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  1. Ducks GM Bob Murray says he spoke with captain Ryan Getzlaf about trading him, but Getzlaf only wanted to move if Anaheim could get something significant in return to help the franchise, "and it wasn't there. He is all about the organization, whatever is best for us."
  2. more bold that he would move to an area he has no desire to move to.
  3. On the deadline show, they are saying Getz has given permission to be traded to Vegas. I hope he does get a shot at a cup and then returns next year.
  4. I agree with this, buy poisoned to me is Tony D Angelo in the locker room.
  5. The dude creates space. It's amazing at 19, that he does this so well already. Watch every game this year, and we RARELY have seen anyone create any space. And then they get frustrated and grip the sticks. Vicious cycle.
  6. That's because of the talent around him. Like I said, he needs good players around him. Not buying that lack of talent equates to a toxic locker room. There's an extreme lack of offensive talent. Terry and Jones are just brutal on offense.
  7. This. I love his attitude. They just posted an interview from today. He brings a little Teemu spirit to the team
  8. explain this poisoned locker room to me. The team doesn't have enough offensive talent. Adam is one of the hardest working guys on the team, but he's the type of player that needs some skill helping him to produce.
  9. Rico is not out. Maybe he will be, but I doubt it. Jones and Terry could be the odd guys out. Heinen-Getz- Henrique Silf- Steel - Zegras Comtois - Lundstrom- Rakell. I'd switch Rakell and Heinen ... I think Henrique-Getz-Rakell line could do some damage. Jones is looking like a 4th liner more and more everyday. Or make a 4th line out of Jones - Grant - Terry. That could do some damage as a 4th.
  10. A lot of players are going to be bette with Zegras on the team. Lines 2 and 3 will get better also
  11. https://twitter.com/icemancometh/status/1363592047916015616?s=20
  12. I'm not understanding why you have to get rid of anyone to sign him. Kesler to LTIR. He'd be a great fit. 65. 70, and pro rated 55 pts the last 3 years.
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