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  1. Well if someone below us wins the lotto we move to 3, but Seattle gets 3, so we drop to 4. So it isn’t guarantee.
  2. To be FaaaaaaaiR, the NHL was a lot meaner back then with different rules. That’s what Teemu was saying too. Today’s game is a little more forgiving to size and age but I would say the speed/pace and composer needed is the difference. Drys and Z seem to have that, which made their jump up easier for them.
  3. What about the fact that, just maybe, the team wants to move on. Maybe his words are centered around Bob telling him they may or may not have a spot for him. I can’t imagine that’s true, but is a possibility too. For the record I just skip over Spikes messages. Too negative and argumentative anymore. And by the Spike way it’s 3rd not 3th, I can’t stand it anymore.
  4. To be faaiiir he posted a link for it from a rumor site.
  5. That’s what happens when you think something in a rumor site is true.
  6. Both Mete of Montreal and Vatanen are on waivers. Both guys ducks have been linked to/rumored to be/these forums wanted. Could get both for free. Make trades and grab them.
  7. Avs got Dubnyk from Sharks
  8. Or he got lucky...it’s funny how things turn out. We praise him for this but we blow him up for Wild Bill. Any trade can pan out one way or the other or for both side. It’s a crap shoot. For the record I am not saying you are one that does this, just stating as a general argument. You might be but I don’t keep notes on everyone like some people lol
  9. I remember it being a respectful conversation between him and GMBM. BM said he asked him if he would want to go (Sharks were a cup favorite then), but Miller wanted to stay, BM said ok. No NTC just a thing of respect for a vet. At the time everyone praised BM for it, now we want his head lol
  10. The problem is, even the best player in the league doesn’t score 1 goal a game. If this group is as good as it gets, we need to add by subtracting as well. Subtract 3 players that combine for maybe 25-30 goals a season, but add 2-3 that score a combined 100 to get us to that goal marker is a BIG difference. Cap space, moving prospects or picks to get them, ability to attract said players in FA if they are even available. And even this is easier said than done. There are so many factors. D has to play 10% better, goalies need to stop 10% more, forwards all need to increase production 10%, then maybe we hit that GF mark or GF/GA ratio. The 10% sometimes is literally the difference between an NHL player and an AHL player. There are players on this team that we hold to a higher degree because they are/were our highest point producers or leading TOI, but on any competing team that same player is in the middle of the pack of that teams roster. We are filled with sub par players, underachieve ones, and fading veterans. Call any of that what you want or blame whoever. Pointing the finger won’t change that. We need a GM and Coach that will do what needs to be done to fix it. I get what you are saying and I love every guy on the team, but sometimes you have to know when to cut the cord. How you get that 10% is a big question in of itself. Trim the fat, acquire a star player or two somehow and put a system in place for success. Unfortunately we are drowning on so many fronts, it will take a ton of work, hard decisions and restructuring to make it happen. It appears that GMBM does not have the ability or the guts to make those moves and Eakins lacks that 10% whatever it is an AHL coach needs to be an NHL coach.
  11. Word on the street is because Ekblad went down, Predators playing well and their big Dmen may be off the market for now, that Josh Manson’s value has gone up now that he has returned from injury.
  12. Basically the Ducks are the new Hawks.
  13. In terms of the expansion draft in itself we will lose someone and/or picks. If you are referring to more than that, the regular draft the Kraken will get the third highest percentage to win the lottery (I think third). So if the ducks are 3 or less we get bumped down a spot right away in terms of percentage to win. Another team in our conference and division will make it that much harder to make the playoffs. The west current has 15 teams to the Easts 16. Even the potential of losing some fan base. New team and excitement combined with a struggling franchise will scare some fans to the Kraken. But they gain the expansion fee dues. They may not lose a player in the expansion draft rather they could be shedding themselves of a dud or bad apple and gain cap space.
  14. ike8228


    They also have usually come from very poor life and tend to be driven more by money than loyalty and jump at the highest paying gig they can get regardless. This seeems to be a larger trend with Russian players compared to most others. Unfortunately, this is the rap that is associated with them and makes some teams cautious.
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