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  1. I meant the Entry Draft, which is confusing since it has same initials as Expansion Draft.
  2. So his reward for sucking so bad, is that he gets to make our pick in the ED? Since when do teams fire their GM's AFTER the Draft? I don't buy it. If ownership wanted to send a message and get rid of him, they would have done it on Monday. I'll predict it now. He's not going anywhere, and neither is Eakins. Though I am not against Eakins staying as much as I am against Murray being able to make decisions through the 21-22 season. I'm so glad I moved my seats so I'm now paying 1/3rd of what I had been. I don't expect next season to be much different, and months from now, we'll still be here bashing BM, and his poor decisions. Ownership really doesn't care. But they do care about people coming to the arena and spending money on parking, food, drinks & merchandise. I can tell you right now, that when crowds return later this year to 100% capacity arenas, Honda Center is going to struggle reaching 10K attendance most nights. If I wasn't an original season seat holder, I'd not go anywhere near season tickets, because it's going to be easy getting good tickets for 1/2 face value almost every night.
  3. Sounds like it's essentially a money thing. As usual. There must be a loss of revenue from either TV contracts or ticket sales. Most likely the former. If that's the case, it's a 100% certainty they'll play every single missed game. Not because they matter, but because the money matters. That's the main reason they pieced together this joke of a season, where instead of teams playing a wide variety of opponents, they essentially were confined to a set list of teams, primarily within their own division. Not exactly the true test of a champion. The last season which finished in the Orlando bubble was more legit IMO than this one.
  4. They are locked into the #2 spot. They can only catch Detroit, if they win 2 games, and Detroit loses 2 in Regulation. But the 1st tiebreaker is Regulation Wins, and Detroit has 4 more than us, so it's impossible for us to finish ahead of them. The points situation with Vancouver is not relevant. They are not going to bother with Vancouver's missed games, because they're not relevant. No chance for them to make the playoffs. They'll get seeded in the draft according to their Points %.
  5. Vancouver missed a bunch of games. They'll be seeded based upon %, which right now would be 24th.
  6. Seeing all these tributes in the final games of Miller & Backes, makes me believe that Getzlaf would not just announce his retirement during the off season. There would be signs that he was about to hang up the skates, and the Ducks announcers would be mentioning it as a possibility. I don't think they really have gone in that direction, that I've heard. I can't say what he's thinking about where to play, but if he wants to stay a Duck for his whole career, he'll sign a 1 or 2 year deal, and all but indicate that it's his last contract.
  7. Buffalo 2 points behind, with 2 games remaining. Ducks have 3 games. Same # of Regulation Wins. I think next tiebreaker is Goals Differential? If so, Sabres have -56 and we have -52.
  8. They could start at the top by tossing BM overboard, losing most, if not all, of the coaching staff, and doing a complete overhaul of the lineup.
  9. Did Getzlaf announce his decision on next season and I missed it?
  10. All of this chatter about Getzlaf possibly retiring, makes me think it's looking more likely than not. In his recent interview, he did not come out and give a truly affirmative answer as to whether he intends to return next season. I understand that's partially a negotiating ploy, but he still could have indicated that he truly wanted to play with the Ducks next season, and would be going into the off season with an eye on getting a new contract. Instead, he's talking about re-evaluating after the season, and going from there. I find it highly unlikely that he's going to bolt, a la PK, and leave the Ducks with nothing to show for it. That would be a huge diss of the Ducks, knowing that they were going to lose him, that he's not going to retire as a career long Ducks member, combined with the fact they could have at least received something in return had they traded him at the deadline. I also don't think the Ducks have told him that it's time for the club to move on, and that they don't want him to return. I tend to believe it's up to Getzlaf at this point. The Ducks may very well be asking him to take a cut in pay, which he would likely have even if he signed elsewhere, so the puck is probably on Getz' stick, and the decision is up to him. I hope he doesn't take the same route that Scottie did, and retire when he still has at least a year or 2 of quality play in him, but given the state of the Ducks, I can see how he might.
  11. We're still right there with the bottom group of teams, and even have a shot at the #1 pick as the gap between us and Buffalo is only 4 points, and the Sabres have a game in hand. The whole idea that a couple of wins down the stretch is a good thing, and will carry over to next season, is Ridiculous. This was not a good team on Day 1, it's not a good team today, and if changes are not made during the off season, it will be an awful team come September. There is no such thing as carryover of momentum to a season that won't begin for at least another 5 months. The lower we finish overall, the better the pick we'll be able to lay claim to. While there's no guarantees, one thing is clear, the lower the finish in the standings, the better the pick we'll be in the running for in the lottery. I believe a team can only fall 3 slots, meaning the worst team will pick no lower than 4th, and has the best odds of picking 1st, 2nd or 3rd. So yeah, I'd much rather have the chance of picking up a player who can be Ducks property for years to come, rather than reach 45 points, only to finish ahead of 4 other teams, yet still be looking back on one of the worst seasons in Ducks' history.
  12. Thanks for putting words in my mouth. Do you even bother reading the post, or do you just like to start spewing lies like Faux Newz? I was talking about Ryan Getzlaf, not 99% of the world. So yeah....when you've made $7-$8 Million, and then the next season you have to accept 10-20% of that, IT IS PEANUTS. I also said that he doesn't need the money, and risking injury for a fraction of what he used to make, simply might not be too appealing to him.
  13. For Getzlaf, I think it comes down to whether he needs the money. And obviously, he probably doesn't. Take a salary for a 1 or 2 year deal, or spend more time with the family. There's no Stanley Cup as part of the consideration, and I don't believe he'll diss the Ducks by signing elsewhere. At this point, I think he's going to retire. In his most recent interview, he didn't sound like someone who was strongly considering signing a new contract and extending his career. He's got too much class to express the frustration and embarrassment he must feel every time he Captains the team. If $1 or $2 Million is all the Ducks are prepared to offer, I'd say it's 100% that he retires. Why risk injury for that amount of money when he could be at home with his wife and kids?
  14. So it sounds like we didn't trade any core player, and got a couple of decent players in return?
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