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  1. James Dolan running his teams into the ground, Rangers in total meltdown firing everyone, Capitals (predictably) continuing to enable their psychopath by painting him as a victim, Parros attending tonight's rematch at MSG.. the NHL has an absolute circus on their hands right now and it could have been so avoidable with just the slightest bit of common sense on their part.
  2. Ha what an idiot. The playoffs don't start until a week from now! Besides, Tom Wilson is a reformed player. The Craps even stitched an A on his sweater after his latest suspension for dishing out brain damage to prove it. Don't pay any mind to tonight's game when he sucker punched the back of Buchnevich's head while he was laying face down and immediately followed that act up by trying to drive a helmet-less Panarin into the ice. He's a champion.
  3. The cynic in me has already given up hope on winning the lottery. The Ducks could realistically lose every game remaining and it still wouldn't move the needle for me. Calling it now, the Kraken will win the lottery. When you consider Seattle's odds and remember the 100% legitimate bubble lottery that totally wasn't the perfect scenario to drum up added interest in the league's play-in tournament last summer, you got a recipe for some classic NHL shenanigans.
  4. The entire organization needs a deep cleansing at this point. On the surface his story seems eerily similar to Kesler's. I really hope it ends there and they didn't just spend the last two years pumping Silf full of painkillers to the point of illness like Kesler said he experienced here.
  5. That would be so cold you'd almost have to hope it was strictly a hockey deal. I don't doubt there's a number of people in the Canucks organization upset at him for being patient-zero but it's not like he purposely brought it into their locker room.
  6. Someone needs to check on Eakins cause there's no way he's happy about losing his favourite player not named Grant
  7. I hope not since he's still one of our best players and one of the few reasons to turn on a Ducks game but I can see it happening. Hard to imagine these last couple of years being any fun to endure for someone of his standards and barring a miracle, it doesn't seem like that will change much in our immediate future. Factor that on top of all this pandemic garbage and you can't really blame him if he decides to call it a career. I just wish he could win another Cup to guarantee his spot in the HHoF where he belongs.
  8. A small part of me is hoping Getzlaf gets sent to Toronto so he can either bump Thornton and/or Spezza out of the lineup for good, or form an awkward late-2000s superline with those two. I want to see playoff Getzlaf again almost as much as Adam Lowry doesn't want to see playoff Getzlaf again.
  9. The irony of Viktor Arvidsson being at he centre of this controversy cause for once it was his stick was in the general vicinity of a player who dropped to the ice and drew a garbage penalty
  10. He is surprisingly competent as a TV analyst. I say surprisingly because skating around aimlessly like a headless chicken and performing snow angels on the ice were the only two moves in his defensive repertoire while he was collecting millions in Anaheim. I'd give him credit for the superman punches but those get canceled out by the countless times he'd skate into a scrum just to throw someone on top of Gibson. Worst Duck of all time. At least Shattenkirk has been stinking up the place on a team that's going nowhere.
  11. It wasn't so much that Karlsson was traded, it was the fact that he was traded to bring back a mediocre player (at best.. a mark which he often fell short of) we already let go of a few years prior. It was giving up Gardiner to bring back Beauchemin after letting him walk all over again except Beauchemin was a NHL quality defenceman during his first two stints as a Duck. The same could not be said about Wisniewski who got himself glued to a chair in the press box shortly after that trade was made.
  12. Oh hey, Tom Wilson got suspended for trying to smash someone's brain in again. Only 7 games this time but Ovechkin has the nerve to come out and say it's a joke even though his serial offender of a teammate has gotten off easy numerous times and arguably has yet again. Can't wait until the first round of the playoffs when this cycle inevitably repeats itself again.
  13. I forgot mushmouth was even in our organization. What was his role again, consultant? Consigliere? Was he on the payroll for any other reason than to go old boy clubbing with Bob? Cause the on-ice product here is absolutely in need of some consulting and has been for a while. This feels a lot like the Carlyle hiring honestly. A disappointing team with high expectations brings back the hard nosed coach from their (almost) glory days over a decade ago to straighten out this soft generation or something like that. Of course he has the two championships in Los Angeles to his name while Carlyle was driving 18 wheelers off cliffs in Toronto, but they were a total disaster by the time he was getting locked out of his own dressing room. Better option than Eakins most likely but I don't think that slow and methodical early 2010s Kings style of hockey is going to be very successful now in a division with guys like Matthews and McDavid.
  14. Off the top of my head: - Hiring Randy Carlyle for a second stint because he won a championship with the team 10 years prior with an antiquated style of play. Don't tell me about the 2017 playoffs where two sorry Canadian teams got smacked, I'm sure head coach Bob Murray could have gotten the same result there. - Flat out refusing to fire Randy Carlyle after the most embarrassing stretch of hockey this franchise has ever seen and instead blaming it on the players he put there. Trading locker room glue guys like Cogliano before getting outscored 40-8 (or whatever god-awful number it was) on a road trip sure sent a message. - Giving that trainwreck Bieksa an insane NMC extension before he even played a game as a Duck because he's buddies with Kesler.. the same Kesler who straight up refused to go anywhere but Anaheim or Chicago before he was traded and wasn't at risk of leaving if Bieksa never becomes a Duck. 100% unnecessary and it only handcuffed this team once cap hell and Vegas became a reality. - A number of flip-flopping "re-tools" where the team's identity was supposed to change in an effort to match whoever beat us in the playoffs that year. One year it's "we need more size and sandpaper", the next it's "we need more skill and speed". All that ever changed was what corner of the dumpster he'd look in that July 10th after most free agents have signed.. or what role player he'd pointlessly throw away at the deadline for someone who didn't fit (cough DSP.. still upset about that) - Failure to maximize assets and hanging onto certain players for too long. I think this one speaks for itself when you look at his recent record. Shoutout to our waived top goal scorer from a season ago Adam Henrique for being an example of both. Kesler's extension looks bad now but it gets a pass. Eaves was sketchy from the start. As awesome as he was in that short stretch, the only consistent thing in his career has been injury. Silfverberg and Henrique would've made more sense if this team was trending anywhere but down when they were extended. Again, hanging onto players too long and failing to establish a clear path for this team going forward.
  15. As much as I might worry about this team's toxic culture or Eakins possibly ruining him, this is the first positive thing Murray has done this season. Feels good to have a reason to watch a Ducks game again.
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