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  1. From wikipedia: The Buffalo Sabres traded their 2017 NHL Entry Draft sixth-round pick in exchange for Vegas selecting William Carrier.[14] The Florida Panthers traded Reilly Smith in exchange for Vegas selecting Jonathan Marchessault and a 2018 Entry Draft fourth-round pick .[15] The Carolina Hurricanes traded Boston's 2017 Entry Draft fifth-round pick (previously acquired) in exchange for Vegas selecting Connor Brickley.[16] The Winnipeg Jets traded their 2017 Entry Draft first-round pick (13th overall) and a 2019 Entry Draft third-round pick in exchange for Vegas selecting Chris Thorburn and Columbus' 2017 Entry Draft first-round pick (24th overall; previously acquired by Vegas).[17] The Tampa Bay Lightning traded their 2017 Entry Draft second-round pick, Pittsburgh's 2018 Entry Draft fourth-round pick (previously acquired) and Nikita Gusev in exchange for Vegas selecting Jason Garrison.[18] The New York Islanders traded their 2017 Entry Draft first-round pick, a 2019 Entry Draft second-round pick, Mikhail Grabovski and Jake Bischoff in exchange for Vegas selecting Jean-Francois Berube.[19] The Anaheim Ducks traded Shea Theodore in exchange for Vegas selecting Clayton Stoner.[20] The Minnesota Wild traded Alex Tuch in exchange for Vegas selecting Erik Haula and a conditional 2017 or 2018 Entry Draft third-round pick .[21] The Columbus Blue Jackets traded their 2017 Entry Draft first-round pick, a 2019 Entry Draft second-round pick and David Clarkson in exchange for Vegas selecting William Karlsson.[22] The Pittsburgh Penguins traded their 2020 Entry Draft second-round pick in exchange for Vegas selecting Marc-Andre Fleury.[23]
  2. If that's the case, I feel better about it. I don't know if we'll ever know, but that really is Hakanpaa+6th. We were never going to keep Fleury in the first place.
  3. It sounds like Vegas held teams hostage for months leading up to the draft and they haven't had any trouble making deals since then. I understand not being complete jerks, but they also should be using their position to acquire as many assets as possible. If I'm Seattle, I'm saying, "Yeah, we'll take your UFA who wasn't going to sign with you anyway, but toss us a lower round draft pick and we won't select a player and THEN sign your guy." So yeah, there could be a measure of respect, but Seattle should be taking some advantage of their leverage.
  4. I think Drysdale will most likely be with the NHL team this season, although it's not a sure thing. As for Fleury, I don't really buy the "Hakanpaa + a 6th" thing. That's like trading half a soggy peanut butter sandwich for a pudding cup and then just shrugging your shoulders when someone takes your pudding cup. It's still frustrating that he made a good move and then followed it up with a poor one to completely negate the good move. At the end of the day, the Ducks are no worse off, so yes, that's some solace. But they could have been better off with better decision making. I'm not torn up about it, but it's one of those little things that's adding to my frustration with Murray.
  5. I think they got the ability to talk to the UFAs once they showed up on the exposed lists, and having that assurance is worth something. That said, my guess is that they're getting a little something from those teams as enticement.
  6. I actually thought about that as I was looking at which teams haven't been leaked. Taking Skinner or Okposo in order to facilitate an Eichel deal would be the nuclear option when it comes to weaponizing cap space. Good on them if they can pull that off.
  7. That's probably right, but I think they'll get there. Eberle and Gourde get them half of the difference, so they've got to make up the remaining $11 million with five picks.
  8. Eberle was listed earlier but was taken down. He'll be another $5 million. Gourde is probably the pick from the Lightning, and he's $5 million. So that gets them close right there, assuming those are the selections.
  9. Now here's where I'm not sure of the rules - do they get to count free agents' salaries against that number? So if they sign Adam Larsson to a $6 million deal, do they get to include that $6 million toward the minimum?
  10. Aren't they both already on their fourth year? The COVID season doesn't count against their eligibility, so their junior year is their fourth year. But maybe I'm wrong about that.
  11. Bob, please don't double down on suboptimal asset management by resigning Hakanpaa.
  12. Yeah. Being a Ducks fan these days feels a little bit like volunteering at the carnival's "Kick Someone in the Crotch!" booth.
  13. Yeah, makes sense. I just hope at least one of Thrun and LaCombe turn into something, or that the team can finally figure out how to develop Mahura.
  14. The Athletic just posted that the Bruins pick is Lauzon, but interestingly, they removed Eberle as their pick from the Islanders.
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