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  1. I see a lot of folks giving up on Max Jones. I'm not one of them. I just wish he had a different regime to play under in Anaheim.
  2. Murray's face said it all
  3. ugghhh...really thought we would get there
  4. Too funny just read this article. Back in the late 90's early 2000s they guy behind us that had season seats was good friends with "Solly" and we were introduced to him and saw him at several Ducks games over the years. He was never a big fan of the Ducks organization back then but then again it was Disney owned...understandable.
  5. Yea Steel was the one guy that most disappointed me this year.
  6. Ha! I was just talking about the same thing and with the same two people you listed + the draft pick with a friend yesterday. Too funny.
  7. Sadly...we just aren't good. But Jersey and Columbus are in full tank mode. Kings have started too IMO.
  8. Hip surgery and out 4-6 months. Torn labrum and bone problem in his right hip. He hasn't looked like himself all year....now we know why.
  9. Completely disagree on Milano. He won't ever amount to anything decent.
  10. Hate to see ND go as it means we just got softer but at least he gets to play for a contender.
  11. BM salary cap management 101
  12. Not impressed at all with Sonny Milano.
  13. JasOaks posted this in game thread that is now closed but I wanted to comment on the whole Tim Peel thing too: We've known for years there has been a referee bias against the Ducks. We all suspected it and the whole Tim Peel thing just kind of confirmed it for me. Why is it referees can't just call the damn game and have to inject their own little feeling on any game? I don't know if it's the whole Disney Mighty Duck thing that referees hold against the Ducks but it's gotten very very old and needs to stop. Even the last game there were numerous penalties that could have been called against the Wild and were not. Then they give us a penalty with one second left in the game...really?? Did we all think the same thing at the same time...eff you? Does anybody have that completely outrageous number of penalties called against Ducks vs. for the Ducks over the past 20 years or so?
  14. Reminded me of our series with Minnesota the year we won the Cup and the pregame skirmish.
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