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  1. Hayden Fleury was a first round pick (#7). It was a good hockey trade for both clubs.
  2. Hayden Fleury from Carolina. Hakanpaa goes to Carolina with a 6th rounder.
  3. That is a fair return.
  4. Another thing to consider.....with no fans, the importance of post season gate isn’t an issue, so borderline teams may just stand pat.
  5. Better to hold your assets than give them away. Not trading someone can actually turn out to be the best deal.
  6. Dumb to have your first power play stars out there in a chippy game that is already decided.
  7. So who gets traded between game end and noon tomorrow?
  8. That was a good tilt with ND and OBrien. Kudos to O’Brien for being the man Kadri’s not. It’s gotta suck for a team to need player to due the bidding for zeros like Kadri. Same guy repsonsible for the forum page is working on the trade deadline.... ——-JK
  9. That was a good tilt with ND and OBrien. Kudos to O’Brien for being the man Kadri’s not. It’s gotta suck for a team to need player to due the bidding for zeros like Kadri.
  10. I would rather the officials set a uniform standard of infractions. My beef is the league is throwing Peel under the bus for long standing sanctioned activity. Game management is not a new thing.
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/yost-the-nhl-rule-book-seems-headed-for-a-reckoning-1.1613303 https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/nhl-fires-referee-tim-peel-after-hot-mic-captures-him-n1261954 https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/why-tim-peels-hot-mic-incident-should-have-long-term-implications-on-nhl-officiating/ar-BB1eVNWo The phantom call and make up calls have been going on for years. Tim Peel gets removed from officiation duties for getting caught discussing "game management" by an open mic. Game management has been an open secret for decades. What makes me laugh (and cringe) is the league offices are acting like they're doing something for the integrity of the time, while they have been in on the plot all along. Tim Peel could be an adverture to watch officiate a hockey game, but this response is closer to a case of throwing the guy under the bus who outed the leagues dirty little secret, despite evidence it's closer to unofficial NHL policy. Peel should retire, start drwaing his pension, and seek a job in broadcasting.
  12. I also remember it well. I got on a waiting list for season tickets too. Was able to get into a few games the opening season. Saw more games at the GWF than at the Ponda that opening season. Locked in a set of seats in the nosebleed endzone starting in the shortened 94-95 season. Worked my way to a better seat over time. No nets up on the ends back then. Would have been crazy to sit down low in an endzone without nets. I would agree that the inaugural team would beat this one in abeat of seven. In five or six games. They were a better team just on coaching.
  13. Whilst it’s not intentional they tank, it’s what’s going to happen. They’re just not very good.
  14. Losing is good when you have no hope of making or advancing in the playoffs. Complete rebuild. Trade anyone under 25 if the return is right, Hampus and Gibson might be the only exceptions to that thought. Someone being a fan from 1993 should see the writing on the wall. Ducks are bad....really bad in fact. They look worse than in the expansion days.
  15. My plan is to suck and get a lotto pick. This year for sure, and maybe next year. Eakins is an effective Tank Commander.
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