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    Hello, my fellow Anaheim Ducks Patriots! It's been a while. Last year was pretty crazy, huh? Lol. Anyways, anybody know what the lineups are going to be for tomorrow's game? Or what they have been in practice? Any lineups you want to see? How long until Zegras gets the call up, in your opinion? Hopefully he does what Getzlaf and Perry did when in the AHL, and takes that league by storm. Tomorrow should be a great game. Can't wait. Let's go Ducks! 😎
  2. I just have a feeling that Corey Perry is about to have a resurgence. And a lot of Ducks fans will wish he were back on our team. Yes, sometimes a player needs a change of scenery to get that extra bit of motivation for a resurgence. I just think we are really going to miss Perry's gritty, hard-nosed style of play. Terry has never had a 20-goal season. Neither has Steel. Or Comtois. I am really looking forward to seeing all of our young guns develop. However, Perry has proven what he can do. He's just been injured the past few seasons. He had been dealing with a knee injury since Juniors. Finally got the surgery to fix that. Would have been neat to see what a healthy Corey Perry could do with a full training camp and summer worth of training. If Perry could look as fast as he did in some games coming back late in the season, imagine how great he might play with a full summer to work. By the way, to answer your question, I wouldn't even mind if we kept Perry on the 4th line. The Detroit Red Wings for years had very good talent on their 4th line. Like Mike Modano. The thing with Perry is that he can produce and be productive no matter what line he is on. I think Ducks fans are about to witness a Corey Perry resurgence. He has all the motivation in the world to prove he can be great. Remember what he said when he came back late in the season? Teemu Selanne was inspiration for him. with how he came back from the knee injury. How he ended up playing 10 more years. And how he hopes that can be him. Wouldn't surprise me if, at 34, his hope comes true. We shall see.
  3. I don't agree with this decision. Corey Perry looked faster than he had in years when he returned from injury. With a full season, he might be back to his scoring ways. If Patrick Maroon can win a Stanley Cup with the Blues--and Maroon certainly is not faster nor more skilled than Perry--than some team certainly will be able to get a productive season out of Perry. Just imagine if he goes to the Blackhawks and gets to play on a line with Kane. Or if he goes to the Oilers and ends up on a line with McDavid. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Perry score at least 30 goals next season and win a Cup elsewhere. Hopefully it's our team though hoisting a Cup next season. I appreciate all Perry did for our team, and wish him nothing but the best wherever he signs next.
  4. Great points. And sounds like a plan--checking back in two years. Hoping he stays healthy. Would be a great record to break.
  5. Well, he's done it again! Alexander Ovechkin has scored at least 50 goals again this season--with 51! When I first started this thread in March of 2014 (Over 5 years ago now!), Ovechkin was 481 goals away from breaking Wayne Gretzky's goal scoring record. Now? With 658 goals, Ovechkin is only 237 goals away from breaking Gretzky's record! That's less than half of what he needed when this thread first started! Yes, I know that 237 goals is a lot of goals to still need to score. But let's remember Ovechkin is still only 33 years old. He turns 34 in September. Does he look like he is slowing down any time soon? Nope! Does anybody doubt he can have another 50-goal campaign next season? I don't. In fact, check this out. He just needs four more 50-goal seasons in a row. So, from ages 34-37, he needs four more 50-goal seasons. Then, all he would need is one final season of 37 goals, and he breaks Gretzky's record! So, if he scores 50 goals in each of the next four seasons, and scores 37 goals in the fifth season from now, he breaks Gretzky's record! I believe Ovechkin will break Gretzky's goal-scoring record, barring any long-term injury. Let's remember how many goals Selanne scored when he returned to the Ducks at 35 years old. He scored 40 goals as a 35-year-old, and then 48 goals as a 36 year old. You've got to think Ovechkin knows Gretzky's record is within reach. And you better believe if he scores another 50 goals next season, scoring 50 in the following 3 seasons will be just as easy because his motivation will become stronger and stronger--knowing he is so close to breaking the record. Pretty amazing, isn't it, that all Ovechkin needs to do is have four more seasons with 50 goals, a fifth season with 37 goals, and then he can retire at age 38 years old with the all-time goal-scoring record? Pretty cool, if you ask me. And my suspicion is that he will be the first player ever to 900 goals. It's been cool knowing how many goals Ovechkin has scored these past 5 years since the thread has been created. And it will be cool to see if he scores enough goals these next five years to break Gretzky's all-time goal scoring record!
  6. I can think of a big reason why they traded Cogs--a reason I do not believe anybody else has mentioned yet. By trading Cogs, the Ducks get to insert back into the lineup a player that has been a healthy scratch during much of the losing streak--and a player who is tied for second on the Ducks in goal scoring--Aberg. Not many teams would have their second goal scoring leader on the sidelines. By making this trade, we get to put Aberg back in the lineup, and give the Kesler line another scoring threat. Silferberg on one wing. Aberg on the other. That can be a VERY good line. Yes, I am speculating Aberg will be back in the lineup. I don't see why he wouldn't be. Aberg is arguably as fast as Cogs, or at least pretty close to his speed. Arguably has more skill than him. Younger than him. So, yes. I think Bob probably wanted to make room to bring Aberg back in the lineup. This also frees up salary to be able to sign Aberg in the offseason. We will see how this trade goes. But I think the Ducks will be inspired by the trade to play better--because players will not want to be traded. Another thing putting Aberg back into the lineup does is inspires all of the Swedes on the team. You don't think the Swedes would be inspired having their pal--Aberg--back in the lineup? Of course they would! Would an American be inspired if playing in Sweden, to see a fellow American back in the lineup? Of course! I say this move helps the Ducks--assuming Aberg is back in the lineup. We shall see!
  7. Funny. I was saying over 4 years ago, when I wrote this thread, that I think Ovechkin would break Gretzky's all-time goal scoring record. Check out this article: https://www.nhl.com/news/alex-ovechkin-has-chance-to-catch-wayne-gretzky/c-303113638
  8. I'm just claiming I think there is a good chance Ovi will beat Gretzky's all-time regular season goal scoring record--separate from playoffs.
  9. Ha, awesome way to finish the season. On to the quest for the Cup! GO DUCKS!
  10. When I created this thread 4 years ago, Alex Ovechkin had 414 goals, and was 481 goals away from breaking Gretzky's goal-scoring record. Four seasons later, he now has 607 goals! So, in the 4 seasons since this thread was made, Ovechkin has scored 185 goals--unreal! Just finished another season with around 50 goals. (49, to be exact.) And he is now only 288 goals from breaking Wayne Gretzky's record. No, really! He is only 288 goals away from breaking Wayne Gretzky's all-time goal scoring record! Guys, I truly believe he is going to break this record! Is there anybody here who truly believes he cannot play until he is 40 years old? Of course not. Check this out. This is pretty amazing. He will be 33 years old when the next season starts. So, let's just say he retires after 8 more seasons, when he is 40 years old. Is there anybody here who does not believe Ovechkin can score at least 36 goals for the next 8 seasons? I doubt it. Well, what is 36 multiplied by 8? 288! Crazy, huh! If Ovechkin only scores 36 goals for the next 8 seasons, he breaks Gretzky's record! And if, for whatever reason, he needs a few more seasons past the age of 40 to break the record, there is no reason to believe he cannot still be a productive player in this league past the age of 40. Also, to put it into perspective, Teemu Selanne came back to the Ducks at age 35 and ended up scoring a total of 232 goals in 9 seasons, including 40 goals at age 35 and 48 goals at age 36! I think this is going to happen! Let's keep in mind that Ovechkin has averaged 50 goals in 3 of the last 4 seasons. He is not showing any signs of slowing down. I would not be surprised if he has at least 2 more seasons in him, if not more, where he scores at least 50 goals. I also believe he will be the first player in NHL history to reach 900 goals in his career! It's always fun to see how much closer he is to breaking Gretzky's record after the regular season has ended. When I first made this thread 4 years ago, who could have imagined that he would average 50 goals in 3 of the next 4 seasons. Pretty cool! I am really hoping he stays healthy these next 8 seasons. If so, will be very cool to see somebody break a goal scoring record. Maybe I'll even try and be there in person when he does it. Ok, well, will be interesting to see how much closer Ovechkin is to breaking the goal scoring record a year from today. Until then...GO DUCKS!
  11. Yeah, hopefully he does not get injured. That's 9 goals now. Scored another 1 last night. If he has an awesome season this year, he could very well be on his way to breaking the record--especially if he follows it up with another awesome season next year. We shall see.
  12. Wow, he has 8 goals in only the first 4 games of the season! Yeah, I'd say he has a real good chance at breaking Gretzky's goal-scoring record. Does not seem like he's slowing down at all. In fact, maybe what happened with him is what happens with a lot of athletes as they age. They end up eating much healthier and stretching/exercising much more the older they get, to stay at a high-level. So, maybe he'll play even better this year than ever before. Should be fun to see what happens. https://www.nhl.com/news/alex-ovechkin-behind-the-numbers-nhl-record/c-291850200?tid=278387726
  13. What's amazing is that Jaromir Jagr has 765 goals, which is only 129 goals less than Gretzky had. If he had not taken away so many years from the NHL to play overseas, he might be able to catch Gretzky's record if he were to play this season.
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