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  1. On turnovers in general, does it bother anyone else how our announcers handle those? "Shattenkirk's pass intercepted..." No, it went exactly to the person he passed it to. No Duck nearby, and stick-to-stick pass of a stationary opponent. That's not an interception, that's a bad pass. "Shattenkirk makes a terrible decision to pass it to..." should be the description. "Geztlaf passes it behind the net..." where nobody is waiting or even heading. How about "Miscommunication as no one there to receive Getzlaf's pass," or "Getzlaf turns it over behind the net"? It would be much more accurate.
  2. Isn't that the coach that, famously, has been knocked out of the playoffs with several great teams because he specifically couldn't adjust while his opponents were?
  3. So if he has 10 goals on a good team, he'd have 5 or 6 here, so somewhere around Steel. He also had 1 goal in 8 games last year vs. a Heinen with 3 in 9 games. We have those guys already. We traded for Djoos because we needed D that wasn't injured. He scored as many goals as Sprong. We also complained about how getting Sprong was a lousy choice, and how bad GMBM was bad for getting him. We really need to be more consistent in our complaints, and also in our stat comparisons on other teams. We really romanticize former players as if they are out there creating goals like McDavid and not simply being okay players who are benefitting from a good situation. Sprong would be just another middler here, like he was during his time here.
  4. I, too, hope it is Saturday... I have tickets! I'm really a sad sap for these things. I'll stand and clap until my hands bleed for every "last"... last entrance to the ice, last introduction, last time his defense hangs him to dry, last lap around the ice post game... and I'll also choke up for all of it.
  5. I think the play of Zegras and Drysdale has helped the potential for getting someone like Eichel. It may even be better for us if we wait until NMC and he DOES have a say. Queens are ready to throw the world at Buffalo. Prior to NMC, Sabres would go that direction. After NMC, Eichel may say that he wants to play with Zegras and Drysdale, so Sabres had better accept what the Ducks send. Obviously, it can't be peanuts, but it can be less than LA and still be enough.
  6. gotchabari


  7. It's alright, Jas. My tenor moved to Phoenix, so we could use a 4th if you could squeak out the top notes! (Spike, maybe you spell it 4rd instead of 4th. You're welcome to try tenor, also.)
  8. Filtering opinions after sampling them for a while is very adult. It's like "master level" adult. You think adulting is reading every opinion even after you've had time to determine their value? Maybe there's part of the issue.
  9. Correct, But it would be ludicrous to compare a hockey contract to a burger flipper. Considering that a weaker Selanne made $4M almost 10 years ago on a hometown discount, I don't think Getzy would even be offered less than that 10 years later. Manson makes $4M, so would Getzlaf. He is not going to make the same as Grant of Frenchy D. Sorry, but this is almost as ridiculous as trading him for a 7th rounder.
  10. Name one rebuild that was only young skaters and didn't include vets.
  11. Yeah, I think a weak Getzy is better than a lot of players. So he's not the #1 C. Teemu was 3rd line with PP time during his year-by-year extensions. Assuming the price is right, Getzy would be great in the same roles (as well as PK). Definitely still valuable at $4-5M.
  12. I meant its existence. The fact that it even had to be a thread didn't age well. OP seems a bit of a dive-bomber, so I guess I'm not shocked.
  13. This thread didn't age well in general. This was an absolute win of a trade, and he is doing well for his role.
  14. Except at the deadline they were asking for way more, including pieces that could have caused us to lose to the Kings anyway (which was a stupid defenseman's fault, really... that wasn't due to missing Kesler). There's lot's of ifs and buts where we only consider one part of the equation, whereas GMBM has to consider it all.
  15. I get it when it's a feeling of frustration. I just get frustrated myself when our assumptions and frustrations are presented as fact. This time of year is painful to watch us get bent out of shape mostly on snowballing one assumption into many others. It was a prospect and a first, and he didn't score for the entire end of the season for the Hawks, and scored fewer goals than Cogs and the same as Thompson by the end of the WCF that year, the Centers he would have replaced. And Thompson had a better face-off %. He scored two more against Tampa. See? We're still piddleed about that when it wouldn't have likely made a difference. In fact, we probably would have been piddleed that we lost a first-rounder (and prospect) for some who did no better than the players he replaced, and possibly worse due to Cogs superior forechecking and PK and Thompson's PK and FO. We're also assuming that Bob didn't offer a similar package and was simply declined. Or maybe Vermette made a request. I mean, the dude was nominated again for the Jim Gregory that year, after having won it. That is chosen by all the other GMs, who know what went on behind the scenes, and they thought he was one of the best three GMs of that year. I mean, yes I get frustration, but at some point we need to know that we know barely anything that goes on behind the scenes, and when those that do select him for awards and nominations, maybe we're wrong about our assumtpions? Agreed here. I'm glad we didn't panic with the garbage that was floating around.
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