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  1. It's an exit interview. His reflections on the season. He doesn't have to be hyped up talking about the things that didn't go well this season. It seems like you're just searching for things that help you continue your dislike for him. As for the Henrique exit interview, I thought it was interesting that he mentioned signing in Anaheim knowing that there was a rebuild possible. I'm sure waiving him was pretty bad but it seems to me like he's motivated. He mentioned that he's going to play in the worlds. Hopefully, if he's not gone this off season, that he comes back rejuvenated. Maybe Eakins was referring to the negativity that surrounded the team for a few weeks was about Henrique. Something was going on that he admits got out of hand and the team had a lot of negative energy surrounding the players. Hopefully that's all passed and I hope the players come ready to play next season.
  2. I agree. Our pp alone next year should kill our hopes for a top pick. We were exceptionally bad. I'm not sure why the assistants were kept this long. I think we're probably closer to a bubble team but who knows. Maybe something to what the kings were this year, ok and could challenge for the last spot before falling out. If we want to pick high then we keep our coaching staff. 🤣 Not to mention if we can be relatively injury free then we also will be better. There's just too many things going wrong this year. I just don't think we can really bank on next year's top pick. More likely we're picking around 10th I think.
  3. Bob isn't a terrible GM. If we decide not to get rid of him I won't be too upset. It could be worse. I mean Chiarelli is available...🤣
  4. You know an interesting point is brought up regarding jerseys. Outside of hockey, or casual fans, or someone who doesn't watch at all, what jerseys are recognizable? Kings, Rangers, Red Wings, Pens, Canadiens, and Leafs? Maybe a few others. The old egg plant jersey was pretty recognizable I think. People who aren't fans of hockey wear gear because it looks cool. We're honestly not up there with those other teams in terms of our current jerseys. I like the orange, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to see a change, especially our current webbed D logo. Oh yeah, there's also Vegas. We need to breathe some life into this franchise.
  5. I watched his send off at the end of the game and I gotta say, he was never a key player here but I kinda felt for the guy though. You could see his emotion and I'm glad he got the proper send off. It was also not in the feed but after all the blues players congratulated him they said they were going over to Miller who was backing up last night and congratulated him as well. Classy move. I think he wasn't in the lineup more mainly because he was just more of a cap dump from the Bruins in that trade. So I think the organisation never valued him much and probably viewed many other players over him. Maybe in a normal season we would have seen him play more because he has the cap hit and I'd be difficult for us but who knows. Maybe if he had played all the games this season we might actually have awarded him the 1000 games in one of the games against the blues. But it was noticable how a lot of the guys, especially the younger ones were hugging him. Comtois is a good example of that. It's really too bad that it had to end this way but congrats to him on a great career!
  6. I'm sorry but it's because of this I can't get behind what you're saying. You're essentially talking about throwing the game on purpose. It's unprofessional and quite honestly disgusting. If the players even dared to do this they all need to go. I'm all for a top pick but I suggest you don't suggest this anymore.
  7. I think Getzy has mentioned in many interviews that he's more of an old school kind of guy. I don't think he's going to retire this year. I think he'd want to pass the torch so to speak just as Neidermayer once passed it to him. Like he'd want to leave the organization knowing he contributed to the future and leaves it in good hands. I think that's his intention. So I believe he'll play for another year at least. After that, I think depending on what kind of a year we'll have and if he's enjoying the game he might consider staying longer if we're sniffing the playoffs but if we have another really bad year he's likely considering retiring then. He's not the kind of player who's going to leave the team high and dry for next year to just figure it out. He's a leader and like I said, apart from the new generation of players around the league, he's going to stick around to pass it to the kids to help them moving forward. Guys just don't have that kind of mindset these days with all the trade requests. Getzy isn't like that. He stays for another year at least. After that who ever is our next captain will have something to follow. I don't think Zegras is our captain, at least for now, ridiculous to even consider it I think. He hasn't even played a full season. With time, sure but I just can't see the team giving it to him now.
  8. I felt like they should have done a proper send off for him as well. If the ducks don't win anymore games this year I won't be too upset, but they better win it for Miller. I'd like to see him go off on a winning note. Come on ducks give him the send off he deserves!
  9. Uh Bobby Ryan says hello. We won the cup without him even though he was chosen 2nd overall...
  10. It's no secret that Bob thought we could compete for the playoffs. I was just interested in how Shatty worded it. It sounded like Bob after two down years of a "rebuild" wanted to start winning which is why he brought him in. I think it's been fairly obvious from the beginning that this team just wasn't that good. So either our gm has rose colored glasses or we're just not seeing something he's seeing. Either way it's concerning. This team doesn't have much direction right now. But what seems to be the case is that Bob understands that he needs results and soon. That might be very bad for our future depending on what he decides to do. Or our owners are pressing Bob, which again depending on what he does from here on out will affect our team good or bad.
  11. Lol you listened to the whole thing? I skipped almost everything waiting to hear anything on Anaheim. From the 57 minute mark is where it's actually relevant to the team.
  12. I haven't watched the Getzy interview yet. But listen from the 57 min mark and I heard it loud and clear what BM had planned.... yikes. No spoilers, you gotta hear it for yourself. Also note that there's a good amount of swearing. Edit: this is an interview before the season started but they just uploaded it.
  13. g20topdogg


    Oh Haha Seattle. Does this g20 guy even do that hockey?🤣
  14. g20topdogg


    Interesting, would Vegas pick him up if he's left unprotected? And what are the rules regarding injured players for the expansion draft? If I'm Vegas, would I risk picking a player who might not return 100%? I hope he makes a full recovery but now I'm wondering if this could alter our protection list.
  15. Is this another Kesler type situation? I sure hope not.
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