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  1. Why is the assumption he was talking about our 2006-07 identity? I immediately thought of 2013-2015, when we played a faster, harder, heavier forechecking game that turned more pucks over and made it harder for opponents to get speed through the neutral zone. This current group of 22-25 year olds are perimeter players that don’t forecheck hard enough. We’re too easy to play against right now.
  2. So is this our de facto draft thread then? Everybody in?
  3. Philly overpaid for Risto for sure. But Risto is 3 years younger than Manson and has scored 94 points the past three (partial) seasons, compared to Manson’s 32 points. Manson has also missed close to 60 games the past two seasons and now has a concussion history. Risto is also one of the league’s leaders in hits and blocked shots every season. He’s basically what Hakanpaa would be if Hakanpaa could score 40-50 points year in and year out. I know what the underlying metrics say about both guys, but in the NHL you get trade value for hard stats far more than you do fancy stats. I mean, look at what Columbus just got for Jones, a guy whose analytics aren’t as special as the trade would suggest they are.
  4. What exactly do you think Manson's value is? Risto has been a consistent 40+ point D-man on a terrible team, and even then this looks like a substantial overpay. If Bob could get a 1st, a 2nd, and a former 2nd rounder for Manson, I'm sure he'd do it. But that's a pipe dream.
  5. Mahura is a not an effective defender and IMO we need a solid SAH defender to play with Drysdale on the 3rd pair. I'd rather pay for a veteran 3rd pair LHD in free agency who can bring Drysdale along. Bring in someone like Hjalmarsson or Jordie Benn. Mahura needs to be traded to give him a fresh start somewhere else.
  6. If not, mine are Beniers, McTavish, Hughes, Eklund, Guenther
  7. Yeah, this past year's team for sure was better. Just adding Pietrangelo, Stone, and Pacioretty makes them head and shoulders better than 2017-18.
  8. Interestingly, the Ducks have actually made more trades since the start of the 2017-18 season than Vegas has. Theirs have just been more impactful in getting top players like Stone, Patches, Stephenson, Martinez, and Lehner, while the Ducks have spent a lot of time moving the deck chairs around.
  9. I looked up their starting lineup for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final against Washington (here: https://sinbin.vegas/line-charts/#2017-18 Regular Season). Players they selected in the expansion draft are in bold: Marchessault - Karlsson - Smith Neal - Haula - Tuch Carpenter - Eakin - Perron Nosek - Bellemare - Reaves McNabb - Schmidt Theodore - Engelland Sbisa - Miller Fleury Carpenter was claimed off waivers midseason from San Jose and was in for Tomas Tatar, who Vegas acquired at the deadline from Montreal. Reaves was also a TDL acquisition from Pittsburgh in a 3-way deal with Ottawa. So really only Reilly Smith, Alex Tuch, and Theo were significant players that were acquired in the expansion draft related trades.
  10. Agreed. I think it explains why Seattle was so anxious to sign Oleksiak and Larsson as UFAs. If those guys had waited until the roster was announced, maybe they'd don't sign! Seriously, though, there has to be more coming. If nothing else, a few of those players need to be flipped. Several of those selection look like they have other players/picks/prospects attached to them too.
  11. Are we sure the original acquisition of Fleury wasn't negotiated with Francis before the ED? If this ends up as part of a Henrique trade, it very well could have been scripted months and months ago.
  12. Could also be some respect among GMs. Signing a team's UFA and taking one of their players is going to make you no friends, and these GMs are still going to want to work together. What would be the point of Seattle signing Oleksiak and then also drafting another player that they don't really need and will just flip for a 5th rounder?
  13. Welp, LeBrun says Seattle took William Borgen from Buffalo instead. Seriously, are the "insiders" getting punked today? Starting to wonder if all of this sound a fury is a well orchestrated, well choreographed ruse by ESPN to get their NHL coverage off and running tonight. If these selections end up being wrong, that would be a HUGE payoff for ESPN.
  14. Now take out the ones that are UFAs and RFAs. Capfriendly lists them at their salary from last season, so it skews the calculation.
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