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  1. I'm with you, puck possession is key in today's game. The problem with that is Fowler tends to be over conservative, so even if he has guys streaking through the neutral zone, he can be too hesitant to give up the puck if he isn't sure the pass will connect. If Zellweger ends up being a more aggressive version of Fowler I would be pretty happy with that. I think he has the tools to be a better power play QB too.
  2. I agree, there are some similarities to the way Fowler plays in the defensive zone though. With the puck he also values puck possession and doesn't get forced into bad plays, so you will see this kid circle back into the zone if there are no options. However, he's definitely a more aggressive offensive threat than Fowler.
  3. One of the positives about Zellweger is that he's comfortable on both sides of the ice, so long term Anaheim might see him on the right side since quality right side D can be hard to find. I believe Thrun and Lacombe both play left.
  4. I think it's probably a decent comparison, though Zellweger relies more on stick checking and Girard isn't afraid to play the body more. That could come more naturally as he gets older and bulks up. But I'm sure there will be some people on here that are upset we drafted another 'soft' defenseman like Fowler lol.
  5. Not a terrible pick. Offensive, mobile defenseman that plays on both sides of the ice. He might top out as a second pair guy but that's probably ok for the 34th overall pick.
  6. This is actually a good point. Ron Francis made some bizarre picks yesterday IMO. I wonder if he makes another one.
  7. It should be an interesting day tomorrow either way. I'm high on Guenther but I'm biased, all of the guys you listed are likely going to be good NHL players.
  8. Why would they not just sign them as UFAs next week, and select other players from Edmonton and Dallas. Is there just no other players they want on those teams? Or did those teams send something to Seattle in exchange for taking their UFAs who were going to walk anyway?
  9. The thing with Tarasenko is that we know he wants out. So Seattle could put a trade package together using assets they get from all the side deals for the ED, and also take Dunn in the ED.
  10. This upcoming season is the year Mahura needs to start with the big club and prove himself. He should be playing ahead of Larsson at least. I'm guessing we will see something like Fowler/Manson, Lindholm/Drysdale, Mahura/Shattenkirk assuming we don't move any of the other defensemen.
  11. This is not surprising at all, teams aren't protecting UFAs as there is no point. Washington didn't protect Ovechkin.
  12. I'm with you guys. The only way it makes sense to protect Deslauries is that Murray has a deal in place with Seattle.
  13. Shea Weber in 2012. I would like to see more offer sheets, it makes the offseason a bit more lively.
  14. I have to think he's going to get offers around $9MM for 7 years. There are reports St. Louis want him and they have the cap space to go after him, especially if they are going to move Tarasenko.
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