t have to pay for a COVID test. Walgreens and CVS are all now doing free PCR testing with results next day. While certainly an inconvenience, at least it’s not the $130+ we were seeing before!
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    Drysdale should really be in juniors this year. He didn't play enough games with the Gulls last season to qualify with whatever the agreement was with the NHL. The Ducks have no immediate need for him to be in Anaheim with the team being as bad as it is. Zergras should spend a good amount of time in San Diego to work on his game. Again, there is no immediate need for him to be in Anaheim. There isn't any point in ruining the future to put a few more butts in the seats in the present.
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    Bunch of Debbie Downers.....
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    man I got so excited when this off-season started with new assistant coaches.... I'm excited to see how Z and Drysdale improve and whatever other prospects come up and show what they've got. And I'm very curious to see how much, if at all, off last season was for Rico and Silfv and Rakell and others. What a potentially healthy Lindholm and Manson could be (fingers crossed) with the new assistants. And how Comtois continues to grow. I'd still be excited for Eichel (with proper assets staying here, obviously). I think he'll be fine after the surgery and he'll like living in SoCal and playing with someone like Z. I don't think BM thinks this is a playoff team at all. But I do think he thinks he's built a young team he wants to see grow and also is REALLY waiting to do anything till Eichel is resolved.
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    sounds like he got hired as an assistant coach for team USA for the 2022 olympics!! Nice!! congrats Ryan!!
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    Pretty brutal . Is it weird that I don’t even sigh anymore when this stuff happens . All jokes aside, what is this guy doing (not doing) ? It’s past laughable , now it’s just painful.
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    This, but also while constantly refreshing twitter to see if the Ducks have traded for Eichel yet.
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    I guess we’ll see. I ratted out a few people last season who weren’t masking to the ushers and the ushers didn’t hesitate to ultimatum the scofflaws (i.e. wear it or leave). I think we may find the staff being pretty aggressive about it over the first couple of games.
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