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  1. Because math. 2 out of hundreds of other examples isn't great. Maybe later on.
  2. Not so many literal nothings, but a large sprinkling of "future considerations" or "conditional 7th round pick". https://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_team/Arizona_Coyotes/1
  3. I thought they did this all the time. Taking on bad contracts for older players and then burying them on LTIR or something like that?
  4. Why does thw roster have to stay the same. He didn't even PLAY much in Carolina, so was a third liner ONLY in Anaheim, and that was because Lindholm and Manson were hurt for most of it. Why would you not replace a replaceable player through trade? Why is the depth chart fixed because you lost someone off the bottom of it?
  5. I'm wondering if that was a "We'll let you have Kneeordano if..." kind of deal. So this was actually the backside of a deal rather than the upside.
  6. It was to Carolina when we got Fleury. Hawk and a 6th to them for Fleury in return.
  7. Why would a half-decent 3rd pairing guy have any impact on what is done with a future solid star? I hope he's not traded, either way, but this sentence just stopped me in my tracks a bit.
  8. Beginning a downward spiral, evidenced by a decent regular season, but no gas left in the playoffs.
  9. Well, yeah. They had a lot of assets and picks to get that done that a non-expansion team didn't have.
  10. I disagree with that. I think their last two teams would trounce their first year team. Making it to the Finals relies on a lot of things, including the quality of your opponents. The Sharks and Ducks were both starting a downward spiral, and weren't strong in the playoffs. Nashville matched up better with Vegas, but the bracket allowed Winnipeg to take them out first due to their match-up advantages. Overall, the West was weak. The current Knights team is worlds better, but also so is the rest of the Conference.
  11. Yeah, many more better players exposed back then due to the draft rules tomfoolery. This time they expected it, so no deals like Marchessault AND a Reilly trade. There's a reason very few are still with them today. As dark as it seems, I do think the Vegas shooting had an impact on making that first group a little better than they should have been, but since then they have been working trades like mad.
  12. At the time we picked Fleury, many of us suspected it was an ED deal. I'm not certain why any of us are shocked. I'm just waiting to see if that's it, or if there was another piece with that handshake deal.
  13. Pretty good job. We lost a pending UFA and 6th round pick to the Kracken. We suspected the Fleury deal may have been an ED-related trade, but this seals it up. I'll take that every day of the week and twice on Sunday. If he also got them to take another like Shattenkirk, that'd be nice, but not required. And Hawk is UFA, so is exactly where he would have been had we kept him. We can sign him if we want, or not if we don't need him. Zero loss in that capacity. We basically got a rental to expose.
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