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  1. tommer-1

    2021 - Final 4

    What? In 2018 they didn't have Jones or Steel? Jones and Steel had way more value then than they do right now. As for Rakell, that's why you trade him to Vegas as the "goal scorer" they need, instead of Pacioretty. He just signed his deal, was way cheaper, and could have easily brought back Suzuki. I'm not $3 mil shy, Don't trade for Backes, don't sign Grant, don't sign Shattenkirk. That's over $8 mil right there. It was me just being silly, but all of those moves DEFINITELY could have been made. And having Perry and Suzuki and Caufield instead of Rakell, Steel and Jones is a nice fantasy.
  2. Palmieri, Fowler, Ritchie... Not exactly the bright side, is it?
  3. tommer-1

    2021 - Final 4

    Rakell Steel Jones That's $5.415 mil If Caufield AND Suzuki were in the lineup this season, it would have been $1.743 mil So, money/cap would not have been an issue. Don't make the Backes trade, don't re-sign Grant, don't sign Shattenkirk.
  4. What if Power is available at #3 - and we know Bob will take him if he is - and he turns into the next Eric Gudbranson or Zach Bogosian or Luke Schenn or Adam Larsson or Ryan Murray or Griffin Reinhart or Noah Hanifan or Olli Juolevi? Yikes.
  5. tommer-1

    2021 - Final 4

    If the Ducks had kept Perry, I would have been fine with that. As long as they also found a way to get the 15th overall pick in the 2019 draft from MON (maybe by trading Steel and Jones?) and also found a way to trade Rakell to Vegas for Suzuki and a 2019 2nd round pick. I would have been good with keeping Perry under those circumstances...
  6. Bob has a really difficult time moving on from good players at the right time. He either holds on too long, or gives up too early.
  7. Well the quote from an offseason or two ago, from another NHL GM, was that Bob Murray "loves Manson more than you love your wife."
  8. The Perry buyout is pretty simple. They agreed to pay him $2 mil a season for 4 seasons and made him a free man. So, $8 mil total. Had he stayed, they only would have paid him last season and this season. But they would have paid him $8 mil last season and $7 mil this season. $15 mil. So they saved $7 mil in actual money. He also would have been a $8.625 mil cap hit last season and this season. So he was a $6.265 mil cap hit this season, a $2.625 cap hit last season, and a $2 mil cap hit next season and the following season. He had built a legacy for himself in ANA, and was having a hard time not living up to it. Murray also didn't make it easier on the twins by finding their replacements, so they could age gracefully. Perry is still a gamer, and was able to fill a role with DAL and now with MON. Really, everybody wins in his buyout. It made sense for him as a player, for the Ducks financially and cap-wise. He lost out on some money at the end of his deal, but they still paid a guy $90.4 million over 14 years to bust his ass for the team. Everybody came out on top.
  9. He's a 25-year-old C, and has had five 20-goal seasons, and three 50-point seasons, in the NHL. In Buffalo.
  10. Eichel and BUF's 2nd rounder to SEA for their #2 overall, their 3rd rounder, and two of their EX Draft selections - 2 NHLers. Reinhart and BUF's 2nd rounder (from BOS) to ANA for their #3 overall and Henrique and Steel (for C depth). #1 BUF - Owen Power, D #2 BUF (from SEA) - Matthew Beniers, C #3 BUF (from ANA) - Jesper Wallstedt, G Jack Eichel, face of the Kraken franchise. That would be a BOSS move by SEA and BUF, and a good rebuilding move by ANA. Adams keeps his job with those moves!
  11. If this is their plan, then I would think they will almost certainly draft Beniers #1 and then draft one of the kid D at #3 or #2 if they make a deal with ANA or SEA. They should make a deal with both ANA and SEA and draft 1-2-3! Power, Beniers, Wallstedt! Done!
  12. I think going after Reinhart is the better play, but can BUF afford to deal Reinhart when they are close to 100% going to move Eichel?
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