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  1. Siiiigh....that was pretty bad, yeah. And that was a move forced by Bob? .... 😕 Backes deserved to be in the lineup every game...and it's kinda sad to think if he was, he would have gotten to 1000 games played...he would have hit 1006...i mean, they could have made it so he was scratched for 6 games and make that Blues game his 1000... i mean, i don't think bob WANTED backes, but when he came over here he said he wanted to prove he still had value. And we just didn't use him right at all. And the moving of Rico to waivers...i don't like the way bob handled some of these things lately 😕
  2. eek, probably turned out for the best there. 😕 But I also agree, meaner heavier team is the way to go. We need our skilled players, but we need the bigness. I agree with Eakins. But I don't know if BM agrees. And if they aren't on the same page...doesn't matter how good either can or could be...it wont work. If Eakins has been terrible 'cause he's being forced to coach a style he doesn't believe in...it would make a lot of sense as to why his lineups seem so completely and utterly confusing. And why it seems like he doesn't know what he's doing.
  3. Yeah, I have to think him not signing is more for the ED than anything else. I was big on seeing if we could get Landeskog back when the avs were bad and we were good lol (around 2014-16ish? I can't remember exactly). The idea of a Landeskog-Getz-Perry line just seemed EPIC. And with Kesler and others...we would have been greatly feared physically...not sure how much I see it making sense now...especially with the team being *probably* 3 seasons-ish away from really contending again.
  4. ya know, if they time it right...the Ducks could be very competitive and contenders right at the same time as that brand new giant park or whatever is finished right by honda center! And even better if they can time it along ahead (or at least at the same time) as the Kings, too!
  5. I mean, I 100% agree that the excitement is on the ice. And it HAS to be. That's top priority. Off-ice stuff and interviews can't replace what happens on the ice... But who doesn't love a good Torts interview? Or love re-watching Roy vs. JR...or even Kesler vs. Johanson. "Why you hef to be mad?" (I know that last one isn't about cockiness, but it's still great haha) I think players just need to be themselves. If they want to trash talk or be cocky or whatever...cool! If they want to be humble or whatever...also cool! If they want to be stiff and rigid and just say the things they're trained to say...then they probably don't speak english well or don't like doing interviews or get shy or nervous or whatever...also cool! As long as it doesn't go too far and cross the line *cough*SeanAvery*cough* then it's all in good fun. But it's what happens on the ice that matters most.
  6. "maybe be a little comfortable with losing" that is terrifying to hear...that...that's the losing culture right there....I wonder how Gibby's smoke signals are coming along... But I would imagine that this is where someone like Getz and even Shatt can help...just not letting guys be comfortable with losing. It's gotta come from the guys who have won it all...
  7. Absolutely! Honestly, saw the news and was sad to see it happen. There was a sense of comfort with knowing someone who's been there since day 1 was always there. Hats off indeed! Thank you, McNab!
  8. ...Followed by "the assistants have been let go and Trent Yawney and Paul MacLean have been hired as defensive and special teams coach respectively."
  9. I see, got it got it got it. I mean, yeah, Rico would be a great get for them if you ask me. Yeah, Fleury sort of complicates things. The ED is on July 21st....and the lottery is on June 2nd (less than a month away!!) with the draft happening July 21st it looks like....and free agency July 28th....so we'll definitely know where we will pick by the ED but not who. Also, teams have to have their protected list by July 17th.
  10. "#1 defensemen" is a bit of a stretch for how people viewed Theo back then. We all liked him and didn't want to lose him, but he had not shown he's a "#1 defenseman" at that point. And I think it's a bit unfair to call the others "subpar defensemen." Looking back at when we gave up Theo+Stoner to Vegas, most (not all) were pretty stoked on the deal, felt it was one of the better moves a GM did in the ED, and considering all the rules and having to lose SOMEONE...this was a pretty good result. Some weren't into it and no one wanted to lose Theo. Theo at that point had shown promise but also had made bad decisions that resulted directly in goals that playoffs. Manson followed up that next season with a career season and he led all D in the league in +/-. I really don't think the D we kept was an issue with the players, but with the staff. We changed our D coach that next season and our D has been terrible ever since. Also, kinda funny, Larsson was brought up a few times as showing why Theo was redundant. Sigh...we were so naive back then lol Also, also we got Rico for Vats and that was almost universally considered a win for the Ducks. if Theo doesn't reach his ceiling (or break it) in Vegas, we don't care. I'm not convinced, with the staff we had from 2018 on, that Theo would be as good as he is now if he stayed with us. But as someone said back on that Expansion Draft thread...."this is good...unless Theo hits his ceiling and Manson/Vats crap the bed...then all the pitchforks will come out." lol
  11. Sounds like the perfect kind of coach for our team! ....
  12. Yeah, I'm torn on Torts as I'm not sure how much the youngings would be into him...I do like him though. But also, yeah, I was kinda hoping to immediately see the assistants gone today... at least lol and while no move right now doens't mean anything, I do think you're right that we are seeing Eakins next season
  13. my god...this show is terrible haha...
  14. Yeah, it'll be interesting to see! I went looking back at the expansion draft thread for Vegas and we were able to get rid of the Stoner contract with just allowing Vegas to take Theo and so many (while sad to give up Theo) were stoked that BM was able to do that without giving up a pick. So I'd have to imagine we'd be able to give up Rico's contract for something not too minimal considering how productive Rico can be. I agree with the broadcast...I think we'll see a better performance from him next season wherever he is. Same with Silfv.
  15. Connor McDavid hits 100 pts....in the 2nd period of the 53d game of the season...he figured in ALL 4 goals so far for the Oilers....holy mcJesus!
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