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  1. DucksFan_08

    2021 - Final 4

    Color me surprised that they won after that 8-0 whooping. I thought they were toast. And Kucherov left the game. Tampa is deep but losing Kucherov will hurt nonetheless.
  2. Unless he's dealing with a dumb GM Adams is screwed either way. He can demand all he wants but at the end of the day Eichel's value isn't that high. He's an amazing talent but he's damaged goods. Disgruntled and injured and gets paid 10 mil. Because of the salary a lot of teams are already out. From the moment he said he wanted out, his value went down considerably. And adams probably doesn't want to see Eichel in the east. I can realistically see The Ducks, kings and blue jackets (though they're in the east) in the mix. Adams only wins the trade if Eichel can't recover from his injury or when the picks he receives turn out to be some great NHL'ers. There's also the option (the dumb GM option) that somebody overpays. BM offering Zegras + 3rd for example but I can't imagine somebody being that stupid. Not to mention he has a dissatisfied Reinhart on the team and perhaps the worst contract in the NHL with skinner.
  3. That's the only way I can be on board with an Eichel deal but buffalo would be incredibly dumb not to ask for any of them. I can see Dostal having quite some value but not as a center piece for Eichel. Man I've been dying for a big move by BM since the Kesler trade and now that these rumours are surfacing I'm getting anxious 😀
  4. DucksFan_08

    2021 - Final 4

    This was great. Awesome how his teammates jumped on him after the wistle.
  5. I gotta say I was all Avs before the Playoffs started but the habs are impressing me. Perry playing for them is a bonus. I wouldn't mind them going all the way. I really thought they'd go out in 5 or something against the leafs. What a surprise that was. And then the sweep of the jets. Impressive. I can't see them getting past the avs or golden knights but who knows? Perry has really become a role player. He has found good chemistry with Staal & Armia. It helps the habs can roll 4 lines and that he indeed doesn't have to face the best D pairings. He's not afraid to go in the dirty areas and obviously he brings a lot of experience.
  6. Seems to me Power has become the clear cut #1 after the WC. It's as stated above. If buffalo has 5 guys on their mind they'd be dumb not to take 2 1st rounders instead of 1. But if they want Power, Beniers or let's say Eklund they're not gonna move down to 5th.
  7. Very happy for Henrique. BM placing him on waivers was a punk move IMO. I'm glad he made an impact as team captain. If he stays great, if he leaves it might boost his value a bit.
  8. If that would be the case I think the jets are also done. I really wasn't expecting a habs win to be honest. Just saw the footage. What a punk move. Wouldn't mind to see him suspended for the rest of this round at least. Great job by Ehlers though who tried to keep everybody away from Evans.
  9. Apparently dubas and shanahan came out and said they won't move Marner and want to keep the big 4 together. Of course they're gonna say that in public but I really believe they'll hold on to them. It's gonna be an interesting summer in toronto.
  10. That was a rumor back in the day when Manson was playing way better and wasn't injury prone. So we most definitely would have to add and I think something significant if we want to dump Grant's contract. And I think Manson has only 1 year remaining on his contract. Anyway I don't see them trading Nylander. As I stated already he actually showed up in the Playoffs and earns a lot less than JT, Matthews & Marner. It's crazy how their fanbase is roasting Marner. I kinda feel bad for the kid. He just turned 24 and has put up 25 points in 32 Playoff games. He may be soft but I wouldn't call him a disaster either. Sure he makes 11 mil and that's not good but dubas gave him that contract. Matthews doesn't take that much heat while their performances were pretty much the same. I wouldn't say no to Marner (starting in 22-23 he makes 8 mil in actual salary) but then I think toronto would have to retain something or take back a cap dump (Shattenkirk).
  11. What will the leafs do? This is their 5th year with matthew, marner, reilly and nylander. Tavares is excused because he only played in 2 of those 5 seasons (not counting this one since he left in game 1). Five disappointments later you gotta wonder whether they will go on with that core? Their D needs work and they only have campbell signed in net (good contract if he can keep it up). Hyman will be looking for a raise and they lack depth up front. Their signings to add toughness (simmonds, foligno) weren't a huge success either. I'd love to have Nylander who actually showed up in the Playoffs. Would you trade away our 2021 1st for him? Our 1st + Josh Manson + Derek Grant (cap dump). Too much or too little?
  12. This is officially too funny 😁 I don't have issues with toronto per se but I was reading a lot of facebook comments the past weeks (I know 😛 )and their fans are so cocky. If you haven't won since 1967 or didn't advance past the 1st round since 2004 you should be a little modest. But no they couldn't get over how bad Carey Price was playing and how amazing Matthews was. Not to mention their genius GM dubas who finally added much needed toughness. They are so proud of how they can fit all their contracts under the cap and so on. They needed a whooping. Sucks for JT though. Having said that losing him and muzzin isn't an excuse. I guess you can buy talent, heart not so much. This is great and well deserved for the Habs. I'm glad for Perry who really plays a role on that team. He's not just a passenger. Congrats to the canadiens although I fear round 2 is the end of the ride for them.
  13. I hope so. He's allowed to throw 2 guys under the bus. Himself and Eakins. Or he should redeem himself by having an extremely solid summer but I seriously doubt that.
  14. 7-1 is ridiculous. That top line is ridiculously good. I know there's a lot of Boston haters on this forum but I'd love to see an Avs - Bruins final just to see Rantanen - MacKinnon - Landeskog go head to head with Marchand - Bergeron - Pastrnak.
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