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  1. The Rangers blasted George Parros for not suspending Tom Wilson after his violent display on the ice the other night. Rangers said Parros not fit for his roll as Commissioner of player safety. Funny we've all been saying that since he suspended Cogliano (thus ending his iron man streak) after a hit he made that didn't injure the targeted player. I thought it was politics then/(As in someone at the NHL head office didn't want Cogliano to break the record) and after this I believe it even more,. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/rangers-nhl-tom-wilson-verdict-unfit-current-role
  2. I read somewhere that it wasn't that Boudreau was truly fired rather they had a mutual parting of ways.. Apparently Bruce was upset because Murray overruled him and forced him to start Gibson over Andersen during the 2016 playoffs. He felt Gibson wasn't ready. But yeah, letting Boudreau go and replacing him with Carlyle was a bonehead move. Murray hired Eakin because he can control Eakin instead of going after one of several more proven(and stronger willed) coaches that were available at the time.
  3. Between the Covid situation and the team sucking sand in front of him I'm sure Ryan Miller decided this is just not fun anymore. Best of luck to him. I'm starting to think Getzlaf will retire as well. Especially since the Ducks have him playing wing while they evaluate their pool of potential replacement centers. Those will be big shoes to fill.
  4. Better to deal with this now when the team has zero chance at the playoffs instead of in the middle of a playoff series.
  5. I know nothing about these types of injuries. I just hope he can make a full recovery. Hate to see his career cut short.
  6. If there's a broken down 35+ year old defenseman another team wants to unload Barstool Bob will take that deal and give the other team Comtois and this year's 1st round pick.
  7. Like some have already stated on this thread, no big changes will occur until after the expansion draft. That's been my theory and I've said as much. Even after the draft I think Murray will give this squad "one more season" to develop. Even if ownership fired Murray and the entire coaching staff I don't think it is realistic to think the team will be ready to seriously compete for two or three more seasons. And that's IF changes start happening after the draft.
  8. Seems like the Buffalo Sabers have the right idea: https://www.nhl.com/news/buffalo-fires-ralph-krueger/c-322605486
  9. I heard about this around midnight. Should be interesting.to watch.
  10. Calling for a coach to get fired when he has clearly not improved his caliber of coaching is perfectly acceptable. Eakin was a lazy pick by Murray. Add in that Eakin threw the team under the bus after five game, and his terrible in-game coaching decisions and yeah.. the guy needs to go. Fans understand what a rebuild is but that doesn't mean blindly accepting a team that has gone 2-6-2 in it's last ten and has a .386 winning percentage. The only lead lining you can gleam from this situation is that nobody is actually paying for tickets to watch this team thanks to covid.
  11. I never said it was an excuse. I am saying that's a major reason why nothing significant will change with the current roster or coaching staff until AFTER the draft. I'm not happy about it but that's how I see it.
  12. I'm not a Bob Murray fan. But I don't know what options he or any GM have at this point. Add in Covid and it is already a fubar season. You also have to remember there is an expansion draft coming this summer. If you think back to the season before the Vegas draft Murray sat on his hands. He did that because he already had his set of protected players. Same applies here. Why make any big trades or signings if those players might get picked off by Seattle? Better to sit on your hands and let the expansion draft shake out. Then see what the landscape looks like.
  13. Eaves' illness was not the primary point of my response. However you can't tell me the team wasn't way too cryptic with his issues once it was revealed it wasn't Guillain Barre Syndrome. To this day there has been no public explanation of his illness. That leads me to believe(no evidence just my opinion) it was a combination of a mental illness brought on or intensified by some sort of substance abuse. I'm not discounting or minimizing the suffering Eaves went though and I truly hope he recovers completely. It made me sad to see him sitting on the bench shaking like a leaf before his first shift when he attempted to return to play. My point is that Murray has a horrible track record of bringing in players that are past their prime or flawed in some way. He's putting too much stock in his forward prospects(who clearly are not ready yet) when he should have been looking to sign a scoring forward instead of signing Shattenkirk.
  14. Not the same. That Ducks team did not have issues putting pucks in the net. They didn't have the worst powerplay in the league. Those players were willing to go into the dirty areas, i.e. in from of the net. They were not reliant on the dump and chase. The game was significantly different then. Different icing rules, no trapezoid, no two line passing. The fact is several of these prospects have had two or more seasons to develop and they stink. Without Perry on his line serving as a decoy Rakell cannot score .Fowler/Lindholm/Manson have all regressed. Shattenkirk has caused too many turnover goals for what the Ducks paid him. Murray refuses to use his first draft picks every year to grab a scoring forward. He is constantly digging in the bargain bin during the off season and getting used up ineffective players. Does Sheldon Soray ring a bell? How about Patrick Eaves? (Still don't buy the mystery desease story) He hired Eakin because he knew he could control him unlike Bruce. Murray is wasting Getzlaf's final years/Gibson's prime years by failing to put a competitive team together. The team sucks and Murray is to blame. He's about three season overdue for walking papers.
  15. The reason he had such good numbers that season was because he was playing on a line with Getzlaf and Perry at a time when Perry was still perceived as the primary threat. Combine that with a decade of behavior by Getzlaf passing to Perry 95% of the time and the Ducks' opponents would be keyed on Perry leaving Rakell open. Left open Rakell can score as well as anyone in the league. But now he is the Ducks' number one perceived scorer and he does not posses the same ability to score with two players hanging all over him the way Perry could.
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