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  1. Well, i know a few people moving out of this state. The politicians and bureaucrats still collect their checks, but they get to tell everyone else who gets to work, who gets to collect their checks. The back breaker is the closing of the schools, when everyone knows the children aren't in danger. It's just Sacramento bullying working people, and making it harder for them to live their lives.
  2. Playoffs, when they start in April... usually go to June. But 28 games max, played every second day no exceptions... 56 days... could be done in two months with four days available... I guess use one between round one and two, and between two and three, and a whole two extra days before the Cup Finals...
  3. I bought a used nhl game to watch cpu vs cpu simulations. Adapt overcome ha ha.
  4. The Ducks are in a better position for this entry draft... instead of keeping a cup window open, they can simply assess their roster, look at who they expect other teams to expose for the entry draft, and roll with it. Hope it lights a fire under our younger 'vets', and if it doesn't, a great opportunity to reshuffle the deck.
  5. It is an interesting thought. I think at the time, the front office was trying to keep the Cup window open, when it had already closed. Cam isn't terrible though. He's a very good 2nd pairing defenseman playing 1st pairing minutes. For the expansion draft... there were others the Ducks could expose first. Vatanen? You lose Henrique coming back in a trade. Manson? Not enough physicality left. Hampus? He'd just had one of his best seasons if I remember right. Montour at the time, looked like a better offensive defenseman. In the end, I wouldn't say that the move was bad, but rather that such developments of former players suggest that the Ducks training and development is inferior to that of the teams the players ended up on. At the time Theodore looked redundant. If he now stands out on another team, what were our coaches and trainers doing wrong? That's where the finger should be pointed in those cases. I think it's time to change GM's as we rebuild, but players doing better on other teams isn't something you can blame the GM for in my opinion.
  6. Bruins may be a better fit for Ritchie
  7. Purely for silliness... Milano is on pace for 38 goals with the Ducks... two a game times 19 games left... hahaha. But he hustles, has skills, based on one game, he's almost Kase 2.0.
  8. Milano and Gubrandson are the best pickups of the season currently. Gubrandson is the blue liner we didn't know that we needed ha ha.
  9. If the Ducks win the draft lottery... better to take 1,2,3 this year to trade down to top 15 and get an extra 2021 pick? Is it a deep draft this coming offseason?
  10. I'm pretty sure the Eaves injury happened after the signing, and that both that and the syndrome that appeared post injury, were not present when the contract was signed. It's bad luck for the Ducks, no more than that. Murray has made ill advised signings at times, but I don't think it's fair to count Eaves against him.
  11. Backes said he'd be doing a couple weeks of practice before he's game ready. But great that he's starting early.
  12. Josh Manson has to get either two 1st picks back (2021 1st is fine), or the best prospect from both the Leafs and the Canucks. Otherwise, please don't make that trade.
  13. Keeping Kase would maintain the status quo. The status quo isn't good enough. Stocking up picks improves the odds that one or more of the picks works out. Not every pick needs to work out, so long as one or two does.
  14. This is a good trade of inconvenience today for benefits tomorrow. I hope the Ducks can turn that late 1st round pick into a mid first round pick... or add another first round pick by Monday. Backes will be good for the locker room I expect, even if the next season and a half are his last in the league, I'll take that for what came with him. Witnessing his effort could be not only inspiring, but also an incentive. He's been in the league for a while, and can remind the kids that they don't have forever in the league, no one does. His contract expires before Seattle's draft, so that's a plus as well.
  15. I just heard about Nolan Patrick... some teams have worse luck than the Ducks. He's been out all season
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