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  1. Not sure about this one… seems like Philly took that one and ran with it . Gritty’s brother has left the building .
  2. yeaitsme

    2021 - Final 4

    Got home just in time to see the winner! Hell yea Montreal! The Hockey Gods work in straaaannge ways.
  3. You’re going on and on about this injury like the dude snapped his neck in half. Eichel is a TOP TIER athlete and he’s young. Look at when McDavid broke his leg and it was literally a career threatening injury that he had a new type of surgery on. Have some damn faith. Chances are it doesn’t even happen anyway. And if it does , being bitter about it isn’t going to change anything. If we get Eichel , there isn’t any way anyone should be upset about it. Chances are he’s going to be fine.
  4. Definitely meaningful if you ask me. We got rid of the assistants that have turned our PP into a historically bad one, and led the defense down a dark hole. Having Ward and Stothers alongside Eakins makes me a lot more confident than Eakins with the other two. if you were still hoping Eakins and BM were going to get fired , then you’re way behind the times, and probably inconsolable. Small steps are better than no steps . Put a smile on .
  5. Exactly that. Look at how far Zegras dropped. The “experts” and their opinions run wild this time of year.
  6. This organization doesn’t makes moves that make sense.
  7. Why is there no game day thread today ??
  8. Why is there no game day thread for today’s game ????
  9. This will be the second time they’ve put him through! Grab him !
  10. The next 3 games for the Blues will be big. Maybe we could land Beauvillier from the Islanders for either Rakell or Manson .
  11. Heinen had 47 points with Boston . I’d keep him. He just needs the right players in his line
  12. Wish he was 6’ 6” 235 pounds .
  13. Pro hockey rumors this website is pretty solid
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