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  1. Spike1981

    Ducks chi

    brutal was it for Rakell this year, out after 1. round (over 80 years ago SWE not go home after round 1) and then he took a hit in the face too...
  2. Spike1981

    Ducks chi

    Henrique, Hakanpää, Rakell, Lindholm won too
  3. Spike1981

    Ducks chi

    if we keep Henrique, maybe we trade for Connor Brown? they looked great together in Riga....
  4. Spike1981

    Ducks chi

    Comcois for winning Wolrd Championship:) I am happy for this 2 guys, who scored in the important games. but Canada is a really undeserved world champion, maybe the most undeserved WC I ever seen. almost done after the preliminary round (if Kazakhstan makes a point vs Norway or Latvia vs Germany 2:2, they would be out), and at least 2 of the 3 playoff games the weaker team. Finland impressed me, again without super stars (only 2 NHL-players) after 2019 they again in the final. not the most attractive game they played, but effectively and without many mistakes. tactical the best team. Kazakhstan is the surprise of this year, almost reached the quarter finals...
  5. why everybody wants BM out? what are your points? Fowlers contract? okay its a very bad contract yes. sign Shatt and think we are a playoff team, maybe too hopefull, but if Steel, Jones, Lundestrom would make a step, why not... only Comtois and Terry made a step forward from the youngs. handling with Henrique I think was a good move waive him to shuttle the team, and Henrique played better after that, almost no risk that an other team take that contract. the Theodore move was nice, we were in the contender window and not wanted to lose Vatanen/Manson. could be why he still stick with Larsson, he may afraid to trade again a young defender... don't forget the trades he made are at most good trades, especially this season (Hutton, Fleury). the Kase and Montour trade were good moves. Kesler was a good move, Eaves was an unhappy move. first I was angry why he not traded away some vets, but the draft class 2021 is like a lottery, better to take draft picks for 2022. but he did a lot good things, some bad things in 13 years, but that is business and every GM makes weak moves..
  6. at this moment when we made it, is an okay move, I saw it as a win deal then and I am still okay with that. Of course its hard to see Theo that good now, but look Karlsson, nothing in Anaheim, nothing in Columbus and then over 70 points in Vegas.. you were contender and don't want lose Vatanen or Manson for nothing, the team was build to win and Theo was that good till then.
  7. I heard the "crash the pond" podcast and they said an interesting thing: let expose Fowler because his very bad contract. I am right with that, so go with 7/3: Gibson Lindholm, Fowler, Fleury Rakell, Terry, Lundestrom, Steel, Jones, Silfverberg and Volkov. let expose Henrique, Fowler, Shatt with bad contracts.
  8. I always thought the 7/3/1 would be better because you can protect 2 more players... but if I look at our defense... Lindholm, Fowler, Manson and Fleury I would protect. Offense is way too harder, Terry and Rakell are fix. Is Mahura really that good? maybe go with 5 defenders.... Volkov I don't would protect, I like more Milano (had good numbers but few games), Lundestrom and I think Silfy has the best trade value from the rest. then Seattle would choose between Henrique, Shattenkirk, Stolarz, Volkov, Mahura, Jones, Steel, Milano/Silfverberg. its difficult to say who they would take... I don't know the other teams available goalies, (they have to take 2 or 3 goalies?) but Stolarz would be a good fit for them and I would be okay with that.
  9. earlier we have to make a deal with Seattle, hope BM not makes a mistake there. because if not, I think guys like Fleury or Mahura Seattle picks... if they want Stolarz, let him go, if would be my dream scenario. we have our starting goalie plus 2 prospects. and backup goalies you can have in every FA market... he is in the same age as Gibson and he doesn't hurt us really much, even he plays well. we don't have to rebuild the whole team from the drafts. maybe also 1-3 good UFA signings would help.
  10. maybe the deal with Seattle? our first vs their first and then they pick Shatt...
  11. ok Buffalo is gone after this win. but now let the Devils ahead of us... not win more then 2 points against Devils in the last 2 games!
  12. Buffalo one more regulation win and we are last, a top 3 pick would be great! now everybody who don't think its good to tank I can't understand! let Buffalo the chance to take us! lose it all! put effort 2 periods and then stop skating and lose the game as we did on the last game!
  13. my goal is to stay at 30th or at least 29th, so we have a top 5 pick. if the other teams wins, I am okay with more wins from the Ducks. edit: I correct it, if we go at 29th, we lost 2 draft spots because Seattle... so let us at 30th...
  14. he said the same thing I said. Tank the rest of the way for 2 things: to get a better pick and let fire Eakins. and the whole Getzlaf thing, its not disrespect against him if you let him play on the 4th line and give the kids more ice time, we bought out Perry to give him a chance to go to a contender (and btw he almost won the cup last season and this season who knows..).
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