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  1. That would be crazy. Seems like a win win win. Or Ana trades for Eichel and Reinhart….and Risto lol who knows. Each team just dumps everything. Anaheim Sabers and Buffalo Ducks
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was closer to 5. Based i. The ratio you described and the inflation of contracts, even in flat cap, he will get more than RR. RR contract today would be 4.5. MC gets 5.
  3. I actually agree with Gibson being part of the trade. I’ve said in the past, Gibson is in his prime now. In 2-4 years once the Ducks are coming out of a rebuild, will he still be in his prime if not mentally drained from being hammered every night. We have Dostal in the pipe line and Stolarz right now. If we are going to be in another year or two of down turn why not play with a ‘B’ goalie and a solid prospect to back him up. If we got Eichel there is a good chance he misses a big part of if not all of next season with neck surgery? We will be at the bottom of the pack next season regardless. Then shipping Gibby helps in draft position too. If we didn’t have Gibson this season, we would have the #1 more likely. Buffalo needs a goalie and shipping him there may save us from having to include the number of players we are all unwilling to let go of. No sense in wasting Gibsons prime years with us. They can be wasted in Buffalo (sorry Gibby). But it’s the truth.
  4. Or it could go badly and we have another Kesler/Eaves type situation where we are paying a player not to play. This team can not afford to do that unlike some teams. People are saying if we make this happen it could shed 2-3 years off the rebuild. BUT if he continues to have issues or becomes a lesser player because of it, we could be adding 2-3 more years to the rebuild due to loss of assists and money being tied up. Having said that, I am still for it to give this team some spark and excitement to the fans. It’s just risky is what I am saying. Side note, because I haven’t seen anyone say this. For all we know, we COULD get an Eichel like talent with the #3 pick. Unknown true draft positions and scouting analysis. We Could end up with an absolute gem. Or a dud for the same reasons. Just saying.
  5. I am assuming the other two are gone, but I haven't seen that they were let go. Did their contracts just expire?
  6. Eklund? He was playing in the Swedish elects league and doing well. He is in the talks around 5-7
  7. Ya, Jaw Muscles.
  8. Matt Belesky was a serviceable and was 3-4 rounder I believe. He had a career year then chased the money and flopped in Boston. But still. Even with Colorado in the bottom four, they are arguably the best team out there right now. They are looking strong. So despite ‘not drafting well’ they have a great team with super stars they drafted..so I don’t agree with that. Unless they get 1 superstar out of 10 so it’s a lower success rate, but it doesn’t matter cause that 1 guy is better than the 5 decent guys we drafted…not sure if I am making sense. I would out Colorado ahead of us in drafting.
  9. Wasn’t the rumor Nylander for Mason straight up before? If we are throwing the 1st in just to dump Grant no thanks. If the Ducks can get Power in the draft, we will have our big D that could replace Manson? I wouldn’t want to give up the pick if it’s Power. It also depends on the expansion draft too. Who is for sure gone or traded. Maybe Manson is gone, doubtful but who knows. Gibby and Manson for Marner? The money would be close to washing out if I remember correctly. Solves both teams issues or a chunk of them.
  10. Definitely sounds like the assistants will be replaced. He hinted at it, especially the powerplay, a number of times. Getting creative to go to the tough areas and draw penalties is a goal as well.
  11. Well McNabb retired so it’s just Nonis and Solomon. Still odd. Is it normal; do other teams have two assistants? I didn’t even know Nonis was still around.
  12. Although accidental and he was a good sport afterward, he almost killed Tavares with his knee as he fell. I know this a couple days late but no one mentioned it. Perry always in the middle of a controversy/‘accident’
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