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  1. yeah, to trade up for him is interesting....
  2. I immediately went there too, and would even go as far as 2017...just to give more of the Kesler years in there...but I was just looking back at 2007 and seeing how that team had the heavy identity mixed with high skill to have the balance of both which -- for having Z, Dry, and Terry -- feels more like we'd be going towards than not. Were we fast in 2013? or 2014? I feel definitely 2015 - 2017 we really weren't (which is probably why you didn't include 2 of those years lol) I just don't see how our young stars fit into a heavy team -- without comparing it to 2007. I agree about our current group and I don't mind getting harder to play against and forechecking more. Z and Terry need a Kunitz then lol ....I guess Comtois, Z, Terry could be interesting. But McT w/ Comtois seems like a better fit right now in my mind. Maybe Jones could be more of a kunitz for Z/Terry
  3. also I loved how after Seattle's pick the NHL guys were like..... "huh......ok......" just silence for 5 seconds lol
  4. Drysdale and Zellweger should be split up, I would say. With confidence...at this stage without even knowing who Zellweger is till just now .... Seems like a good pick though! Shocked at his size...especially for Bob to take him. Feels like this is the opposite of being a heavy team lol but taking a skilled player like Olen sounds great!
  5. ahhhhh Doan went to Arizona! nice haha
  6. im all for getting some sort of identity back....and I love the physical identity we had with Getz/Perry etc...but I just don't feel like Zegras, Drysdale, Terry really fit into the old identity....maybe it's too soon to tell, but they come off as not big on the hitting...not that everyone has to be...but I feel building an identity that really works with Z, Dry, and Terry makes more sense than one around Comtois, Jones, and McTavish... i dunno, our 2007 team had a balance of skill/tough...so it could work. ...we better be great at the PK....
  7. ohhh ouch now Chicago is making their pick..... awwkward....
  8. I can see Bettman just being like "oh god damnit, Marc....you just made it to the finals!"
  9. yeeeeah.....oh wow........that....wow.....i can't believe he picked him....
  10. "the NHL Draft Night....the night we see a bunch of couches" hahahahahaa that was soo good
  11. yeah, I feel like we could have moved down to select him....
  12. interesting the rangers didn't go for Bolduc....
  13. welp, at this point...i think Bob is done for the day....
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