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  1. Landeskog + 3 depth forwards gets them to only 12 forwards. There's no taxi squad next season so they'll likely need one more F on the active roster. They'll also need 1-2 more D-men. I think it's going to be very tight for them. I'm sure they're working on a home town discount for Landy right now. We'll see if he wants to take the haircut. This might be the best roster they can muster for a few seasons, so if they get upset by St Louis in the 1st round, maybe he tests the market.
  2. Tampa went meaner last season after being bounced in the first round by Columbus in 2019 when they added Maroon in free agency and Bogosian at the deadline. Those weren't top line players, but they did it to add some meanness and offered "protection" for their skill guys from getting physically beaten up as badly as CBJ beat them up. But I think you're right about the state of the current roster. That's a lot of softness in there. Which is why I wouldn't be surprised if players like Heinen and Milano were moved out and replaced with guys that play a meaner game, kind of like what GMBM tried to do with a Heinen-Virtanen trade. I'd assume something like that missed trade will be executed after the ED.
  3. I think its more likely that he is coaching the system he wants to coach, but that the GM may have too much say in which players he gets to use on any given night. Some of the weirdest roster decisions have been due to players being moved on and off the taxi squad by GMBM. For example, probably our best game of the season was the 1-0 win over Vegas on Feb 11th, which had Backes in the lineup. Rather than just leaving the roster alone for the next game, GMBM then sent Backes to the taxi squad the morning of our next game against San Jose on 2/15, which then Ducks lost. That San Jose loss then became the first L of a 9-game losing streak.
  4. They're going to have an interesting summer with Landeskog, Makar, and Jost all needing new contracts, not to mention that they don't have a goalie signed for next season and Saad is also a UFA. They may still be trying to figure out how to fit everybody under the cap for next season and/or waiting to see how they do in the playoffs.
  5. What do you all make of Eakins comments about how Ducks teams used to beat people up and how that they want to get back to that? Should we anticipate another shift in our "style" for next season back to a heavier game? I'm wondering if that's why we saw Heinen scratched so many times despite being a good (but soft) player, and why the Ducks were pursuing Virtanen in a trade. I'm not opposed to going heavier. I loved the style we played under Boudreau from 2013-2016, and I still think the meaner, heavier game is what wins in the playoffs (although I guess we'll have to wait and see if ROR's guarantee against the Avs works out).
  6. LOL. I thought the same thing at first. But 6-18-4 at home and 11-12-5 on the road also says that he may be right. Last season they were 16-15-5 at home and 13-18-4 on the road. And even in RC's final season (2018-19), when we endured those crazy long losing streaks, the Ducks were 19-14-8 at home and 16-23-2 on the road. Maybe he misses both the cheering and the booing, since booing from the home fans can motivate a team to work harder too.
  7. Rakell: https://www.nhl.com/ducks/video/rakell-exit-interview/t-277437084/c-8346930 Raks likes it here and says he wants to stay. He think this team improved from the start of the season and is 1-2 players away from being good again.
  8. Eakins: https://www.nhl.com/ducks/video/dallas-eakins-exit-interview/t-277437084/c-8345429 Getzlaf: https://www.nhl.com/ducks/video/ryan-getzlaf-exit-interview/t-277437084/c-8317713 Henrique: https://www.nhl.com/ducks/video/adam-henrique-exit-interview/t-277437084/c-8317806 Comtois: https://www.nhl.com/ducks/video/max-comtois-exit-interview/t-277437084/c-8317632 Shattenkirk: https://www.nhl.com/ducks/video/kevin-shattenkirk-exit-interview/t-277437084/c-8335619
  9. Agreed, but he also had some really tough stretches of games during those losing streaks where he supposedly healthy but he just couldn't stop anything. His body language was also really bad at times. Much worse than last season or even 2018-19 when he was getting shelled on a nightly basis. That time he just tossed his stick in the air after a goal a couple of weeks ago was pretty telling to me. Eric Stephens' article in the Athletic also makes me wonder where his head will be at next season if there aren't significant improvements to the roster: https://theathletic.com/2581940/2021/05/11/nobody-wants-to-lose-ducks-goalie-john-gibson-has-hope-for-next-season-after-frustrating-year/
  10. First, why are you only talking about regulation points %? OT and shoot-out points still count the same as regulation points. Are you just cherry-picking? And why not also note the actual point % for each team? That 2016-17 Colorado team was epically bad, with a .244 regulation points % and a .293 all points %. I don't know how you can compare teams properly if you're not going to disclose the real numbers. That said, I'm not going to go team-by-team to explain why the Ducks are different, but I firmly believe they are different. First and foremost, this team is more talented than their points %. (1) None of those teams had to take a 10-month break from hockey due to Covid. The 2012-13 lockout caused a long layoff, but that affected everyone equally. The Ducks were one of only 7 teams that didn't play hockey between March and January - Anaheim, LA, San Jose, Buffalo, New Jersey, Detroit, and Ottawa. That's also 7 of the bottom 9 teams in the NHL this season (or it will be once Calgary passes Ottawa with its makeup games). I'm not going to argue that those teams are good now, but you can't convince me that the layoff didn't affect the teams that were left out of the 2020 playoff bubble. They also had a shortened training camp and, with the condensed schedule, they also got very little practice time. That alone is a critical difference. (2) The team the Ducks finished with is not the team they started with and played most of the season with. You and Bombay aren't giving enough consideration to Zegras and what he's already bringing to the team. He's going to be our #1 very soon. He's our MacKinnon. The final 7 games when he got to play center gave us just a glimpse of the future (2G/4A, 3-2-2 record). Having him as a top-2 center next season is massively different than how we started this season with Steel and Lundestrom regularly playing in the 2C role. Add another top-2C and we're in business, much more than e were with a 35-year-old Getzlaf and Steel/Lundestrom as our 1-2 punch (slap?). Good teams are still built down the middle. (3) Our incredibly poor record is due in large part to our league-worst power play. I don't know if its still true, but a month or two ago the Ducks led the league in 1-goal losses. If the Ducks had a PP that was even middle of the road, they're 8-10 points better just from losing those close games. And I do believe 100% that the PP can be turned around in just one offseason. Heck, the PP is already significantly better with the late season additions of Zegras and Drysdale. Those guys can be game changers for the PP, and if the Ducks could add even one more top-6 player and a coach that can design a decent power play, they could easily go from dead last to top-10 on the PP next season. I challenge you to convince me why a top-unit of Zegras-Drysdale-Comtois-Terry-RNH and a 2nd unit of Getzlaf-Henrique-Rakell-Fowler-Shattenkirk couldn't be top-10 in the NHL as early as next season. Even without RNH, those units are going to be massively better if the Ducks bring in a new assistant to run the PP, which they almost certainly will. The power play alone is going to ruin your dreams of getting Wright or Lambert next season, so we might as will start building with bona fide players from elsewhere. I'd hate to see yet another tanked season turn into Brett Connolly...
  11. I think your comparison to Tampa isn't really meaningful for the point you're making. The Lightning lost game 7 of the 2011 conference finals to the eventual champs (Boston) in what was Stamkos' draft+3 season and Hedman's draft+2 season (also the same season Marty St Louis posted 99 points as a 35-year-old). Guess what next season is for the Ducks? Zegras=draft+3. Drysdale=draft+2. Stamkos and Hedman tasted MASSIVE success very early on in their careers playing alongside organizational legends like St. Louis and Lecavalier, but what you've been proposing is for Zegras and Drysdale to finish in the bottom-3 of the league for two and maybe even three straight seasons while playing with a bunch of borderline NHLers after we trade away Lindholm and Rakell. Apple, meet orange. And btw, congratulations to the Lightning for getting that 3rd straight top-10 pick in 2010, Brett Connolly. What a difference maker. In fact, the next three top-10 picks for the Lightning were Brett Connolly (6th in 2010), Slater Koekkoek (10th in 2012), and Drouin (3rd in 2013). Hardly the pieces they have rebuilt with. The reality of the Tampa Bay Lightning success story is that they have hit on players NOT taken in the top-10. Kucherov (#58), Brayden Point (#79), Palat (#208), Cirelli (#72), Killorn (#77), Tyler Johnson (undrafted), Yanni Gourde (undrafted).... frankly, I'd love to imitate the Lightning - i.e. grab two impact players near the top of back-to-back drafts (Zegras + Drysdale) and then score big on a dozen other players drafted in the 2nd, 3rd and later rounds (or not at all). Sign me up for that rebuild! But that's miles different from you're proposing.
  12. Wrong. That's a good lineup. And sorry to burst your bubble, but if the Ducks can draft a Beniers-type this time around, the rebuilding process will be over. It'll be time to start winning again so that these young studs don't go through what Reinhardt has gone through in Buffalo. You can't pick at the top of the draft for more than three straight years or else you turn your saviors into losers. Pittsburgh is the only team that has pulled it off, but they benefitted from the 2004 lockout and Malkin staying in Russia. Crosby, Letang, and MAF had to endure just one season of losing (2005-06) and then they were a playoff team by 2006-07 when Malkin finally came over. And oh yeah, they got smoked in the 1st round by Ottawa in 2007, but that was an important step in the maturation process of a very young team. IMO, it'll do a lot more for Zegras, Drysdale, Comtois, Perreault, Beniers, etc. long term if they make the tournament and get blown out of it than if they head straight for the golf course the day after the regular season ends for the next three years.
  13. The thing about a netminder having a 10-team NTC is that he can really manipulate where he can go much more than the skaters can because teams usually only pay one primary starting goaltender. So for example, he wouldn't bother to list Winnipeg, Tampa, St Louis or Vegas on his NTC list, since they have elite netminders already and wouldn't be in on Gibson anyway. He also wouldn't list teams that have committed $$ to goaltenders for multiple years, like Boston, the Isles, Montreal, Florida, Calgary or Vancouver. So his 10-team list doesn't really mean there are 22 other teams he can be traded to. More likely, there will only be a handful of teams at any given moment that will both (a) have a need for a goalie and (b) not be on his NTC list. And once you get down to a handful of teams who fit those criteria, you also have to see if those teams even have the assets that you would require in a trade to make it worthwhile. For example, what could San Jose possibly give up in terms of prospects and/or young players that would make it worthwhile to send Gibby there? Not much. So that 10-team list is far more restrictive than it would be for a skater.
  14. I disagree with the bolded. Maybe I'm delusional, but with what we've seen from Comtois, Zegras, and Drysdale this season, I think we're a healthy blue line + another top-6 center + some better coaching (especially the PP) away from being in the playoffs next season. Think about it - next season we go back to the Pacific division, which will have Vegas, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, San Jose, LA and Seattle in it. Outside of Vegas and Edmonton, do any of those teams look like a lock for the playoffs next year to you? We also know that Bob is hot and heavy for a big fish center, and with our cap space and assets he could definitely make it happen. The coaching seems, amazingly, to be the only unrealistic hurdle, but the Ducks should at least have new assistants for next season. Even just promoting Dineen to run the offense and design a PP could be a big boost. But what if we do something like sign RNH? After watching the end of this season, does this roster seem like it can't compete in the Pacific division next season? Comtois-RNH-Rakell, Henrique-Zegras-Terry, Jones-Getzlaf-Silfverberg, Steel-Lundestrom-Volkov Lindholm-Manson, Fowler-Shattenkirk, Fleury-Drysdale Gibson, Stolarz Absolutely true for the bolded. But Gibson for Turcotte + Quick would be really something...
  15. Agreed, but I also think the Ducks are at a bit of a crossroads with regard to Gibson, so the possibility of trade is quite relevant. If the plan is to continue to suck in the hopes that we can get Shane Wright in 2022 or Connor Bedard in 2023, then I think Gibby should be moved. His save % the past two seasons dipped to .904 last season and .903 this season, and anyone who has watched him play can see the losing is clearly affecting his motivation and compete level. Gibby was still pretty good for most of last season despite a bad team in front of him, but he just wasn't very good at all this season after the first month or so. If they continue to be a bottom-of-the-league losing team next season, look for him to be below .900 in save % and his effort level to crater even further. He also has a 10-team NTC that kicks in next season, which will make it more challenging to maximize a return if he is moved at some point down the road. So I think the Ducks have to make a decision on him soon - i.e. do you try to upgrade the team immediately to get back in the playoff mix next season and hope for a Gibby rebound? Or do you use Gibson as trade bait to fuel a longer but more robust rebuild that won't net results for 2-3+ more seasons? That's probably a good discussion topic for its own thread, but I'm in the former camp. I think we need to get back to our winning ways as early as possible so that the stench of losing doesn't linger on this team the way it does in Buffalo. I know others disagree though, so its worth having the discussion.
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